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Title emAlbum
Platform Unix, Linux, Windows
Price Free
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - emAlbum
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Image Galleries
Hits 736
Description emAlbum is an automated image content manager, created with Perl. emAlbum automatically indexes your folders and images and generates the code needed to display your images online. With emAlbum, you will no longer need to edit and maintain the endless number of HTML pages needed to display your images. emAlbum currently supports .jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp, and .tiff images images and has been tested on Apache, IIS, and Abyss web servers. Check out version 1.3 for improved features and options!


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Scripts Related to - emAlbum

Script Name

Super Thumb

This software will handle all of your picture needs with ease. Get all your photos up fast by uploading one zip file containing all of them. The admin tool allows you to move the pics to different categories easily and fast. The built-in caching module speeds up eliminates wasted database searching. It also includes a picture cart, so your visitors can store their favorites for later viewing.

perlguy's Video & Photo Gallery Script

A highly versitile video and image gallery CGI. May be called directly as a CGI, or embedded in to an existing webpage a an SSI. Allows total and absolute control to change the layout and display of gallery pages, by editing customer HTML templates. Automatically generates thumbnails and/or lower resolution versions of large high resolution images. Ability to overlay custom photo frames on each thumbnail, and generate film strip thumbnails for MPEG videos.


csGallery is a Web-based, software product suite that fully automates the process of viewing, publishing, maintaining, distributing, and marketing your web-based multimedia gallery. csGallery supports all media types, including images, video, and sound. csGallery offers a professional browser-based administration area, keyword search engine, automated thumbnail creation, and category image counts.


NeonSlideShow is an easily implemented Image Gallery / Slide Show cgi script. Our 5 step installation process will have you up and running in less than 5 minutes. Simply change 2 path variables within the cgi file to point to your image directory, upload the script to your cgi-bin, set the permissions for the script to 755 and you will be ready to view your image and media files. NeonSlideShow can handle any combination of the following file types: gif, jpg, jpeg, png, mov, mpeg, mpg, swf.


A very small cgi script to automate picture viewing... make thumbnails of your pictures, and place them all on a page.. then link to the larger picture using this script, and it automatically makes the new page for you. You can add a custom header, and footer to the page so they'll look the same as your site, and do not watse time making indiviual picture pages of all your large images.

BizDesign ImageFolio Professional Edition

ImageFolio fully automates the process of maintaining your multimedia gallery. Features include random image display, unlimited categories and subcategories, newly added display, manual or automated slideshow, image and thumbnail captions, page spanning, postcards, per category layout and design, search engine, password protected administration area with browser-based upload, HTML templates for page layout and design, and much more. Optionally protects images from being stolen. Scalable to handle over 100,000 photos, images, and movies. Support JPG, PNG, GIF, AVI, TIF, Quicktime, MPEG, Flash, Shockwave, Zip, Tar, and more.


A Perl program to generate HTML files of a Photos gallery for your website. Features: Support multiple file extension; Language Package; Custom Image manipulation; Interactive menu; Text include inside image.


popeye1.cgi is a small cgi script which allows you to easily expand an image based website. It will create all html templates for your thumbnails and fullsize pictures. Additionally it will create an index structure with links to all the galleries. There are features like random advertising, ability to send visitors to your signup page, customizable background and font colors, custom header and more.

Dfragnul's Image Browser

The script can display the folders and thumbnails of selected folder; and display the full size image of selected thumbnail. Can print the size of images dinamically.

The Photo Gallery

Automatically update your thumbnailed pages daily or any set interval. Just upload images and the script makes the thumbs and pages. Also supports AVI, RM and WMV-WMA streamed files through different servers. Templates included.

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