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Title date-diff.php
Platform PHP
Price Free
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Website Visit Website of - date-diff.php
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Date and Time
Hits 602
Description This is a simple script to calculate the difference between two dates and express it in years, months and days. Use as in: "my daughter is 4 years, 2 month and 17 days old" ... Feel free to use this script for whatever you want.


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Script Name

Unix date converter

Run the script and fill in the form. This great script will convert any Normal Date (year, day, month, hour and minutes) into Unix Epoch Date (like 537033240) and will convert any Unix time in normal date (dd/mm/yyyy - hh:mm). Useful if you have to edit a php script or a mysql entry. A demo can be seen at: Version 2.0: fixed a bug due to the time zone. Now it works right everywhere!


RGNClock is a nifty little program that displays the current time on your web server in graphical form. Very easy to install on any server, just by using include commands.

Website LastUpdatedTrick Function

Do you want to make your website appear newly updated, even when the last update dates weeks back Instead of showing today's date (which will make visitors suspicous) you can date your last update just a few days back using this function. (Nevertheless, a real update will always beat this function)

Bob's DateCalculator

Calculate a date by adding or subtracting a certain number of days. Choose from different outputs. You can change, distribute or even sell the script.

Date and day of the week in php

This easy script shows the date with the day of the week. Simply use a php include where you want it to show on your site and can be translated to another language. Really easy to use and to customize.

Time in Php

A script to display the time of the day using a php include. Very easy to use and to change depending on your server's location if needed.

PHP Date Picker

The author writes "I was looking for the easiest, quickest way to add a date picker to my internal web site without having to add more javascript or a pop-up window. I found several fantastic javascripts to add calendars to the page and a few even used layers instead of pop-ups, but I was looking for something simpler. I noticed that although the javascript calendars will allow you to pick a date years away, most of my users were picking dates in the next 60 days and no more than 120 ever. So for my application I came up with this. Quick and easy you just call the function whereever you want the date dropdown to show up."

color clock

color clock is a small php script that changes the color depending on the time.


A simple text clock with 4 differnet formats to choose from, also includes some date formats. Note this script only shows server time.

Netbeat Time

With this script you can easily display the netbeat time on your webpage. You can use your own custom digits or a text based version. Both included.

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