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Title Zmei Tabbed Image Viewer
Platform n/a
Price Freeware
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Zmei Tabbed Image Viewer
Category Java » Applets » Image Effects » Image Display
Hits 715
Description An easy to use image viewer with original tabbed design.


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Scripts Related to - Zmei Tabbed Image Viewer

Script Name

Camzor Webcam Applet

Camzor is a webcam applet that includes many features: Auto refresh at a specified amount of seconds; Add a text overlay; Open a document/image on click - Use for thumbnail display. Never again will your visitors see a broken image. If Camzor tries to refresh while you are uploading a new image, it will just pause and try again without showing a broken image. Includes example html documents to get you up and going with your webcam right away. Works with all browsers that support Java, and all versions of Java.


PictureRight is a Java applet that consists of several dynamic features on a small toolbar for you to adjust the picture properties on the fly. It will make your picture look better on different PC monitor and web browser settings. Worry no more about how your picture looks on other people's machines. Main features include dragging, zooming, brightening, sharpening, contrasting, tinting, saturating, and resetting control on pictures.

tov (Three-D Object Viewer)

This Java applet implements a color three-D object viewer with wireframe and shaded options. Simple back-face culling, depth cueing, and z-buffer for hidden surface removal are used. Several parameters are provided, including initial position, spinning mode, displaying mode, scale, overall transparency, etc.

AEA MMImageSelector

This is an applet for presenting a group of images to the homepage visitor. Thumbnail images are generated automatically. When you click on one of them, the image will rotate towards you and enlarge itself using an advanced 3D effect. After a while, the image will return to it's place.

dia (digital image album)

Your pictures just do not look right on other people's web browsers? This Java applet allows you to adjust at real-time. It serves as an online digital image album. Main features include dragging, zooming, brightening, sharpening, contrasting, tinting, saturating, and resetting control on photos. Search methods include pull-down list, sequential browsing, and keyword entry.

Easy Filter

Easy Filter Applet is a generic filter that allows people like students, scientists, engineers, ... in "image processing" to show their work in a web interface. It's not a static GUI. Users can interact with filter's parameters in real time.


This is a small applet for 'wobbling' a logo or graphic in a sine wave fashion. User definable speeds and 'wobble effect' allow simple use, source code is available if mor specific additions are required.

Lawrence Goetz's Viewer

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