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  • Polyspaston Ultimate Whois Script - ˙40 / $60
    A whois script that is compatible with any Domain Name extension and a shopping cart which can easily be integrated with Worldpay, PayPal, PaySystems and more with ease. The script uses HTML templates so you can totally customise the appearance.
  • Whois Lite - Free - GPL
    Simple fast whois script, checks domain availability throught customizable TLD and whois servers list. Return full whois records on any domain. Make uses of template to be easily integrated into a web page.
  • WP (Whois Proxy) - Free (GPL)
    Lookup whois information for any domain, ip#, nic handle, etc. Fnds the appropriate whois server for you. Runs as a cgi or cmd-line. Removes verbose copyright disclaimers. Can filter or accept Korean/Japanese output. Web-configurable. A complete rewrite of the GeekTools whois proxy. v.1.3.0 is i18n-enabled (speaks French and German) has optional results caching, and is smarter at finding the nth-level domain name that will resolve. Versions 1.3.1 and 1.3.2 are maintenance releases. v.1.2.2 improves ip number and .ORG lookups. v.1.2.0 is more efficient and faster, does better hyperlinking, and maintains the server's formatting, has a new maintenance free access control routine, and is now known to run in a Windows/Apache/ActiveSitePerl environment. V1.1.4 improves support for .org domains (using and uses an enhanced whoislist that reports more info for domains without whois servers.
  • PS All Whois - Free
    Increased the speed of performance with all the features a professional registrar needs. All whois does everything cdomain pro boasts only better. Enables researching domain name availability for all registrars (not just internic). This script is a nice service for webhosting companies. Allows user to search for domain name availability with ANY registrar. Also does global searches based on keywords so if you can't register you can search all the other NIC's in the world (i.e. .uk, .mx, etc.) to see if you can register something like or whatever. Adding new registrars is a snap and installation takes maybe 2 minutes.
  • PS DNS Alert Webmaster Domain Registration Watcher - Free
    Most webmasters have lot's of domains. Some have thousands! For webmasters like us it is a royal PAIN to keep track of all your registrations. Ever go on a vacation and find out some domain name you completely forgot about is expired Well, now you can fully automate your registration watching with DNSALERT. This script will monitor ALL of your domain names and email you a warning WELL in advance DAILY until you register the domain name! It also keeps track of all your other domain names and gives you an exact readout of when everything expires day by day. Great time saver!
  • Whois Domain Checker - Membership
    A handy script for checking 'whois' info for a domain. Tells you if a domain is available or who owns domains already registered. Uses a template system to easily integrate with your sites design. Checks .com .net .org .biz .info and .us domains! Can be easily modified to add others.
  • HostingCart - $119
    A complete shopping cart, designed especially for ISPs and hosting companies. It includes an integrated domain name search. Customers can buy hosting plans on their own or associated with a specific domain name. You can define hosting plans with names and prices, and choose prices for domain name registration in different TLDs for 1-10 years. Features: transfer domain function, with ownership check; customisable order emails to you and purchasers; automatic price and tax calculation; easy web-based admin and installation; Free downloadable HTML themes or design your own look using simple HTML templates; and upgradable with plugins for automatic domain registration, credit card processing, domain name wizards, and faster searching.
  • DomainCart - $49
    Zaygo DomainCart is a complete domain name search, order and registration solution. It allows your customers to search for domain names in over 100 top level domains, including .tv, .md and .ws domains. Domains can be added to a shopping cart, with automatic price and tax calculation. You can set separate prices for different domains, and allow registration for different numbers of years. After ordering, DomainCart can send customizable emails to you and your customers, with order details. DomainCart has easy web-based admin and installation, and is completely customizable using downloadable themes or your own HTML templates. DomainCart can be upgraded with plugins for automatic domain registration, credit card providers, selling hosting plans, domain transfers, and search wizards.
