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Title authMe
Platform Apache, php
Price Free (BSD)
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - authMe
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » User Authentication
Hits 635
Description This authentication script allows you to protect any number of pages via an include. You will have to write the "protected" page into a function ( draw() ) that prints out the contents of the protected page after a user has authenticated. The log in information is stored in a MySQL database, and the passwords are stored as md5 hashes.


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Scripts Related to - authMe

Script Name


AuthClassed is a class, written in PHP, to implement a simple authentification scheme for database-oriented webpages. Using AuthClassed is as simple as putting a single code line at the top of the webpage you would like to protect. AuthClassed supports userprivileges and usergroups.


vSignup is a member registration script which utilizes vAuthenticate for its security handling. This handy script features email verification, sending confirmation email message, restricting email domains that are allowed for membership, and much more.

umbrella users

User Authentication with built in mailing list. This program contains an easy installer, admin area, members area with members options such as profiles, mailing list password change. PHP, MYSQL required.

PHP Password Manager

PHP Password Manager is designed to password protect php files using a cookie based password protection system. For php developers or webmasters, this is a simple solution to password protect your php files or applications, rather than writing your own module.

Coopercentral Login

A member login script with a signup page for members to login, and a logout page where you can logout. When you first download it, you have a test.php page, where you can test it all out. There is an example of this on the author's site. You can customize it any way you want to.


Pandora Security is a versatile user authentication script that allows you to create a hierarchy of user and webpage security. It will automatically redirect a user back to the page they were trying to access if they are granted permission to see that page. It uses a hierarchy system to differentiate which users can modify or view certain secure materials. Written in PHP and JavaScript with a mySQL backend.

Dacio's Login 1.0

A simple login form. Enter username and password. If correct you enter in, otherwise not. Tested on Windows, Apache 1.3.22, PHP 4.2.1.


OpenAuth is an authentication and authorisation product that allows you to manage user and object populations but also manage users, activate and immobilize their accounts, re-send their two factor tokens, check how many times they have tried to log in and more. The second part of OpenAuth is the programming interfaces. There is an authentication module that can be used if you want to implement your own custom authentication, and then there is the authorisation module. The authorisation module is the heart of OpenAuth and allows you to wrap PHP code in conditional functions that will only be executed if the user passes the authentication test.

Virtual Members

Membership sign up script. Keep track of members that sign up at your site and organize access to a particular secure directory. Create a sign up service to control access to pictures, videos, sound files, or anything you want. With this script you can create forms to allow people to enter any information and keep track of it all in an administrative area.

XID Registration/Authorizing System

XID is back with many new advanced features. Now includes Admin panel with many features, IP Ban, IP Log, User info lookup, Change Users Info , and delete users. Users can change almost all there login details. profiles are more advanced. A NEW settings menu lets you change the appearence of your site and password from anywhere. All failed attempts to login to admin area are logged for you to see. a new login engine for more speed instead of using the old method of storing all accounts in one file. Now uses cookies eliminating the previus backdoor(change username in addressbar).

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