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Title YaPs
Platform Linux, Apache, PHP
Price Free (LGPL)
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Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Development Tools » Libraries and Classes
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Description Using only native PHP function and requiring only the ubiquitous GhostScript engine, Yaps aim in becoming a powerful reporting library for PHP developers. YaPs has already implemented all important functions for standard report generation and many other functions are on their way. YaPs is the core library beneath PDFReports and PDFreportsLite. With the 1.1 release, YaPs became much faster by computing font redering directly from PHP, with minimal usage of the Ghostscript engine. We have now reached a satisfactory level of performance for PDF rendering.


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Scripts Related to - YaPs

Script Name

EZ Select

EZ Select is a simple PHP class designed to make it easier to generate complex MySQL "SELECT" queries, especially based on user input.


This script allows you to compute the time elapsed for a given process (i.e. showing a web page into a browser). You could use timers to trak how long particular page has been shown to the user. Samples are included into the archive.

Date class

A full featured class that encapsulates a date and a time. Features: setters and getters like setYear(), getHours(); formatters - toString(), Format(); add and substract methods; Some comparators - compareTo( Date ), daysTo( Date ).


class.overlib is a class for php that gives you an easy way to create small popup windows. Overlib windows open while placing the mouse over a link a custom text and they close when you move the mouse away. The style can be changed via CSS.


PObjects, or Persistent Objects, provide a standard scheme for storing and recovering data contained in classes. Derivations can persist to databases, the file system, email, etc. No storage format is defined at this basic level so any method (simple serialzation, WDDX, XML, db mapping) can be used. The PObject package includes the basic PObject, DBObject, source and the Postgres db class from PHPLIB.

Softerra PHP Developer Library

Softerra PHP Developer Library comprises the most significant and time-consuming tasks faced in process of web solution development: database interface creation (MySQL), arrays, search, grid, debugging, etc.

This class allows you to upload files using your broswer. It checks file type, image type, file size, image height and width, and more. It also includes a PHP/HTML file to show you how to use the class.

Class Table

Class Table is a php class that provides some functionalities to build easy HTML tables from a database.

PHP ClassRoom

PHP ClassRoom features a library of specific PHP classes. Available classes include: pageWeb, a web-fetching class; dumpObject which is used to dump and save objects to the server disk; smartArray, based on an associative array, offers many load methods and can generate tables, files, and now XML files etc... smartTable can fetch an html table from a web page and save it as an object. Updated: The smartArray class now supports XML, Some new classes are published, smartDB and smartRDF for parsing and create RSS news files. <br><br>French version: PHP ClassRoom propose une librairie de classes PHP originales. Certaines sont orientÚes vers le "web-fetching" comme pageWeb. D'autres sont d'usage plus gÚnÚrique, telle dumpObject, une classe qui permet de dumper et sauvegarder vos objets, trÞs pratique pour deboguer vos propres objets. smartArray est une classe basÚe sur une array associative. Elle prÚsente de nombreuses mÚthodes de chargement et peut produire des tables HTML, des fichiers et aussi de l'XML. smartTable peut capturer une table depuis une page web et la sauvegarder dans un fichier objet. Dernieres classes: smartDB pour les donnees SQL et smartRDF pour interpreter et creer des fils de news.

PSLib for PHP

PSLib is a class for easy generating postscript files. Look the included example file (historico.php3) to see how simple is generating ps files using the pslib.

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