  • MultiDom Pro
    MultiDom Pro is a fast, highly configurable parallel domain search engine, capable of searching for multiple names simultaneously. Supports .name, .biz, .info, .tv, me, .us and 200+ more. Customise appearance and functionality with ease - also includes a comprehensive online admin area where new TLDs can be added. Also includes an intelligent 'synonym engine' to suggest alternative name and TLD combinations. Compatible with TUCOWS OpenSRS.
  • MultiDom Pro Cart
    MultiDom Pro Cart is an extremely fast, highly configurable parallel domain search engine, capable of searching for multiple names simultaneously. New release supports .name, .biz, .info, .tv, and 200+ more. Customise appearance and functionality with ease - also includes a comprehensive online admin area where new TLDs can be added - futureproof! Includes a shopping cart for integration into WorldPay etc & a 'synonym engine' to suggest alternative names. Integrates with TUCOWS OpenSRS.
  • MultiDom Basic
    MultiDom Basic is an extremely fast, highly configurable parallel domain search engine, capable of searching for multiple names simultaneously. Supports 200+ basic domains. Customise appearance and functionality with ease - also includes a comprehensive online admin area where new TLDs can be added. MultiDom is cross platform compatible, and very easy to install. Free trial available.
  • MultiWhois - ˙99
    Choose whether to offer just domains or domains and hosting. Full administration of all domains - set rules, yearly pricing, transfer and release fees. Full user / account holder administration of ordered domains. Built in shopping cart with user management. Pre configured with 4 payment gateways. Set your vat/tax value and currency. Template-based easy customization. Hosting Plans - add, edit hosting plans, and features for your plans. View / Edit account holders info. Email customer when registration is complete. Renewals - domain renewals are emailed direct with links for payment. Mass Mail all account holders.
  • iG Whois - Free GPL
    igWhois is an easy to install, easy to use Perl based whois lookup script. igWhois can search all top level domains (TLDs) and second level domains (SLDs) outputting the result in a configurable HTML template. You can easily customize the template to blend in with your siteĂs look and feel. igWhois comes with a domain wizard that suggests possible alternative domains if the domains requested is already taken. igWhois automatically checks its homepage to see if new whois server has been added to the server list.
  • Polyspaston Better Whois - ˙20 / $30
    A Perl whois script that works with over 200 different Domain Name extensions. It is based around HTML templates so you can design all of the pages your customer sees. This script can easily be integrated with an existing shopping cart.
  • Polyspaston Simple Whois Scripts - Free, GPL
    Three easy to install whois scripts. A straight forward whois lookup, a multiple search option and a .name search.
  • Whois Domain Spider - $119.95
    Thousands of previously registered domain names become available for registration each week as the previous owner fails to renew his/her domain registration. Many of these names can be extremely valuable to you or your company, but you may not know about them until it is too late. This script scans domain names for the expiration date and the registration availability and email the status.
  • PC NameCheck - $300
    NameCheck allows you to automatically grab domains as they come off hold status immediately. Uses all known TLDs.
  • DueToExpire Plus - Commercial
    DueToExpire Plus checks multiple domain names, finds the expiration date, and calculates the day the domain names should drop. Features: Browser based, Simple installation, Integrates with the look of your site, Multiple domain name checking, Paste a list of domain names to check or upload a text file of domain names, Amount of domain names can be limited to a value you set, Results are very fast and easy to read. Great for personal use, hosting companies, and domain name related websites.
  • DueToExpire Pro - Commercial
    DueToExpire Pro is a powerful shell script that searches Yahoo and Dmoz for domain names that are due to expire. You tell the script the dates to search for and it does the rest. Results are printed in "comma delimited" format so you can easily import the information into a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel. Sort by domain name, expiration date, etc. It is an incredible script that will save you hours, even days of work. Domain name expiration predicting has never been easier.
  • Matt's Whois (Perl) - Free (GPL)
    Free whois script with features including templates, admin section, global searches, config file, wizard searches, raw whois output, etc.

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