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Title ecFormBuilder
Platform Win NT/2000
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Website Visit Website of - ecFormBuilder
Category ASP » Scripts and Components » Form Processors
Hits 695
Description ecFormBuilder is an easy to use dynamic web form generator. Complete flexibility using a template driven form definition method. Client side and server side validation, easy integration with recordset data for single row or multi-row display, set default form values, includes integrated SendMail function for email forms.


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Scripts Related to - ecFormBuilder

Script Name


AWS HTML Wizard provides developers with a quick and easy way to design multipage web forms. Using this component you can implement various registation, order building, data collecting routines in easy for users manner - diviging them in a number of simple steps that the user can go through, i.e. as a wizard.

Form To Print

This is a simple way to get information from a form and place it into a printable document. Ideal for web sites who don't want full automation and online payments. You can customise the printable page and the form fields however you want.

Feedback Form

Let your visitors send you email from a popup form that uses asp and CDONTS or JMAIL. Just insert your email address into the asp page that invokes the mail, and set the font and colors to match your site.

Simple Contact

This is a standard contact form designed to allow data collection from an unlimited number of sites. It is powerful and generates a nice CC email to the person who submitted the form. With a little bit of knowledge about ASP, you can have this script running in minutes.

Popup Feedback Form

Learn how to put a popup email form on your site using javascript and asp. It supports CDONTS and JMAIL. Form is validated to keep blank emails from filling your box. All you have to do is set the fonts and colors. Easy installation.

Free Form-to-file

This personalized copy and paste script will save to a file information obtained from any form independentely of input fields number. It will create all necessary folders and files in the server. Each time a form is processed a new file will be create, and in order to check information in those files a copy and paste script is also provided. The script is personalized with a random number for each visitor to the page.

ASP Form parser

Process application/x-www-form-urlencoded, multipart/form-data, multipart/related and other multipart source stream to collection of form fields with this COM object. Works with up to 2GB forms with minimum memory/processor resources.

CDO Email Form

ASP Server Behavior for Dreamweaver UltraDev. This behavior inserts a basic form ('To', 'From', 'CC', 'Subject', and 'Message') on a page to send an Email using CDO. You may want to hide certain fields in your form to suit your needs and/or bind data from a record set. By default, a message will be displayed on the page after sending the email. Comment out the Response.Write line and comment in the Response.Redirect line to redirect to a new page after sending the email. Obviously, you'll need to create this page yourself. NOTE: Code is available to copy/paste if you don't want to install the extension (or don't use UltraDev)

OpenX ASP Edition

OpenX ASP Edition will save you hours on creating and processing HTML Forms, mapping form elements to database fields, performing HTTP file uploads, and saving HTML Form data into your database. OpenX will automatically generate Form Definition files, validate Credit Card numbers and Email addresses, watch for "mandatory but empty" values, retrieve individual values on demand, and handle special values for checkboxes and radio button controls. OpenX ASP is based on the OpenX component which is a set of interfaces for data access that provides universal data integration over an enterprise's network. It provides connectivity to wide range of databases including SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, and MySQL.

ASPerium FeedBackForm

An advanced feedback form script using ASPemail. All fields are required and when a field is left empty the text will be changed to red color, and the user will be asked to fill in the data. After the second time, the user will be redirected to an error page.

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