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Title combo date selector
Platform Unix, Windows
Price Free
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Category JavaScript » Scripts and Programs » Date and Time
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Description A combination of HTML and Javascript that allow for quick date selection for user input. This script is a combination of the "dsInput" script that I created and a version of "simplecalendar" that I modified to work with dsInput. This script is composed of 3 combo boxes (day,month,year) and a small clickable image that displays a nice visual date picker using DHTML. Both types of controls are linked together and synchronized through 2 small Javascript functions on the page.


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Script Name


a)Shows the current time, as in digital watches. b)The time keeps changing every second. c)Very simple to use. d)Can be added in any page with no javascript knowledege.

Copyright Notice Updater

Don't you just hate the new year? Going through all your webpages and updating the copyright notices is so time consuming and boring. Why not prepare now for that next, and next, and next, new year update. With this script installed on your webpage you will never again dread the new year. It will just sit there and do absolutely nothing until your computer's internal calendar clicks over to the new year. Then it will update all your copyright notices while you drink another glass of champaign to toast your new freedom!

MCdivision Clock Generator

We have a clock generator which let you choose several option AM-PM The day Date you choose the lenght

A Clock Out Of a Form

This shows a clock that is not in a form. It uses dynamic HTML concepts to bring the text to life.


cr:DateEdit is a DHTML date and time editing control with dropdown calendar, sometimes referred to as DatePicker or DateTimePicker. It's purpose is to obtain a valid date through data entry with both the highest level of accuracy and the minimal amount of user effort. It's flexible design allows for any kind of date entry you desire. The cr:DateEditor is also aware of the user's locale and will automatically localize its format accordingly.

BN Title Clock

A simple, efficient clock that displays time on your webpage, and in the title section of your page. easy to implament, and modify, well supported on our website.


A Javascript class that manages three combo boxes for selecting dates for input. The boxes update on "onChange" events to adjust for the different days in each month and leap years.

Time Input with JavaScript PopUp.

This control is based on JavaScript code and was tested on Netscape and IE platforms. It is fully customized through CSS file. Fill free to mail us any questions.

Automatic Time Kept in a Form

This script shows show to use the Date object, make some manipulations on the date object and update a form textbox every second to keep the time current.


PopCalendarXP is arguably the most powerful and configurable JavaScript date picker available. There are very few, if any, things that other date pickers can do that PopCalendarXP can not. It features a compact javascript engine, database-drivenable events/agenda, real cross-broswer capability, extremely customizable user interface, super easy-to-use design and many other handy options. This datepicker is written 100% in JavaScript and works perfectly with ASP.Net, ASP, JSP, PHP, ColdFusion and other web frameworks.

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