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Title Zmei Advanced Slide Show
Platform n/a
Price Freeware
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Zmei Advanced Slide Show
Category Java » Applets » Image Effects » Slide Shows
Hits 563
Description Slideshow java applet with skin,unlimited number of images,on-off button,previows-next buttons,play-stop buttons and totaly free.


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Scripts Related to - Zmei Advanced Slide Show

Script Name


CodeBrainSlider is a multi-image slide-show presentation tool. It will handle up to 100 images, and each image is linkable (URL, frame, target). Images can be of different sizes and widths. A VerticalMode parameter lets the applet auto-center vertically, or position the images all against the top or the bottom. Additional parameters allow control of the thickness of both the frame and border, and the colors of the frame, the border, and the link boxes for the images. The applet features simplicity of setup and a very small, fast, single .class file. Protective coding limits parameter errors, and the parameter set is quite easy to use. Data sheets, sample set-ups and graphics are included with the download kit.

SLIPPER Verticall Scrolling SlideShow Applet

The SLIPPER vertical slide-show applet supports up to 100 images, of the same or differing sizes. Images are individually linkable (url and target). Scrolling direction is selectable, and sound cues are supported on mouse clicks. Alignment modes position images left, right, or centered. Each image has its own border, with adjustable thickness and color. A secondary 'framing' border, also adjustable, may surround the moving images, giving a film-like effect. Link box color is selectable, and may be in outer or inner image borders. Strikingly versatile layout effects. Ready-to-run demos and detailed instructions are provided with the free download of this very small, fast applet. Works great as a left menu navigation tool, too.


BrainCode's SlideWays slide-show applet holds up to 100 images, and scrolls in any of four directions. Images can be different sizes, with each image individually linkable (url and target or frame). Images have separate borders and frames, and can be auto-aligned in the applet. Link hotboxes follow each image, and sound on mouse-clicks is supported. SlideWays features smooth scrolling and flexible parameters for stunning layout effects, and works well with larger images. Ready-to-run demos, cut-and-paste code, design examples, and both detailed and quickstart documentation come with the FREE download of this small, fast applet.

Applet Burn

A burning image transition effect with different flame color. You can set the burn speed and more...

Applet Appear

An appear transition effect when you can set the appear speed and more parameters...

Thumbnail Slide Show

Display all your images in a thumbnail image configurable to any size allowing the viewer to choose which image he/she would like view.

Multi-Pic Slide Show

This slide show displays multiple images at one time moving across the screen from all directions.

Snowing Slide Show

Here's a nice christmas applet that displays your images under the gentle flow of falling snow.

Burning Slide Show

This is an slide show which transitions from one picture to another by burning or melting away the current picture and slowly fades to the next picture. Just a special effect similar to the flame.


This slide show / banner Java applet can break the variable-sized images into random pieces. Images are only loaded while on demand, i.e. at most two images are resident in the memory for the transition effect at the same time. Theoretically, unlimited number of images can be used.

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