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Title eWebQuiz
Platform Win NT/2000
Price $499
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - eWebQuiz
Category ASP » Scripts and Components » Tests and Quizzes
Hits 998
Description eWebquiz is a web-based quiz maker designed to create multiple choice, fill-in-the-blanks, and true-or-false questionaires. It is used to create interactive web trivia, student exams, job evaluation, IQ testing, and distance learning. eWebquiz generates the quiz HTML and show the score and answers after submission.


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Scripts Related to - eWebQuiz

Script Name

ASP Quiz Manager

Quiz Manager makes creating and administering online quizzes easier than ever. Create, modify, and delete quizzes with a single click of the mouse. Its password protected admin menu allows you to create, edit, and delete quizzes without having to worry about restricting access to certain users. Quiz statistics are also tabulated regarding average quiz score and difficutly of questions. The user side of the program allows any visitor to take any quiz currently available at that time; however, by using cookies, Quiz Manager prevents visitors to take any quiz more than once per session. Also, when a user has already taken a quiz, that user can retrieve the score they received.

ASP-World.Com Test Manager

Test Manager allows you to easily create and maintain online tests on your website. Includes the password protected administration menu to create, edit, and delete tests, restrict test access to registered users and keep track of test and user statistics.

Simple Quiz System

This is a simple ASP-based quiz system that allows you to administer and grade an unlimited amount of quizzes stored in text files.

ASP 101 Quiz

This is a simple ASP quiz script for your Web site. It presents a user with a series of questions one at a time and allows you to display a graphical progress bar as the user answers each question. After all the questions are answered, it calculates his/her score in percentage, and also shows which questions he/she answered incorrectly.

Quiz v1

This quiz script enables you to create, edit and delete quizzes from a built in admin panel. You can have up to five answers per question. It also tracks all quiz results and the dates taken. Access database as a backend.

Test Builder

Create and administer online tests for yourself or you business. Add, Delete, or Edit online tests and users. Users tracked by email/password or user name/password dependent on version of code used. Full support to email test results to test taker, and test administrator. Create multiple tests, limit amount of times a test can be re-taken. Use of single answer multiple guess questions, multiple answer multiple guesses questions and fill in the blank. You can use pictures or sound/video as part of questions or answers. Web based admin no need to know any Asp to administer or build or take tests.

.ASP WebQuiz XP

WebQuiz XP is the new software product which allows you to create interactive HTML quizzes, tests and assessments that you can immediately answer on-screen or publish to the Internet. By using an easy wizard, you can enter the questions, add pictures and equations, define the options and then set the final evaluation. WebQuiz XP supports five question types and you can choose several ready-to-use professional templates.


ASPQuiz is an ASP application for administering exams via the Web. The script will check a user's answers against an answer file and provide the user with a score in graphical format. It will gauge the performance against a required score specified by you.

ASP FlashQuiz

Create quizzes and collect valuable feedback easily and quickly with ASP FlashQuiz. You can integrate the quiz or survey seamlessly into your web pages. Choose to display all the questions on one page or over several pages. You could also configure the survey or quiz output to suit your application or preference. ASP FlashQuiz also keeps track of user and survey statistics and generates bar charts to provide graphical visualization of results for viewing and printing.

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