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Title eSurvey
Platform Unix / Linux / Windows / Mac
Price $39
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - eSurvey
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Polls and Voting
Hits 600
Description Fully optioned survey script. Supports unlimited Surveys, preview mode, radio buttons, checkboxes, text fields, textareas, supplementary questions, instructions, file uploads, database exports, question and answer sorting, automated validation of required fields, and personalized Autoresponders (with file attachments) and Thank You pages with option to include Survey Snapshots. Available in English, German and French.


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Scripts Related to - eSurvey

Script Name

chumpsoft :: perlQuestionnaire

A comprehensive web-based survey builder with one-click install on any server using Perl 5 and MySQL. Run unlimited multi-page surveys with unlimited questions and answers. You have complete control over the layout using CSS and templates. Avoid duplicates using IP Addresses, Cookies or even Verified Email Addresses. View survey results online or download them in CSV or XML format for use in your favorite programs. Multi-language support allows you to run separate surveys in different languages.

Survey Manager

Survey Manager allows you to easily create, maintain and manage an unlimited number of interactive online surveys on your website. Features include password protected browser based administration, start and end dates for created polls, auto archiving , double vote protection and real time graphic results. Answer options can be radio buttons, a drop down menu, checkboxes or a write in answer. Online demo available on its homepage.

Aborior's Simplex User Poll

An attractive user polling system to let your visitors show their colors. You can choose from three different column graph styles, or make your own. Plan ahead by setting poll start dates, customise templates and themes to tune the poll display, provide single and multiple choice polls, and manage it all through a slick admin interface.

Photorate system

jbPhotoRate is an all-in-one software program for webmasters to create a photo rating website just like, amihot, or This offers visitors a fun and interactive way to rate pictures or see how they are ranked by submitting their own photo to the database.


Creating, maintaining and running online polls on your website has now become a simple task using our jbPoll 1.0. Now create polls that you can define when to start and/or expire, either by a date or by the number of submissions. Browser cookies and IP address features are used to prevent visitors from interfering with the integrity of your polls, but if you want, you can allow users to votes as many times as you want.'s ezPoll

Creating, maintaining and running online polls on your website has now become a simple task using ezPoll. Its advanced admin interface allows you to create online polls with advanced features. You can define polls with specific start and end dates, allowing you to create a poll in advance and not need to return at a later date to set up another poll to take the place of an expired one. rowser cookies and IP address features are used to prevent visitors from interfering with the integrity of your polls, but if you want, you can allow users to votes as many times as you want.

JumpPoll - Poll/Survey Manager

JumpPoll is a program which allows you to create and place polls/surveys on your website. It consists of 2 levels - a username/password protected admin level where you create and manage your polls, and the public level where you display the active poll via SSI (server-side includes).

Midmart Photo Rating System

Midmart Photo Rating System allows you to run your own photo rating site (like Using a fixed-length database, this system can handle thousands of members without any problem using minimum system resources. Also, it can recognize the width and height of photos intelligently. Includes many features and functions for visitors, members and administrator that are not found on other professional web sites.


Votesie is a script that lets you create a poll or issue for your visitors to vote on and then see the results. You can choose various background and font colors for your poll booth so that it can fit in with the rest of your website. When a person submits a vote, a page showing the current results of the vote is shown with a little bar graph and the total number of votes along with the percentage of people who voted that way. There is a minimal guard against "ballot box stuffing" based on the IP address of the user, but this does have its limitations. Best of all, if you have problems, just email the author for friendly support!


Advanced online poll and survey management solution on MySQL backend that allows you to create, manage, customize and publish unlimited polls and surveys on-the-fly via a web based admin control panel, each poll layout can be individually customized via a built-in HTML editor and can be instantly published on your website or activated at any time later. Offers various methods of integration on your website. Poll results can be viewed accumulated or individual, activate/deactivate according to your needs.

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