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Title Zend SafeGuard Suite
Platform Linux, Windows, Solaris Sparc, FreeBSD
Price Starting at $960
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Category PHP » Software and Servers » Software
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Description The first Electronic Licensing solution for the PHP marketplace, combined with the Encoding solution that pioneered PHP intellectual property protection. Zend SafeGuard Suite enables ISVs to maximize profitability by eliminating unauthorized software usage and modification; increasing evaluation conversion; and offering flexible licensing terms that make products more attractive and improve customer satisfaction.Safeguard Suite provides a dual layer of protection with two product components: 1) Zend Encoder encodes your commercial PHP scripts, preventing unauthorized modifications and increasing follow-on sales, maintenance and support.2) Zend License Manager manages commercial distribution by generating license keys and tagging files to require the key to operate.


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Script Name

Zend Performance Suite

Reliable Performance Management for PHP-enabled enterprises. Zend Performance Suite enhances server throughput with up to 25 times increase and results in dramatic cost savings, with fast ROI payback. Three product components provide a complete platform for server optimization: 1) Content Caching decreases the number of times your server must run scripts and execute database queries, dramatically lowering your database and http server load; 2) Code Acceleration pre-compiles PHP scripts, eliminating lag time and interpreter time, and optimizes code, resulting in faster execution time; 3) Data Compression increases end-user download speed by using gzip technology, which is integrated with Content Caching to eliminate the need for compression on-the-fly.


Siteseed is a PHP/MySQL based CMS system, for unix like operating systems, capable of handling huge loads. Unlike most CMS systems siteseed is built for speed and easy of use by the editorial staff. Used by some 2/3 of the Portuguese national TV networks.

Codelock - Is a PHP/HTML Script Encryptor

Codelock allows you to encrypt full PHP pages (mixed with HTML and Javascript) including the HTML Output from your scripts. You can distribute your scripts with a password, expiry date and IP lock. Codelock is easy to use and only takes a few minutes to install. Its also cross version compatible and works without any alterations to existing PHP.ini file.

Think Computer Lampshade

The Lampshade API for PHP finally lets developers write complex web-based applications in days rather than months. Lampshade supports e-commerce functionality, secure sign-in, and flexible interface features.


This non visual components is intended to extract all links that founded in your PHP/HTML file. Full functional "Site structure" demo and samples for WebDav manager/XMLreader/WebRank was included.

Table Class Create

TableClassCreate programme allows to create automatically a PHP class that provides all necessary functionality for standard database operations. Class generated by TableClassCreate implements Data Access Object pattern. Written in Delphi 7.0. Source code included

RLIB - LAMP Report Generator

Generate PDF, HTML. CSV, TEXT reports from a XML Input File in PHP. Uses a MYSQL Back end.


PHing Is Not GNU make. It is a make tool written in PHP and based on the ideas and concept of Apache Ant. It can basically do anything you could do with a build system like GNU make, for example, but uses XML for storing the targets and commands. Using XML, Phing avoids problems like the "Space before tab problem" in GNU make. Its features include processing files while copying (e.g., do Token Replacement, XSLT transformation, etc.) and various file system operations.


SSEditor integrated the PHP/PERL script editor with a executing environment in a simple user interface. Just need one step configuration, don't have to configuring a complex web service in your computer, you can edit scripts and view there results easily, just like editing a HTML page with Frontpage or Dreamweaver, etc.

Date Coder

Date Coder is a helper application for coding Date/Time commands in PHP and/or MySQL. Simply select which date/time format you want with popup menus, and the code will be ready to be pasted in your script.

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