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  • XML on the Fly
    In this article, we'll cover XML and RSS in a nuttshell. You'll learn what XML is, what it does, what RSS is and how it's used. Then, we'll discuss a very quick and simple way of generating RSS feeds on the fly using PHP.
  • Using SOAP with PHP - Free
    SOAP is a wonderful technology that can help you in developing great applications. In this tutorial, we will investigate the use of SOAP in PHP.
  • Remote Procedure Calls with PEAR::XML-RPC - Free
    In this tutorial, learn how to utilize the XML-RPC package from the PEAR repository. You will learn how to write the client and server portions.
  • Processing XML with PHP - Free
    Join Timothy as he shows you how to process XML with PHP. In this tutorial you will learn the basics of using PHP to interpret XML.
  • Transforming XML with XSLT and PHP - Free
    In this tutorial, Timothy shows you how to use XSLT to transform XML documents into HTML documents. Of course, the use of PHP XSLT functions are highlighted.
  • PHP and DOM: The Way of the Widget
    With version 4.3.0, PHP's DOM extension has now overcome early bugs and troubles to become a useful tool for XML manipulation. This article looks at the DOM extension and how it can be used to read and generate XML, providing new solutions for web page generation.
  • XML guestbook - $10
    This tutorial explains how to make a XML guestbook. The guestbook uses a XML file to save the messages. The full source code of the guestbook is included. The first part of the tutorial is available for free at
  • The PHP-GTK to XML-RPC Revolution
    PHP-GTK allows you to build cross platform Windowed applications. XML-RPC is a web service protocol allowing us to send data from anywhere to anywhere. This article is a simple example of hooking the two together. Anyone fancy building the PHP version of MSN Messenger
  • Parsing XML With PHP
    This article shows how to write a simple PHP script that parses the RSS file, extracts the pertinent information, formats it, and serves it up as regular HTML. This script can also be added to any PHP file. Source code available for download.
  • Using PHP With XML (part 2)
    PHP offers two methods of parsing an XML document: using SAX parser and DOM functions. This article shows how to use PHP's DOM functions to traverse an XML tree, and also covers important differences between the two approaches.
  • The web of services: using XML_RPC from PHP
    This 7-page article discusses how to make the web of services interact with one another using XML_RPC and PHP. Describes how to build a simple XML_RPC client and server to create a basic messaging system.
  • DOM XML: An Alternative to Expat
    This six-page tutorial explains how to parse xml using DOM, an alternative to the popular Expat. Covers the objects used in DOM extensively, and offers a few simple and long examples.
  • Transforming XML with XSL using Sablotron
    This article, along with source code, explains how to parse XML documents using XSLT (eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations). XSLT is a language for transforming XML documents into other XML documents or HTML documents. It does not discuss XML, XSL or XSLT syntax, but rather focuses on how to transform XML documents with XSLT using the Sablotron XSLT processor. Source code available for download.
  • PHP parsing of XML/RSS/RDF files - Free
    This is a quick tutorial that shows you along with an example script how to grab remote RSS/RDF XML news files and parse them so you can display news headlines from any site that has an RSS/RDF file - most of the bigger sites do. You can also learn the standard format for creating your own Valid RDF files. Uses FileSystem and regular expression functions.
  • Parsing XML with PHP - Free
    This article is intended for the experienced PHP programmer, interested in writing applications using XML. It assumes that you are familiar with XML's syntax and advantages.
  • Backends Sharing Data
    What if you could script remote procedure calls between web sites as easily as you can between programs This tutorial shows how it can be done in PHP.
  • PHP and XML: using expat functions - Free
    This tutorial shows how to parse XML documents in PHP. It walks you through a fairly simple application of XML that you can use to implement a news system for your home page.
  • PHP developers: Fill your XML toolbox - Free
    The PHP scripting language's XML support has a few gaps, but you can fill them with Java objects in a pinch. In this article, find out what XML tools are available now for PHP developers looking to craft XML projects, and find out how to access Java objects until the PHP tool set matures.

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