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  • Particle Whois
    Particle Whois allows you to setup a multiple TLD (top level domain) whois engine that you and your visitors can use to search for domain availability and fetch whois information. It features logging so you can see a list of previously searched domains, their availability and the time of the search. It also features automatic form code generation so you can put the search box on other web pages.
  • Only Whois - Freeware
    This is a free domain lookup script . For available domains searched through this script you can integrate it with any order form / affiliate programs . It has ability to view a domain's registration information such as admin contact etc. It will provide you the status of a domain. .
  • MRWhois Lite/Pro - Freeware/GBP7.99
    MRWhois Lite is a ready to use whois lookup PHP script. Just unpack, upload and you are ready to go. Script checks for .com, .net, .org, .info and .biz domain names. No PHP knowledge required. The commercial version can check any domain name you need, is much, much faster and can even check at servers with query number limits/restrictions. Latest version is easy linkable to an external file for further processing (eg. shopping cart).
  • CP-Whois Lookup
    This whois script looks up .com/net/org/info/biz domain names, and shows a simple available/un-available message that you can easily change. The script is ideal for use with order systems, or as part of a larger project where you need a simple, yet effective whois lookup script. Give it a go, it could be what you're looking for ;-)
  • Free Whois Search Engine - FREE (GPL)
    Reusable PHP whois class that easily searches TLDs, read from XML for availability and returns the result. Easy to modify. Instructions included.
  • EP-Dev Whois - Freeware
    This script will act as an ordinary whois script, allow infinite tlds to be added, and includes template files. It also has a buy mode, where the script assumes that it is being used prior to a purchase of a domain and can: pass variables onto another script, display if the domain is available or not, offer customized alternative domains if original not available, and display a price table. All of the information is entered in the config file, no databases required. The requests are put into monthly logs you can view. New version updated to support default php 5 install.
  • Topdog Domain Check Script
    This handy script will add a domain check and whois search facility for ugandan TLD such as,,,, and the other international TLDs such as com, net, org, biz ,info, it will print the results into any document or webpage that you specify so will fit nicely into the outlook of your site. There is provision as well for you to forward users to a signup page should they require to purchase the domain. It now checks for the whois server less domain as well inproved code cleanup and popup window result display versions now available Support added for new extensions com,org,net,biz,info,name,us,,ac,ug,,,,nu,se,ca,,,,,,,,,,ro,ws,be,no,cc,nl,pl,pt
  • PHP .name Search Whois - Freeware
    This PHP whois script will only search for the .name extension to see if it is available to register. It uses the two box format and returns the user to a checkout confirmation page where you can enter your own checkout form. Also contains error checking to ensure you enter the correct characters and lets you know what your email and website address will look like.
  • Sams Whois - Free with link / $10 no link
    Whois script main features: Supports major tlds, easily add more - Checks authorative server as well as registry server for com and net - Quick and easy installation - hilight important items in the whois data and remove extraneous text for easy viewing of results - optionally require users to enter a random code displayed as an image to stop abuse of the service - cache lookup results to reduce strain on your server - Simple configuration of various options. Heavily commented example usage file included + documentation online.
  • DotComBlitz Ultimate Expired Domain Search Tools - 49.95
    Ultimate "Domain Search Software" for finding the domain names you want. Expired or expiring domains, well ranked in search engines, keyword rich! Search for on-hold, expiring, pending delete, and expired domain names through search engine lookups, dates and Google PR. Backorder or register any names found. Includes rare Google PR tools. You won't believe how many tools DotComBLITZ has to offer! and cannot be found anywhere else. These scripts create an instant, extremely powerful site.
  • TLD Check - Free (GPL)
    TLD Checks allows you to check the availability of .com, .net, and .org domain names with a simple script which loads results in under 5 seconds. The script provides in-depth error checking and uses the script to grab results. You can easily connect this script to an order form, and provide domain name registration services for your visitors. Version 1.1 released 2004-02-25.
  • cWhois - $29.95
    cWhois is a PHP script that can check the availability of a domain name and if required retrieve the registration details. cWhois works with over 400 domain extensions such as .com,, .ro, .name, .de etc. The script can be used as is or modified as required and several demo's are supplied. For a limited time you will also receive cWhois Domain Cart free if you purchase cWhois.
  • Get Country By IP Address - 10
    Defines country to the IP Address of the visitor.
  • IP to country without databases - FREE
    Geographical location based on IP address is available through this script, with one mayor difference to other ones: no databases are used. Instead, several files are used, which are saved to a directory within the server, and only one is requested each time.
  • Expired and Yahoo/DMOZ listed Domains search software - 9.95/$99.00
    DomainsAide is the most complete and best domains name tool available. Some of our unique features include our popular Name Suggestion Tool, Domain Registration and our state of the art, Yahoo and DMOZ directory watcher, which provides immediate email notification for expired names that are listed in these directories.This script will allow you to setup your own expired domain membership service using Paypal, fully automatic billing and operations. Affiliate and resell programs available. Moneyback guarantee!
  • QuickWhois - Membership
    QuickWhois allows you or your site's visitors to enter a domain name in the .com, .net, or .org TLDs and get the WHOIS information for that domain. Makes a great addition to a web hosting site, a network tools site, or even your personal home page. 100% templates and useful for your visitors.
  • JWhoisX v1.0 - free gpl
    Faster php Whois for TLD
  • Matt's Whois (PHP) - Free (GPL)
    Matt's Whois is a flexible and highly configurable whois lookup script written in PHP3. You can use it to check the availability of domain names all over the world. It also includes a domain name wizard for creating domain names from data provided by users, and a global domain name wizard to search through all domain types. Matt's Whois is a completely template-driven system that can be easily customized for your Web site.
  • Getit - Free
    GetIt is a a dynamic whois script written in PHP. It performs a whois using functions in php that enable the script to communicate directly to Networksolutions. Once GetIt querys the whois server it will then print out the results on the page, giving the visitor the option to perform several tasks. If the domain name is not available the visitor has the option to view the whois output, or visit the domain. If the site is available the script will give the link to register the domain. The script uses htmlEntities to send the queried domain to your order form. The script uses seperate header and footer include files to allow you to modify the page to match with your site.
  • phpGlobalWhois - Free (GPL)
    phpGlobalWhois is an include script to add into your existing PHP script, to perform a whois lookup on any domain name with any extension, and comes with a built-in list of TLDs and ther whois servers. The output can easily be modified.

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