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Title dbn online script
Platform php, mysql, Unix, Win NT, XP
Price free
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Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Counters » General
Hits 719
Description This script i made showes you the people that are viewing your website. In this script you can edit templates to fit your website. The script tell you the page that a view is fewing and how many people are veiwing that page. It all some tells you the most ever views online and how many are online in the last 5 mins, witch can be changed. This is only the first version i havae put out of this script, but there shouldn't be any bugs, if you find any please contact me.


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Script Name

Webstef Counter

This meter posts a number with images instead of text. The number of visit is recorded in a file txt, my script according to the value of this number posts the corresponding images. There are 10 images: from the 0 until the 9. The file compteur_model.php can be re-used for other meters on the same site

EZ Counter

Looking for a very simple hit counter for your website EZ Counter provides an easy to use counter based on text files. Place it on any page to record the number of visits. The simplest counter out there!

Get Counters Services is a free counter services that will supply you with an accurate way to keep track of your visitors.


CCcounter is a simple Php counter I wrote for my site. It doesn't need any database like MySQL, as all informations are stored on a simple flat text file. Stats about page counting are easily accessible, as they are written in this file in a simple format. The counter doesn't require any php knowlodge and is very easy to set-up: simply upload 2 files (the script and the text-format database), add informations about pages you want to be counted, and add in these pages a php line. Detailed informations are accessible in the readme file included in the package.


With BANNER COUNTER your customer can get a Free Counter on their site with your Banner above.A great and easy script to increment access and link to your site and you can also monitor where the traffic come from. The script is very easy to install and take few minutes only. Go to Home to see a demo of it!! Don't loose this script.

Bitrix Site Manager - Web Analytics Edition

Bitrix Site Manager Web Analytics Edition is a marketing software tool to analyze advertising effectiveness. The Web Analytics Edition enables to: - group tracked visitors according to the ad campaigns; - log user groups activity and attentiveness on the website (e.g. ordering, posts in forums); - manage advertisement shows, etc. With Bitrix Site Manager Web Analytics Edition you can analyze advertising cost efficiency and define the most profitable advertising campaign.

Simple Download Counter

This is a small and efficient download counter. It only requires one 2KB file in order to run. Requires only one small 2 column database table. Just link to download.php file=filename and the script will automatically add the file to the database if its not already in there and begin counting downloads. Has hack protection to prevent people from trying to get files in other folders. Super easy to use and setup!

Users Online SQL

This is a quick and easy users online script. Just include the file on the page and it will add the user to the online list. Lets you specify how many minutes to keep a user online without them clicking another page. Has the option to surpress the count so you can include this on many pages but only display the count on selected pages. Only outputs the number so you have flexibilty to format the number with any words or font changes you want. Also has an identical version that uses a text file to store users.


This easy-to-use counter can be customised to suit any page. No configuration of scripts is required - everything is ready to upload and use. Through the admin area you can set-up and manage counters on multiple pages with text, graphic or invisible configurations. Page counts can be monitored on a report page - updated in real time, and e-mail notifications keep you informed of current count totals. CustomCount can be used on any type of web page and the page code is generated automatically.

Users online script

This script adds the users' ip to a database and tells it where they are. If 1 people is online, it will say: "1 user online" if there are 2 or more users online, it will say: "(users) users online" That's it!! The script comes with a handy installer.

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