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  • ASP-XML DataGrid I
    This is a simple procedure to show how to use an XML file as datasource to build a datagrid in ASP. This code basically shows how to display and navigate/page-thru and xml data file
  • Checking for a Reciprocal Link
    Tutorial and code on how to use Microsoft's XMLHTTP object to communicate with a remote website/webpage and check for the existence of reciprocal link back.
  • display an xml file
    This example shows how to display an xml file
  • create an xml file
    This example shows to create an xml file using ASP
  • Moreover news feed
    This example shows you how to display news feeds from moreover on your website.
  • Choose a news feed
    This example shows how to offer the user a choice of news feeds from moreovers list of XML feeds. The user can select which one to display on his/her site. This example includes 10 feeds to choose from but with over 330 feeds available on moreovers site you could have a lot more to choose from.
  • Creating XML structures from Files in a Dir - Freeware
    This script shows how to read the content of a directory and create a XML file with the last access, last modified, size and name of the files inside of it. When I created I was using for reading image files, but can be used for any kind of file.
  • Grabbing XML data from ASP
    This article lays out how to use ASP and JScript to open and read XML files.
  • Create XML Documents from Access Output
    The author writes "Active Server Pages allow for the easy ability to create dynamic views of your data on a web server, but you can also create "static" documents on the server. This can be particularly useful if you wish to distribute your information on CD or in virtually any document form. This sample example will utilize a US state info db. After reading the contents of the db instead of writing output to the browser html text is written to the server on a file with the .xml file extension. By placing appropriate XML tags around the Db output the XML document that is created on the server than can be read by the browser or any appropriate means."
  • Doing XML Web Services with ASP 3.0
    This article shows you how to output XML data to a stream that can be captured by the client using Active Server Pages (ASP) version 3.0 with VBScript programming. Source code available for download.
  • XML Strengths and Weaknesses with DOM, ASP and XSL
    Since the inception of XML, many developers have wondered why they need XML and how they can use XML to their benefit. This article looks at some of the terminology that comes with using XML and its related technologies, as well as how to create and transform XML documents with ASP and XSL using Microsoft's MSXML parser.
  • Tracking Web Page Visitors with XML
    This article describes how to create a simple stats tracking program to demonstrate how to deal with records using XML, instead of ADO Object. Source code available for download.
  • Implement a Division-of-Labor Approach to Complex XML Manipulation
    This article shows how to use Internet Explorer's (IE's) modal dialog functionality to divide complex Extensible Markup Language (XML) data manipulation into simple, efficient, manageable units. To explain the technology, it uses the process of building an ice cream sundae as the example throughout this article.
  • Creating an XML and XSL Class
    This article examines how to use VBScript classes to transform XML documents for use in a Web application. It creates a handy class to perform a number of XML features, such as rendering XML information from an XSL stylesheet and returning plain XML data. This class encapsulates XML and XSL functionality, making it easier to display XML data in a number of ways.
  • Creating a Function to Stream a Recordset to XML
    This article shows how to create an XML document from a Recordset using the Microsoft XMLDOM object. It explains how to create a custom function that will take the contents of a Recordset and return a much friendly-on-the-eyes XML version. Once the ASP page calls this function and has, as a string, the XML structure, it can either save it to disk or write out the contents via Response.Write.
  • Converting Your existing HTML to XML
    This article explains how to easily migrate HTML pages to XML using HTML Tidy and a COM Wrapper. It discusses a sample conversion of the bookmark file from HTML to XML and then into a browser-neutral tree view. Helpful for sites where a lot of information is maintained as flat HTML pages with their pages sharing similar structure. Supporting source code available for download.
  • Using XML to Improve File-Upload Processing
    This article presents an example of multiple binary file upload for Web applications using Extensible Markup Language (XML) technology, without the typical limitation of traditional file upload processing. It describes how to use Microsoft XML Parser 3.0 (MSXML) and ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) Stream objects for a new upload strategy with several benefits. No custom ASP components are required.
  • Generating RSS with ASP
    RSS files can be generated using Active Server Pages (ASP). It is OK for an RSS file to have a .asp suffix. In this example an RSS 0.91 file is generated, but it could easily be applied to other RSS versions. Similarly in this case the site stores its articles in a Microsoft Access database, but the database connection could be changed to reflect a Microsoft SQL Server database.
  • Binding Client Side Controls Dynamically to an XML Data Source Object
    The XML data island in IE 5.x provides a simple and convenient way to dynamically alter the content of a Web page using data stored either locally or remotely in XML format. This article demonstrates how to change the data content of your Web application pages client side through the use of DHTML events and dynamic data binding with XML island DSOs, and helps you decide in what format the XML should be saved.
  • Add XML Newsfeeds to Your Site
    This tutorial explains how to fetch XML data from an external web site and transform the data into HTML through XSL and ASP.

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