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Title XLS Generator
Platform linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun
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Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Development Tools » Libraries and Classes
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Description XLS Generator is a PHP script, allowing to create binary XLS files using PHP. Using this script you will be able to create spreadsheets on UNIX systems, or on Windows – only PHP 4.x (or later) is required. XLS Generator has many features which will help you to make your generated spreadsheets look individual: font styles, border and color settings, background, foreground and border colors and styles, text orientation and in-cell alignment settings. You can even add formulas and Excel functions. Also supported : paper size, page orientation, printed margins, header and footer which can include page numbers. You can test the work of the script via fully funcional on-line demo, located on the script page.


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Scripts Related to - XLS Generator

Script Name

RTF Generator Class

RTF Generator lets you create your own RTF files on web-servers, without any applications except PHP. Using special mark-up language which is based on HTML, you will be able to describe all necessary formatting for your data. You will have total control over the final look of the RTF document, as the Generator supports almost all features you can find in MS Word when creating a document. With this tool you will be able to generate customized contracts, agreements, bills of sales using client provided information or information from database, including images. It can save huge amount of time on document preparation. The document is totally generated within a split second using the dynamic data. There is a fullyfunctional on-line demo available on the script web-page where you can test the script by yourself.

PHP-JAVA CLASS Code Generator

This tool is designed in such a way to facilitate the creation of java and php classes in javabeans style. It is extremely useful in case you have a Mysql table and you would like to generate a class over this table which would have a constructor, saving (updating) and drop option, and to provide the possibility to enter and query internal variables assigned for each field of the table. The advantage this generator provides is generating a class scheleton which may be altered in the future. The disadvantage consists in reduced applicability as it is useful in case the first field is set as Primary Key.


RC4 is a symmetric fast and secure encryption / decryption algorithm. This class attempts to add the unbarable missing of RC4 support in PHP, also since recent versions mcrypt do not support RC4. <b>v2.1 update:</b> Bug fix regarding swapping code, must update for Vector harness conformance.


MyObjects is a set of tools for database schema generation, class generation and object persistence. It is divided into two sub projects, a compiler for class generation and runtime for back and forth maping objects to the database and Xml files. Features Of MyObjects: Automatic database schema generation from existing databases. Web based database schema generation from scratch. Command line based database schema and class generation. Generation of Sql statements from the designed database schema. Generation of Classes that will map to the database tables. (A seperate class for each table is created). Full validation code through setter methods in generated classes. phpDoc style comments in generated classes. Minimizes runtime operations by providing many features in generated classes. Xml serialization of the objects of generated classes and deserializing of the objects from Xml files. Inplemented in new Php 5 object model. Uses the new MySqli extension for php to support new features of MySql. Uses the new libXml based DOM extension to provide generation, parsing and validation of database schema files.

The Japha Programming Interface

The JPI is an effort to create an easy to use, highly re-usable library of components and classes for use in every day programs. It is based on the Java API (though it might as well be any API), to give Java programmers and others an easy way to find documentation and ease into the use of the language.

TXT Generator Class

The script is aimed to creation of the plain text files (TXT). Certainly, there is no use to "just create TXT file using PHP" it is simple - so, TXT Generator is powered by additional features in order to make it possible to create complicated layouts using just plain text. TXT Generator has many features which will help you to make your generated TXT files look not as a bunch of lines of text: paragraphs with alignment, custom width, borders and page orientation; ordered and unordered lists; and even tables, with variable width, in-cell text alignment, table orientation on page. There is a fullyfunctional on-line demo available on the script web-page.

Sitellite Application Framework

Sitellite Application Framework is a collection of over 100 PHP classes that make web application development easier, faster, and more reliable. Highlights include a simple template system, form validation/handling, multi-screen forms, multi-level caching, a Wiki-like markup language called EasyText, and fast XML parsing and manipulation. SAF is the Open Source core to the Sitellite Content Management System.

OO Template Class

This is a powerful object oriented template class you can use in your own programs. It's very easy to use and offers lots of features!


Programmable form object allows for quick and easy form creation. Comes with a number of form controls, and built-in form validation.

session manager

This session manager helps you managing your website's sessions, it is really esay to install and even more easy to use. All your session data is stored in MySQL to help you making statistics of your site which are lost when a visitor leaves unles you make another script to store them in db, with this session manager forget about making extra scripts to store session data in a db.

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