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Title Yahoo Club Messages Headline Grabber
Platform n/a
Price Free
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Yahoo Club Messages Headline Grabber
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Web Fetching
Hits 516
Description This is a simple Perl script that allows you to grab 5 most recent messages in Yahoo Club and display on your HTML page. It requires SSI.


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Script Name


Dtheatre News Grabber (Perl Version)

Dtheatre News Grabber is a CGI/Perl script that allows you to fetch the newest Digital Theater news headlines. It comes with a few customizable features. It requires IO::Socket and IO::Handle modules.


This is a simple Perl script that takes a list of books and looks to see if they are considered published on fatbrain. It requires the LWP module.

Geeknews.Org Headline Grabber

This simple PHP script allows you to capture the headlines of Geeknews.Org and prints as HTML page.

Linux-2000.Org Headline Grabber

This is a PHP script that allows you to capture the headlines of Linux-2000.Org and print them right on your Webage.

Master Snooper

Master Snooper is an easy to install, easy to maintain CGI program written with Perl 5 to let you see the real code behind web pages. Have you typed in one URL and ended up somewhere else Use Master Snooper to see the HTML source code they used to send you on your merry way. Ever wonder what the HTML code of a framed website looks like Use Master Snooper to see it all. Does your browser's "view source" results only show some of the JavaScript and other code a web page uses Use Master Snooper to see what's really there.


WebFetch is a set of Perl5 modules that provide a framework for retrieving information from local files and/or the web for display on the web or export to other sites. Its use is oriented around periodically automatically updated information on a web server. For display on your own site, WebFetch can import from: Freshmeat, Slashdot, LinuxToday, Yahoo Business News, CNN, CNet News.Com, Segfault, comp.os.linux.announce moderator archive, Debian GNU/Linux Project News, and any site running WebFetch::SiteNews. For others to display on their sites, WebFetch can export your news to: any web site running WebFetch::General, any desktop running EHeadlines, Netscape's MyNetscape portal, or anything else you write a WebFetch export module for.

Retrieve articles from one newsgroup to which no reply has yet been posted. Articles are all printed to the standard output. Progress messages are printed to the standard error handle.

Perl/Tk headline grabbers

These Perl/Tk headline grabbers allow you to get and display the current headlines from a number of Linux-related resource sites including,,, and

Freshmeat Headline Grabber

This Perl script allows you capture the headlines of and display them on your Web page.

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