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Title WhoDomLite
Platform Linux, Unix, Win NT/2000
Price Freeware
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - WhoDomLite
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Networking Tools » Whois
Hits 631
Description WhoDomLite is a free advanced domain search Whois script used to determine the status of a given domain name. It supports .com .net .org .biz & .info


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Scripts Related to - WhoDomLite

Script Name

Advance Domains

Advance Domain is a UNIVERSAL WHOIS that supports .info, .com, .net, .org, .cc, .to, .us, .uk,.in and lots more. Add a domain to its watch list and it will instantly email you if ever that domain becomes available in the future.

NetWhois Lite

NetWhois is designed for easy integration into nearly any website. It uses templates, and gives many options for customization. Uses the new Shared Registration System, with support for more detailed reports from Network Solutions. Results in a 'domain available/not available' format with option to see full report.


Whois Pro is ideal for ISP's, web hosts and the like. It is a very useful utility which can be used to allow customers and potential customers to perform whois lookups for different domains, whois pro comes with three different styles of lookups.


WebWho+ is a small script born out of frustration from having to type the same domain name into whois forms to find if a certain TLD (Top Level Domain) is free for the requested domain name. Features include: Checks Multiple TLDs at once, (com, net, org, edu, co,uk,,,,, Does a full lookup as to who the owner is and details, Simple response at to domain avilablitlity with Full details and Double check options, Hyperlink to url if taken, Easy to install, and Color configurable.

GeekTools Whois Proxy

This whois tool will automatically query the correct registry, and return all of the data it can find. For example, if you enter, it will find that there is only a record for, not, and will return that data. If you enter, it will find the data for, and return it. If you enter an ip address, it will return the ARIN record for the address, or if the address is assigned to RIPE or APNIC, it will return the RIPE or APNIC record. For example, a search for will return the RIPE record for It can be run as both command line and CGI.

Matt Churchyard's Whois

This script performs a whois function. Its output is pre-formatted, and the user has the option to view the raw internic output. They can also register the domain if it is available. This script supports many TLD's, and Names and IP addresses can also be checked.


Stalking out a killer domain name that is on hold status Set autonic to run on crontab every morning with Internic reboots and it will query whois automatically to check the current registration status. If Autonic finds the domain name to be available it will instantly register it automatically. Also sends you a copy of the registration form.

BNB Domain Name Lookup

This is a simple PERL program that uses the UNIX whois command to check on who owns a domain name. You can also modify it to execute any operating system command, but be careful.

Domain Name Search

This script allows users to look up domain names including .com, .net, .org, .edu and .gov. It will display information on Registrant, Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Billing Contact, Date record created and Domain servers.

CC Whois

CC Whois is an easy to set up domain looker-upper. Just type in the domain name you wish to check for availability and press the button. It then returns the results based on Internic's database query results.

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