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Title YaWPS
Platform n/a
Price Free (GPL)
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Website Visit Website of - YaWPS
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Portal Systems
Hits 579
Description YaWPS is Yet another Web Portal System for medium- or small-sized websites. YaWPS features webbased administration, news system, backend/headlines generation, forums, link database, calendar, fulltext search, customizable blocks and pages, detailed statistics, multilanguage and theme support. YaWPS is written in Perl and uses a flatfile database as a backend. All client output is valid HTML4. It works on most common UNIX platforms as well as on Windows platforms.


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Scripts Related to - YaWPS

Script Name

Perl on all Site

PoaS (Perl on all Site) is a lightweight web portal system written in Perl. All client output is valid HTML 4. Main features include: newssystem, forum, user management, link database, site stats, theme selection, block administration, banner rotating and many more.


Auto-HomePage provides your members with the ability to custom-design their own start page on your site within minutes. Auto-HomePage includes an Address Book, ToDo List, Email Reminders, Bookmarks and much more. You can also include targeted daily/weekly news and content to keep your visitors up to date.

Absolute Portal

Absolute Portal is a comprehensive and flexible portal platform. The look and feel is based-on templates and infinitely customizable. Money making tools such as ad-links and amazon plugins are included. Absolute Portal consists of 1) a flexible Open Directory from 2) A lightning fast metasearch engine searching all top search engines in paralel in less than a second, 3) A My Page engine with the ability to use any RSS feeds, or your custom feeds, local weather, sunrise info. Totally customizable by the users, 4) SiteManager content management engine. Design your site structure and assign html content to each node, 5) A user database and management tool. With the professional version of Absolute Portal, you can create as many active databases based on these five pieces and connect them to each other. You can use the pro version to offer hosted portal/odp/metasearch services to unlimited third parties.

Metadot Portal Server

Metadot Portal Server is a Perl/MySQL-based open source portal server that provides content and community management user customizable news page dashboard like My Yahoo. Users can have their own public website area to share information. Includes built-in features like files management, discussion, calendar, poll, HTML editor and XML/RSS syndication, user & group management and monitoring tools, look and feel customization (CSS and templates). It can be extended in functionality by adding Metadot Gizmos plug-ins.


CityPort is a portal system that combines traditional directory/search portal with interactive map-based presentation of the records. Visitors can explore records (ex. businesses) in a particular city or area, simultaneuosly see all records on a page on the map as well as find map location for every record. It uses LVME as its mapping engine, that allows adding your own maps and symbols, real-time (without page reload) zooming, scrolling, jumping to pre-set scale and more. Records to the system can be submitted and edited online (subject to administrator approval). Submitting location for a record is completely visual - just point on the map. Back Office allows administrators to change HTML templates, adjust system parameters, manage categories, moderate submissions, add/edit/delete records and more.


NextPortal is an all-in-one Portal software package that includes Web Based E-mail, Chat, Listserver, Message Forums, News, Personal Web Hosting, Membership Profiles, Subdomains & Redirection, Metasearch, Customer Trouble Ticket System and more. Latest version includes enhancements to the original features plus Personal Weblog/Journal system, Keyword system, Member Status, interoperability with other CGI, and more. Screens are 100% customizeable via standard HTML. Installation is free or you may use its easy-to-use web based installation system.


BlankOL is a simplified turnkey software solution that allows you to add more than a dozen major functions/services to your website. Features: Webmail, Addressbook, Calendaring, Instant Messaging, Weblog/Webjournal, User Websites, Member Profiles, Personal Chatrooms, Message Forums, Customer Support/Ticketing System, News Headlines, Weather, Member Registration, WYSIWYG HTML Editor, User Personalization, and much more. The software comes complete with an AOL-like interface to each of the components. System can integrate with your existing website. The webmaster may either use the existing interface screens, add their branding, or create entirely new interfaces from scratch.


WebAPP, stands for Web Automated Perl Portal, allows you to set the site up, and requires minimal work to maintain it. It was built to be used for a news site, stories, personal, etc. Included are topics, forums, instant message, who's online, download section, link section, wireless and palm pilot support, integrated newsletter, complete site administration, FAQ administration, modular, md5 encryption of passwords, multiple theme and language support, numerous modifications and add-ons.


Noink was designed as a web-based image server to power the online comic strip site, It is, however, general enough to be used as an abstract information server (allowing for indexing and archiving of images, text-based content, content external to the server, and other types of data). It can be configured via simple markup-like files, and has a fairly strong emphasis on security including password encryption. It has a simple forum feature built-in with moderator utilities, as well as a rich administration system which includes automated site archival. It is written in Perl, and uses several *nix specific utilities.

Community Portal (CommPortal)

CommPort is a "Community Portal" generator based on Perl and MySQL that can be tailored for any location. Each user gets a personal portal page to which they can add their own "channels" or select from a growing list of pre-prepared local, national and international content. This allows any individual to always have a page of their own personal favourites in front of them. Channels may be either "active" with continually updated content such as weather or news headlines or "passive" with collections of links. Features: User customizable portal page, Imports standard RSS files for use as channels, Automatic export of channels as RSS, Multiple user access levels, and Internationalization.

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