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Title XMLArray
Platform PHP 4.1.2+ with XML-Functions
Price Free
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - XMLArray
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » XML and PHP
Hits 647
Description XMLArray makes a multi-dimension-array from a flat XML-File. Written in german. Support is not longer aviable!


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Scripts Related to - XMLArray

Script Name


phptunest is a script written in PHP, which converts your iTunes Music library from XML format to nice HTML table. It allows you to customize the resulting HTML page in many ways and has few nice features: Use your own CSS styles to change the look of HTML page; Sort your song library with any visible column; Include only those columns you want; Supports gzip compression; Supports low-memory parsing; Supports MySQL backend; Works with PHP 4.1 or later; Completely free and open source.

RSS generating PHP script

A simple and fast script which can be used on a supported server to create dynamic XML RSS feeds using a backend database.

RSS Builder

php classes for creating a rss 1.0 file including support for dublin core and SY modules

Free XML Directory Feed Scripts

The feed returns up to 5 rows from the database pertaining to the search query. Every time the feed is queried the rank is adjusted with the top listing moving to the last and all other listings moving up one. This gives all links equal exposure.


MagpieRSS is an RSS parser that uses PHP's built in XML parser, for better support and flexibility. Supports all version of RSS, including namespaces and RSS 1.0 modules. Has a simple to use functional interface, and integrated cache system. Is Last-Modified, and ETag aware. Optionally use HTT gzip encoding. Now with better examples, Smarty integration, and a cookbook.

iTunes XML Parser Class

The developer writes "I noticed that iTunes doesn't have a Generate HTML Playlist option like Winamp does, but does have an export option, with XML being the prefered format. So I made a class for parsing the exported XML. Right now all it fetches is the Artist, album, song name, genre, and length of track, but I can add more if asked. Included is a php file that utilizes the class for you, so you don't have to do the dirty work. Use it if you wish."


Class.Jabber.PHP is a class which you can use to connect to the Jabber network. It allows you to easily connect to a server and furthermore to interact with that server. Supports all packet types (message, iq and presence), very flexible, offers both high-level methods (registration, message sending etc.) but low-level methods as well (packet sending etc.). Extensive docs and examples on the website. v0.4: bugfixes, methods to transport connection methods (ICQ/AIM/Yahoo/MSN/IRC anyone ).

Amazon Book Data to XML

Do you want ot be able to grab information about books from Amazon, and do it without using their web services If so then download this script, it takes in an ISBN number and (if it can) chucks out the information about that book in XML format. It currently grabs the Amazon page from a proxy server so you will need to change it if your server has a direct connection to the net.

Homeland Security Webservice Access

This is a quick 'n' dirty way to access the homeland security webservice at

PHP-XML Weather

This is a sample to illustrate how one can use PHP and cURL to access an existing XML feed for US weather. It grabs both current conditions and a nine day future forecast based on the zipcode that one enters. Unlike a lot of other PHP weather tools, this one doesn't screen scrape from yahoo or pirate MSNBC's feed... so, while it can only do US weather, you can do it with a bit of peace of mind.

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