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Windows and Frames
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  • Tricks for detecting screen resolutions + redirect - free with permission
    Ever made that PERFECT site that was for a certain resolution? If so, maybe you made a second one for a larger/smaler resolution? But-- how to let your visitors know what is best for them... We could send them an alert message to tell them what their's is. Or we could simply use JavaScript to redirect based on what resolution it detects.... This tutorial will show you how!
  • Breaking out of frames
    Want to make sure your web pages are not included in other website frames? Well use this break_out_frame code to stop the madness.
  • Creating websites with frames and search engine optimizing - free
    This tutorial shows you how to make frames and open subframes within the frame. You will learn how to preserve the function of back button and prevent opening your frameset page within another (foreign) frame. The searchengine indexing problem will be overpassed by giving some content within the Nonframes-Tag. This tutorial intend to give you a quick fix, how to make a professional website with frames.
  • Accept Focus Until Closed - Free
    A small snippet that allows you to keep a window 'on top' of all others until closed.
  • Popup Chromeless Window
    An easy to use Javascript Popup Chromeless Window. You can configure it anyway you like.
  • pop up and pop under with javascript
    Simple tutorial explains how to open pop up and pop under windows with javascript.
  • Simple Browser Check - Freeware
    This bit of script sets 3 variables to 1 or 0 depending on what flavour browser is being used to display the page. These variables can then be used to decide upon which script elements/variation should be used.
  • Scrolling window to any position
    With this method you don't have to store or calculate the position to which you need to scroll you window. Very useful technique for chat applications or for dynamic content windows.
  • Browser Window OffSets (scroll compensator)
    These handy functions are most useful when you are trying to keep a dynamic element in view, even if the user scrolls the page. These functions return the number of pixels the page has been scrolled by.
  • Browser Window Dimensions - Free
    Two tiny functions that return the available width and height inside the browser window. These functions can be used as variables and as the dimensions are calculated every time they are used, your script will always be using the current window size no matter what the user does to the window.
  • Auto Window Resizer
    An one line code to automatically resize a window to a specified Width,Height. For example, you can automatically resize a window to 700,500.
  • Window Move-To - Free
    Code snippet to automatically move a window to a specified X,Y coordinate. For example, you can automatically move a window to X0,Y0 (upper left). Great to use this in pages in your site you link to using target="_blank" (new window) or popup windows. You want them to open up to show more information but you want it placed out of the way.
  • Ace Hold Focus - Free
    This JavaScript code allows you to ensure a window to remain in focus, on top. Useful for web site news or smaller popup windows that are easily shuffled under out of focus. Try to change focus to a different page, click another window, and you will see how the script works.
  • Window Spawning and Remotes
    This article discusses different ways to launch new windows with HTML and JavaScript. Topics inclide: How to launch a new window with HTML, How to launch a new window with JavaScript, How to specify the new window's attributes, How to manipulate the new window after creating it, and How to embed links and forms in the remote's document.
  • Loading two frames with one link - Free
    This tutorial shows you how to load two frames with one link using JavaScript.
  • Pop-up Windows - Free
    JavaScript allows you to create (open) new windows. In these windows you can place whatever HTML code you wish, and even have actions in one window effect what is happening in another window. This tutorial explains how to create various types of pop-up windows using JavaScript.
  • Opening and Manipulating Windows - Free
    If you have ever been near any of the homepages in Geocities or Tripod, you must be familiar with the small window that pops up with an advertisement banner. This tutorial explains how to create your own customizable pop-up windows with details on parameters.
  • So, You Want To Open A Window, Huh? - Free
    This tutorial illustrates a rundown of the many ways to get new windows to pop up when viewers roll into your site.

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