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Title Xao Foundation Server
Platform POSIX
Price Free
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Website Visit Website of - Xao Foundation Server
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Database Tools
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Description The XAO Foundation Server provides a hierarchical OO API on top of MySQL while retaining the speed of relational database queries. The hierarchical data storage model allows it to perform highly-optimized deep searches on the data. The XAO Foundation Server can be used on its own or in tandem with The XAO Web Developer (and other XAO modules) to develop fast, dynamic web applications.


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Scripts Related to - Xao Foundation Server

Script Name


PerlMyAdmin is a script for managing mysql databases via a web browser. All common tasks are supported such as creating and dropping databases, creating and dropping tables, column management, key management, table browsing, table searching and more. The script is template driven and easy to customize. Mod Perl is also supported.


Use RW My SQL Dump to backup your MySQL databases, both structure and data. The script can be run from command prompt only. So, you can use crontab or other system scheduler to fully automate your data backup process. The script browse all databses that you select and write SQL statements for creating tables and inserting data into files (one for each database). As an option the dumps may be compressed into zip archive. Finally output files stored into directory that you selected.

Plesk Database Backup System

Using the Plesk Database Backup System, each Plesk domain has the ability to define it's own databases backup routines. The server administrator can also manage levels manually ranging from no access what so ever, to local backup to a directory within the users domain space and finally up to the ability to specify up to two FTP servers to FTP a database dump to. This allows the Plesk administrator to offer their clients an easily accessible, automated backup facility with very little intervention.

Stouk DBViewer

View pre-configured tables from MySQL or Oracle data sources; Test multiple select statements and view the results as well as save queries with explanation for future use; Export result of any query into comma-separated or MS Excel formats; Modify a simple configuration file and put more details on any table to view and query against. Great tool if you need a client tool to test database queries.

LK Database

LK Database is a quick & powerful database management system (DBMS). It can handle any number of databases, with any number of tables in it. Written entirely in Perl, supports* SQL. All data stored into file(s) (binary), and file never fully loads to memory. Package also includes LKBinDB myAdmin which alows you to manage databases in user friendly interface.

MultiDB Express PRO

MultiDB Express Pro allows you to host and resell database accounts to other webmasters so they can create member sites. It offers the ability to create unlimited MySQL databases, is highly customizable in its presentation to users, offers import/export, integrates well with Microsoft Access which makes moving data on and off the web a breeze. Complete operation is very simple and intuitive and it can be used with very little knowledge.


mySpreadsheet is spreadsheet software that runs on a webserver that can helps you centralize, manage, and share your spreadsheet data using a standard web browser. With mySpreadsheet, multiple groups/individuals in your organization can collaborate on individual spreadsheets that resides on your webserver.


txtSQL is development modules to help developers speeds up development that make use of flat database inserting and extracting data from a database and Uses SQL commands.


DBMan SQL is a powerful database manager that provides a flexible web interface to manage multiple relational tables with fully customizable template sets. The easy setup wizard helps you create your own database from scratch, or auto-create a configuration file based on an existing table. DBMan SQL also includes a flexible user system that allows you to set user permissions per table and features built-in support for file uploads.


The Web Enabled SQL (WeSQL) library is an extension to HTML, acting as a glue between HTML and SQL. WeSQL allows the use of pure SQL queries directly in html files. WeSQL is aimed at rapid web-database integration. WeSQL is written in Perl and currently only supports MySQL as backend SQL database.

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