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Title asp login
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Category ASP » Scripts and Components » User Authentication
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Description With this asp script, people can register an account and login into the main page or your home page(You select where). You can show or hide the header that has home, register, login(or logout), profile, members, search, help, and the main page links on it. The admin can show/hide the header, select where the page will redirect after login, and suspend and unsuspend users.


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Scripts Related to - asp login

Script Name

ASP Password-Protected Pages with Secure Login ASP

Key Features: User Registration Page,includes Javascript Form validation to check for required info. Verify password and e-mail address to avoid misspelling. Checks for duplicate usernames; User Control Panel: allows users to update their details; remember User's username and password each visit; Administration Area: only accessible by users with admin rights. Allows admins to delete Users; Forgotten Password Facility: allows user to enter their username to retrieve their password in an e-mail; more....

Password Script with IP detection

The ultimate protection including unlimited user names and passwords each checking their individual ip address. You can add 1 ip address or include a range for the users with various IP address's when they log in. If correct details is entered but wrong IP address a message is displayed and user will be refuse entry. You can turn the ip detector on and off and add any number of users. Cookies is used to store users information. Server Varible option available on site. Single url purchase or devlopers edition available. Conditions apply.

User Engine ASP

ASP User Engine is a User Signup and Authentication system which only requires simple configuration. User Engine uses Microsoft Access 2000 Database to store user information and logs date and time of user logins, as well as login counts. Also allowing users to signup with fully validated inputs to protect against SQL injection. Further features are 'Remember Me' option using cookies to allow users to stay logged in until manually logging out and template based error pages.

Login Database By Smo

The Login Database By Smo is an Active Server Page Application written in the VBScript programming language that allows you to maintain a members database on your web site and secure selected pages. Visitors can create/edit/delete accounts and retrieve forgotten login information via e-mail. Features include login info stored in cookie, password encryption, confirm registration via e-mail, 10 authorization levels, 4 status levels, admin status, statistics, e-mail members, complete member management, and automatic code generation to protect your web site pages.

CyberOffice Club

Offers database-driven membership functions to your Web site. It does what you think it should: Accepts applications from members, assign username, password to the member upon successful completion of sign up. Provides a secure means to retrieve, update the password and/or any account information (to the extent permitted by the admin of the program). Most importantly, sensitive information like credit card numbers, passwords are stored in Triple-DES encryption with randomly-generated and secret password. Accounts are classified into types with different properties and purposes on each one. Membership fees can be collected according to the types. If you do decide to charge a fee on certain type, the software will do the job seamlessly for you. Emails are used at various stages to excel in services.

Flogin - User Authentication

Now Supports Multiple User Authentication. Flogin! is an ASP script which can control access to web pages. Just include flogin.asp in your page and the content after the include would be protected from unauthorized users. It is a simple ASP login script mainly to differentiate between an administrator and other users. It uses the Session Variable to restrict users to access pages which you wish to protect. The access username and password can be simply changed by editing the flogin.asp script variables "fUName" and "fPWord".

NetLogin Lite

NetLogin Lite is a simple application that will allow you to password protect any page. It can be used to secure sensitive areas or individual pages, or for sites that need single username and password.

ClanMan ASP Login

ClanMan ASP Login is a small program that allows secure protection for your entire website. Some of the features: Unlimited security levels, Encrypted Passwords that can be on or off, Email verification, Cookie support, Full support of CSS

ASP LaunchPaD

ASP LanuchPad allows you to have a global authentication system for your website, and protect any no. of pages on your website. Elegant forms and error displays. Uses advanced session time techniques to give accuracy upto 3 milliseconds for timeout timings. Classes allow you to get user info, query the DB, etc by one line code.

Stealth License Kit

The Stealth License Kit is a COM component designed to aid developers in the license management of their applications. The kit is mainly comprised of two COM classes: the License Key Generator and License Key Manager. The License Key Manager accepts both static license keys and license keys created by the License Key Generator. The key generation can be done manually, through a GUI supplied with the kit, or programmatically by calling the Generator's COM methods, both of which require the input of a secret key known only to the developer along with a string that uniquely identifies the licensee.

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