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Title XPcm
Platform n/a
Price Free
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Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Content Management
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Description XPcm is a flexible PHP based content management framework which allows you to easily create and manage your websites. XML and XSLT are used for dynamic page creation and search-engine friendly content rendering. It features Workflows, task management, a WYSIWYG editor, user and group/role management with permission-inheritance, a media-database, module and plug-in support, flexible caching, and a fully browser-based back office.


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Scripts Related to - XPcm

Script Name

ConMan Professional

ConMan is a complete content driven web site bundled with a secure, integrated web based WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) administration suite. ConMan is fully customisable and is powered by PHP and a MySQL database.

Stellar Docs

Stellar Docs is an easy to use online documentation manager. It allows you to quickly and effortlessly build online resource centers such as documentation, faqs, manuals and more without the headaches involved with traditional methods. Limited time offer of only 99 USD. Free installation and support. Requires PHP4 and MySQL.


nextCMS is a PHP driven Conten Management System based on XML files instead of using databases. It is optimized for speed and ease of use. If you want to get rid of the trouble with static HTML-pages but also don't need a database-driven portal system, nextCMS probably thing you are searching for.

Printer-friendly Version

This script allows visitors to print just the content of a page without all the navigation elements, which is a popular feature on many sites. The script will also print the address of the original content page at the bottom of the printer-friendly page.


Beehive is a web-based content management system powered by PHP & MySQL. Beehive lets you manage news, articles and other such content in an easy and efficient manner. Available in two versions: Beehive Lite - A basic system for small scale or personal websites. Beehive Lite is distributed free under GPL and is Open Source; Beehive Pro - The feature rich system suitable for online publications, e-zines and bulletins. It lets you generate collections, builds a dynamic yet search engine friendly site plus more.


SiteBox is a web site content management system developed with speed and flexibility as the forefront objective. SiteBox allows you to administer all of your SiteBox sites from the one place. The SiteBox admin can be installed on another secure URL for added security. Every bit of functionality on a SiteBox site is a seperate module that is loaded, controled and displayed by the core system. On it's own the core system does nothing. This means that you are in complete control of your site. If you don't like the way a module works you are able to rip it out, write your own version and plug it back in. If there is a feature you don't need you can get rid of it just be removing the module.


An easy-to-use online website editor that allows you to edit your website online in real-time. Webeditor™ is a simple piece of software that is easy to install. You can be up and running in 5 minutes. This program can also be co-branded for webmasters and offered as one of your own services. If you are looking for an easy to use, powerful professional solution, webeditor is for you.

Bugi Template

Bugi Template is a fast and PHP template system. Requires PHP 4.06 or higher to work. A few features are Unlimited nested blocks, Automatic block variable assignment, Global and local variables, Ignore block and variable feature, Block append and replace feature, Variable append and replace feature.

The HTML template class

The HTML template class is a neat, fast and reliable class for separating HTML views from PHP logic. It helps you to develop a large complicated web site rapidly.

CWO lite

CWO is a full featured content management system written in PHP with a MySQL backend. It allows you to manage navigation, content and links through a simple browser based administrative console. The front end is driven by a single customizeable template. CWO is completely search friendly and generates sub-directories on the fly. Images are also managed from within the browser based back end. No need for FTP access other than set up, ever. That means that if you're a site administrator you can have others in your company upload information to the server without ever having to contact you. This version does not include workflow. Management of workflow is available in a beta release. Please contact <a subject=CWO_Beta></a> for further questions regarding the beta version of CWO with work flow.

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