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Title dbi++
Platform Unix, Linux
Price GPL
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Website Visit Website of - dbi++
Category C & C++ » Scripts and Programs » Database Tools
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Description dbi++ is an API that abstracts the popular libdbi database library into a more usable and object oriented form. dbi++ allows for interfacing with a database of most any type, while maintaining transparency and orthogonality from the rest of your program. The type of database being used does not at all affect how dbi++ can be used, and as long as the database being used follows SQL conventions, switching databases should involve modifying one line of code in your program. It is complete with exceptions, and classes for managing data. Database column type is no longer an issue, as data can be quickly returned in any desired type.


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Scripts Related to - dbi++

Script Name

CodeBase« Bundle for Windows & .NET

CodeBase« Bundle for Windows & .NET is a high-speed database engine for Windows and .NET developers. Build standalone applications in single-user or file-sharing multi-user configurations, or take advantage of the client/server support and create database solutions accessible over a network or the Internet. Your applications can use enterprise-level features like transaction processing, logging, backup and intelligent high-speed queries, and can share files with all other CodeBase products.

SQL Relay

SQL Relay is a persistent database connection pooling, proxying and load balancing system for Unix and Linux supporting ODBC, Oracle, MySQL, mSQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2, Interbase, Lago and SQLite with APIs for C, C++, Perl, Perl-DBD, Python, Python-DB, Zope, PHP, Ruby, Ruby-DBD, Java and TCL, command line clients, a GUI configuration tool and extensive documentation. The APIs support advanced database operations such as bind variables, multi-row fetches, client side result set caching and suspended transactions. It is ideal for speeding up database-driven web-based applications, accessing databases from unsupported platforms, migrating between databases, distributing access to replicated databases and throttling database access.


MySQL Web isn't a revolutionary tool, but it is exceedingly useful. Any host which can access your MySQL database can use this tool to try out queries or browse the database structure. The author uses this tool when PHP and the great MySQL administrative tools that work with it aren't available, or he doesn't want to take the time to install them. Requires cgic, downloadable from


HotCache technology is a transactional distributed caching system that runs on top of most RDBMS's. It provides an object-relational mapping tool making the use of embedded SQL unnecessary and saving days of tedious mapping programming. HotCache enhances the RDBMS commit functionality by adding commit-broadcast transactions where data is committed to the database and at the same time pushed to all other client caches, in essence keeping the data at remote clients hot. This improves performance by orders of magnitude as most data access can be done locally and reduces the load on the database server. Supported OS platforms: SUN Solaris, Linux, Windows Supported DB platforms: Oracle (working on drivers for DB2, Sybase, PostgreSQL).

Online Database

Personal Online Database (POD) is a powerful C++ cgi script to create and manage online databases. The interface to access the database is fully customizable - Write your own html pages completely to your taste or use included templates. Database can be searched and sorted in various modes, password protected on whole file or individual entry level. Add, change, delete entries and administer DB configurations online. The DB is scalable, and its hardware/software failure protection and concurrency handling make it a reliable and high throughput DB application. It supports different data types and can automatically generate counting statistics for individual entries and report errors and statistics by html email. It can also convert existing DB files (in csv format) to format recognized by POD.


baserunner creates data-driven, dynamic web applications from any information stored in dbf format databases. It is a template-based, stand-alone, CGI executable that gives you flexible control of your online data. baserunner works as an extension to HTML, providing new tags and processing directives that enhance your web design by giving you easy access to dynamic content. baserunner can be used to create a wide variety of dynamic web applications such as guestbooks, classified/personal ads, FAQ's/discussions, online galleries, catalogs, database queries and navigation and much more.

DiscDB for MySQL

DiscDB is a little program that will use MySQL to catalog all files in your CDs, making it easy to find a file without having to switch discs until you find it. Useful for people who save all their downloads to CD-Rs.


Ebase/SQL is a stand-alone program that takes SQL statements from the standard input. It manipulates database according to the SQL statements. It prints the result to the standard output. By default, it runs interactively. If you redirect the standard input from a file or a pipe, it can run in a batch mode. It has a couple of output modes. The default is verbose mode, suitable for interactive execution. It has another mode which generates Perl-friendly output. Ebase/SQL supports the most common used SQL statements, such as CREATE, UPDATE, and SELECT.


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