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Title aq.asp
Platform ASP, ODBC
Price Free (Artistic)
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Website Visit Website of - aq.asp
Category ASP » Scripts and Components » Database Tools
Hits 693
Description Do SQL create, drop, insert, update, etc. Or do selects against your database and see the results. Error messages printed. The easy way to get access to your MySQL database.


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Scripts Related to - aq.asp

Script Name

BreezeBase ASP Web-Database Creator

ASP Web-Database Creator allows you to create flat-file databases for the web, without programming. You fill in the blanks, and then upload the generated files to your NT or Win 2000 server. Generated databases have administration and user interfaces which allow you to add, search, update and delete records on the web. Their is also an option to send users email after they add a record, as well as a redirect option. The documentation includes a quick start to get you rolling, fast.

Data Grid

DataGrid is an active server component, which enables you to display, add, edit and delete a table record set in one page, using the power of DataGrid. Using DataGrid you can build a Web-based, browser independent, editable grid interface in no time. Works with Microsoft Access 97/2000 and Microsoft SQL Server 97/2000. IE+ and NS+ compatible.


StreamlineDB is an application that generates smart web forms to manage the content of your database. StreamlineDB supports Microsoft Access, SQL Server and Oracle. StreamlineDB is an application builder, and the output of StreamlineDB is ASP code. StreamlineDB produces a wide range of features, from smart web forms, to advanced client side sorting. StreamlineDB generates all the code that is necessary to manage the contents of your database. Web-enable Access (Tables, queries, parameter queries) SQL Server (Tables, views and stored procedures) Oracle (Tables and Views)

ArtOfNet Server Management Tools

The ARtOfNet.SMT is an unique ASP application for managing your files and databases. The directory manager allows you to copy, cut, paste, download, and view (highlighted) source, as well as edit and move files and folders. You have a bi-panel presentation (NC like...) that lets you easily browse your files, click on a base and edit it. Also features customizable graphics, colors, and language. The directory manager automaticaly opens your Access Mdb and lets you view/edit all the content and everything that SQL makes possible. You have a complete user management that lets you attribute folders, rights and more. Available in 6 languages.

WebSQL for ASP

After having been used for a while, Microsoft Access can be swelled in size, since both the schema and data are stored in the same MDB file. Here is a simple ASP page that can help you to query your Microsoft Access database from the browser. The new version (1.5) has friendly recordset count display for number of records affected by a query operation, etc.

Auto SQL

ASP Components for automatic generation of SQL commands. No more long asp coding and debugging of SQL Statements. Auto SQL does it for you with its automatic SQL generation engine. You can add, update and delete from any table using few lines of codes.

Database Script Generator

The developer writes "When developing this script generator we have focus on providing users with basic code to allow adding, deleting and searching within a database. Fill a form with your data and you will get the code you need to perform those tasks."

ASP Template Pack

A collection of ASP templates for Lockwoodtech's Proc-Blaster Code Generator that helps to dispense with redundant coding for managing data of your tables in SQL Server. It enables you to generate code quickly & also includes client-side validations. Searching and browsing through records is made very simple. The interface can also be customized as desired.

Auto Form

Automatic form data management. Tired of writing backend code for your form? Auto Form allows you to manage them automatically.


DBSchema is the real time online description of a MS SQL Server database generated using the data definition language provided by the Database. DBSchema defines attributes of the database, such as tables, columns, procedures and properties. It provides real time documentation of your SQL Database which is generated by a set of ASP Pages which run in Windows IIS. DBSchema makes it easier for the developers to document the current database schema, as they can easily access it by just entering an URL in the browser, without having to use any software.

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