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Title cWebMail
Platform Unix
Price Free/$100
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Website Visit Website of - cWebMail
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Email Systems » Web-based Email
Hits 623
Description cWebMail is a Perl script for UNIX to send and receive emails using your web browser. You can read normal messages as easy as reading MIME messages and extracting attached files. You can send emails only using text mails, or attaching one file to the mail. It is very flexible in configuration, though each output screen is created using a special template, so you don?t have to touch the perl script itself. You can also use more languages.


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Scripts Related to - cWebMail

Script Name


POPNow allows you to provide a web-based POP3 email front-end to your users with a browser interface in a secure environment. A community CGI script that allows webmasters provide POP3 access to their domain email accounts for their users, provides flexibility, features and the opportunity to extend customer loyalty.

TD Form Mailer

Allow people visiting your site to send you or others email from a web-based form. You make the form in any HTML document and call tdformmailer.cgi using the FORM ACTION tag. You can control whether you want results mailed to you, or to provide your surfers a convenient way to mail others. Checks email syntax as well as provides a handy security setting to allow onsite use only or universal calling from any website.


qmHandle is a simple program which allows you to view and manage the qmail message queue. qmail is a modern replacement for sendmail. Key features include: Read the qmail queue with the output of the message subjects and color capabilities, Print queue statistics with color capabilities, View a message in the queue, Remove a message from the queue, and more.

Matt's Anonymous Emailer

This is a simple anonymous emailer script that allows users to send an email to anyone with an email account right from your site. It simply takes input from a form and email it to the recipients.

Include E-mail

This script is a handy utility for the person who gets around a lot. This is simply an E-Mail form on a page within a protected directory of your Web site. You just need to fill in an address (which the program checks to ensure is in valid format) and a subject, then the text. Presto! Your E-Mail is sent and you did not need to be at your computer to access your E-Mail client or at a computer which allows you to even send e-mails. One of the great boons to this is that your E-Mail has your return address and does not have the sometimes questionable addresses.

Remote Email

Remote Email is a Web-based email program which allows users to send email right from your web site to anyone with an email account. You can also attach a text file with an email for sponsors, advertising, etc.


EMUmail's webmail products allow users access to their e-mail from any HTML compliant web browser. EMUmail product line includes everything you'll need to instantly create a webmail system like Hotmail or Yahoo mail on your own website. From the high end enterprise engine, EMU 3 to the low cost alternative, EMU Alacer, EMUmail delivers simple, powerful access to your e-mail no matter where you or your clients happen to be.


AnyEMail(tm) allows you to receive and send email from any email accounts via your browser. It features: Read, Reply to, Forward, Compose, Delete multiple emails, Sort email list by Subject, From, Date, Multipage presentation, Can set to use fixed pop server, MIME attachment viewing, and Sending MIME attachment.

World Wide Mailer

This script is ideal for webmasters who have several different domains and have to reply to messages using different 'reply to:' email addresses. You can set your return address for each message and also define a footer (signature) to be entered at the end of each email.


Mail-A-File is a web-based email program (written in Perl) with file attachment features. The program allows any user to send an email from a web-based form to any recipient with a valid email address plus the ability to attach a file to the email message. This is a great feature to add to both business and personal web sites.

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