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Title Website Monitoring - Web Server Uptime Notification
Platform NT, XP, 2000, 2003
Price FREE
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Website Visit Website of - Website Monitoring - Web Server Uptime Notification
Category Tools & Utilities » Server Management
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Description Monitor your website uptime with this simple command line tool. Very easy to configure, all urls and email settings are stored in easy to edit text files. Sends off an email if your website is down. Works with all urls, even SSL enabled websites. 100% freeware, very small executable file is fast and efficient.


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* New: Bug fixes, uses less ram and cpu, server rusn as service * A GUI made for apache 2, it has front-end for most tools that come with apache and a remote controler.

Apache Admin

Apache Admin is THE software solution for configuring your Apache Web Server. Apache Admin takes out the error-prone and tedious editing of text files in configuring Apache Web Server, and gets your website up and running quickly. Perfect for both novice administrators and seasoned veterans alike, Apache Admin makes configuring and tuning your web server a breeze, all from the comfort of your Microsoft? Windows? desktop.

cPanel Wizard Professional

Put the power of cPanel on your desktop! Developed by popular demand, cPanel Wizard Professional takes Hosting Administration convenience to the next level for cPanel users. Regardless of if you are a web host or designer with multitudes of accounts to care for, or if you have only one, the convenience level offered by desktop administration of your cPanel accounts is one to be experienced. All of your access details are contained by the software in an encrypted database for your access convenience. And accessing specific cPanel functions is simply a matter of a single mouse click.

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Learn how to setup subdomains on WHM web hosting manager easily! Our flash tutorial will help you learn about WHM.

CPanel Configuration Tutorials

This is a collection of growing CPanel Tutorials that will help the user and new server owner understand how CPanel works, and how to use its many functions.

Backup script for cPanel servers

zbackup is a backup script for cPanel servers that provides for full or incremental backups to local or remote machines. Backs up home directories, databases and other user-defined components. Automatically cleans up expired backups. Shell script for BASH.

Http Monitor - Monitors your website to see if it's online

HttpMonitor checks if your website is online so that your visitors can reach your website 24 hours per day and 7 days a week. When your website cannot be reached HttpMonitor will alert you by making a sound, sending you an email, or by running a program. Websites are getting more important and can provide you with some peace of mind knowing that your website is up and running. And you can stop worrying that in case of a problem, you will not be informed. will alert you in 4 different ways. It kan make make a sound, launch a popup screen on your computer, send you an email or run a program.

Ensim Pro Control Panels

Ensim Pro is the industry's most comprehensive management software for hosting service providers large to small. Available for both Linux and Windows, Ensim Pro hosting automation software includes all the tools and features service providers need to build compelling, professional-quality hosting plans for their shared, reseller and small business customers.

Active User Manager

AUM is a user manager tool for a Windows Active Directory environment (Win2K Server & Windows 2003 Server domains) that makes the process of manipulating users and organisational-units easy. AUM automates the tedious and time-consuming tasks that are involved in creating users. This includes the automatic creation, deletion and moving of user's folders and shares for their home and profile folders whenever the user is manipulated. MS Exchange and disk quota management is supported.

SYDI (Script Your Documentation Instantly)

Though many sysadmins realise the importance of a solid documentation of their network, many people doesn't seem to like doing the actual work involved. I wouldn't be surprised if there are more people who have documentation on their todo list (probably down at the bottom, but of course with high priority), then admins who are happy with their documentation. SYDI fits in when it comes to documenting your servers. It is a vbscript which gathers information through Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI). The information is then written into a Microsoft Word file. After running the script the Word document will contain useful information such as; OS Version, Service Pack, RAM, Processors, Hard drives, ip address, services etc.

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