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Title WowBB
Platform Linux, Unix, Windows, Mac OS X
Price From $10.95/month with hosting or $89&n
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Website Visit Website of - WowBB
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Discussion Boards
Hits 807
Description WowBB is an innovative PHP/MySQL powered forum software that offers innovative features such a WYSIWYG editor with integrated spell-checker, advanced private messaging, mailing-list style (instant or digest) forum watching, a visual CSS editor with real-time preview, paid subscriptions, and search engine friendly URLs. WowBB can read and write the database formats of Invision Board, phpBB, vBulletin and UBB.Threads -- no conversions necessary.


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Scripts Related to - WowBB

Script Name

Invision Power Board

Invision Power Board (IPB) is a professional forum system that has been built from the ground up with speed and security in mind, taking advantage of object oriented code, highly-optimized SQL queries, and the fast PHP engine. A comprehensive administration control panel is included to help you keep your board running smoothly. Moderators will also enjoy the full range of options available to them via built-in tools and moderators control panel. Members will appreciate the ability to subscribe to topics, send private messages, and perform a host of other options through the user control panel.


XEForum allows you to build and manage your online community as a forum. XEForum has a nice, simple interface and features such as: * User login and registration * Lost password function * Own profile * New thread/reply to thread * Smilies + tags Administrator Panel * Add/edit/delete forums * Add/delete IP * Lookup IP * Edit/delete post

Simple Message System

A very basic message system. You can submit messages and an admin can view them via password portection. Use it in place of not being able to send emails from your host or as a basic private guestbook. Messages sorted by date entered, code is easily modifiable.

TheWarrior Productions

This forum has everything a forum needs, forums, advanced member system,downloads section,PM system, a good admin panel (add/delete forums, edit/delete/ban members,advanced topic view (like invision board),tags,color tags,ranks, and much more. It is made by the popular TheWarrior Productions. For a demo please go to NEW DIRT CHEAP PRICE! $5 (five U.S dollars)!!

Baal Systems Web Smart Bulletin Board Software (Discussion groups) Free

What can an easily make you choose this Free Bulletin Board Software over all the rest One simple answer, easy setup. This is one of the few web based bulletin board system that can be easily installed without importing manually importing SQL tables, and executing frustrating scripts. Baal Smart Bulletin Board is a simple discussion form, which supports most of normal form features found on other systems, such as registered users, viewing without registration, and administrators who manage posts and the bulletin board. Why use a bulletin board Because it encourages people to stay on your web site longer, it also can be used as a tool for users to self solve problems! Download, Demo and explorer Baal Systems Bulletin Board Software, all for free.

phpBB multiforums

Lets you offer free forum hosting for your visitors, everything is handled instantly. Incudes 90 templates, 50 languages and mroe modifications. Based on phpBB forums.

Celeste Bulletin Board 2004

MySQL is a fast open source system. This solid back end technology allowed us to develop a product that is both fast, yet amazingly stable. Caching: Aggressively caches data in memory/file for maximum performance. This system ensure the lowest database burden. Proven Performance: has proven its stability and speed on major community sites. Celeste Bulletin Board can easily scale to millions of page views per day.

Discussion Forums 2k

A Message Board and Tag Board System That is Very Eazy to Set up. You'll Need PHP and MySQL on Your Sever or Web Host to Run Files.

Ultimate PHP Board

Ultimate PHP Board is a free discussion forum that can be used as a free alternative to UBB or vBulletin. UPB uses text files to store data, no database needed to run. Features: umlimited categories/forums/topics; online admin (members, categories, forums, config); profiles; forum stats; css; skins support; smilies; cookie-based login; threaded discussion; encrypted passwords; fully functional search - setup within 3 min; and more. <b>1.9.6 update</b> - many fixes and private messaging system included!


phpBB is a fast, efficient discussion board program built in PHP with a muti-database backend. Features include: posting, replying, private messages, polls, username/ip banning, strong encryption for storing passwords, user rankings, very advanced access control for private forums, full templating, simple yet robust translation system and much more.

Google Search


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