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Title Your first C++ Application
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Category C & C++ » Tips and Tutorials » Introduction to C and C++
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Description So you have decided to start learning C++? Then this is the first tutorial you should be following. It teaches you the very first basics of how to use C++. You will create your first application, a typical hello world example.


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Scripts Related to - Your first C++ Application

Script Name

Pointers in C/C++

Pointers in c/c++. A small tutorial covering basics of Pointers, dynamic memory allocation, allocating blocks of memory and comparison of pointers and arrays. Within the computerĘs memory, every stored data item occupies one or more adjacent memory cells. The number of memory cells required to store a data item depends on the type of data item. For example, a single character will be stored in 1 byte of memory integer usually requires two adjacent bytes, a floating point number may require four adjacent bytes.

Basic C++ functions

Tutorial for understanding the C++ functions. It shows you two functions that return the same result but are coded differently.

Loops & Decisions in C/C++

Loops and Decision Control Structure. This tutorial provides the necessary information to write C/C++ program that takes decision on the basis of some condition. 1- The if statement 2- The if - else statement 3- The conditional operators Looping is also Discussed, this includes: 1- Using a for statement 2- Using a while statement 3- Using a do-while statement

Using color in console mode

This tutorial teaches you how you can easily use colors with C++ in a console application. This function has one downside, it does not work with every compiler since the needed file is not a standard file in bigger compilers like visual C++ 6.

Object Oriented Programming Techniques

Object- Oriented Programming (OOP) is an approach to program organization and development that attempts to eliminate some of the pitfalls of conventional programming methods by in incorporating the best of structured programming features with several powerful new concepts. It is a new way of organising and developing programs and has nothing to do with any particular language. However, not all languages are suitable to implement the OPP concepts easily. This tutorial covers how to get most out of the Object Oriented Programming Conecpts using C++ Language.

C++ tutorial on arrays

C++ Arrays are the data structures which can be used to store consecutive values of the same data types. Check the URL for the complete explanation on C++ Arrays.

C++ Tutorial - Data types

C++ practically offers most of the necessary data types except for a basic data type string. This is a big trouble in C++ without such a good feature. This c++ tutorial will discuss the basic data types necessary for c++ programming.

Introducing the 'for' loop

A short tutorial introducing the 'for' loop, good for C++ newbies and programming beginners.

C++ tutorial on Static functions

Explains the concept of static functions and differences between normal functions and static functions.

Introducing pointers

Pointers represent an important aspect of C++. Although, newbies often get confused with pointers, even those who know other programming languages.

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