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Title dgCharge
Platform Win NT
Price $499/$2,799
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Category ASP » Scripts and Components » E-Commerce » Credit Card Processing
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Description dgCharge is an ActiveX server component that provides online credit card processing capability for e-tailers of all types. e-tailers can process fully-secure credit card transactions directly from their website in a matter of seconds and completely eliminate costly Secure Gateways. dgCharge is available in two editions: Basic and Professional Edition. The Basic Edition supports merchants of automatic settlement type, and does not provide databases of on-line credit card transactions and settlements. The Professional Edition Supports both manual and automatic settlements, and maintains three databases: a merchant database that contains all of the information about your merchant account(s), a transaction database that contains all information about all transactions for each merchant, and a settlement database that contains information about settlements.


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Scripts Related to - dgCharge

Script Name


ECHO_COM_Object drives all types of real-time credit card and check transactions using ECHO merchant processing’s free secure payment gateway and open-source real-time software. Supports system check, address verification, authorization and deposit, deposit, credit, commercial card, electronic check debit, and more. ECHO_COM_Object makes it easy to connect to ECHO. Ideal for all commerce applications. Perfect for ISP/IPPs to use for billing their clients, since this supports electronic checks as well.


iisCARTcc FREE is the freeware version of iisCARTcc, a real-time credit card validation and processing component. Many merchants are in need of credit card validation to catch typographical errors and invalid numbers. iisCARTcc FREE provides this functionality at no charge with no time expiration limit. In addition, it can be easily upgraded to the full version of iisCARTcc which provides realtime processing with 5 different processors. This provides an easy no cost implementation for those who only wish to validate card numbers and a simple migration path should they wish to do realtime transactions in the future.


CCheck is an ActiveX dll which utilizes the LUHN formula (Mod 10) to verify whether a user has entered valid credit card data. CCheck verifies the credit card number given against the credit card type and also verify the expiration date. CCheck works for Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club / Carte Blanche, Discover, enRoute and JCB. CCheck can be used in both ASP and VB applications.

A form to accept credit cards

Filling out the paperwork applying for a merchant account is the hardest part. This tutorial describes how to create an ASP form to accept credit cards on your site.

Simple Credit Card Verification

This example will not validate, process or store a credit card. It will however, verify a credit card number based on some standardized criteria. Distinct credit card types have unique prefixes (usually the 1st 4 numbers) set by the credit card companies themselves and a specific digit length for the account number. This function will check that as well as test the expiration date against today's date. This function returns True if credit card info appears to be valid or False if the information does not pass the standardized criteria established for specific credit cards.


DESCCValidator is an Active Server Component, which validates Credit Card Numbers for any ASP page. Features include: Compatibility with IIS 3, IIS 4 and PWS, Automatic ActiveX DLL Registration, Thorough help files and trouble shooting, Included uninstall application, and Validates Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diner's Club, and Discover Card. Please note that DESCCValidator only Validates the authenticity of a Credit Card's Number, it does not check the balance in the account.


ASPCreditCard is an Active Server Component that is used by many eCommerce companies to check the validity of a credit card to ensure that the credit card number entered is a valid credit card. ASPCreditCardTMis often used to prevent invalid numbers from entering a database or before committing the credit card numbers to the credit card processor saving precious time and money. Features include: Compatible with IIS 3, IIS 4, IIS 5 (Windows 2000) and PWS; Supports all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard (Eurocard), American Express, Diners Club, Novus-Discover, Switch, Bankcard, Enroute, Carte Blanche, JCB and Delta; Returns code after validation, return codes can also be retrived verbose; Runtime royalty free; and Supports the ECML standard specification (RFC2706).

VisualSoft Validator

VisualSoft Validator Validator is a need-of-the-hour solution for e-com application developers. This component takes care of routine field validation function for URLs, E-mail addresses, names, addresses, numeric, date formats, city, Zip codes and country names in 27 languages. Can validate credit card numbers of 9 different companies. Also has DNS and Reverse DNS LookUp feature.


CardCheck provides developers with a way to validate credit card numbers. It can be used with any programming language that supports COM: Scripting languages (VBScript, JavaScript), Visual Basic (Versions 4 and up), VBA (Word, Excel, Access ...), VC++, BC++, Delphi, Power Builder to name only a few. Supported Credit Cards are: VISA, Master Card - Eurocard, Discover - Novus, American Express, JCB and En Route.

A$P Charge

A$P Charge is an ASP object that enables your web site to accept, verify and process credit cards in real-time by providing a gateway to internet credit card processing networks. It currently supports 90+ diffrent credit card networks including ICVerify, Epoch, iBill, CyberSource, and CyberCash. It also works with Visual Basic, Access, Excel, Word and other programs and languages that recognize COM/ActiveX objects.

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