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Title WebExplorer Lite
Platform IIS, PWS
Price Free
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - WebExplorer Lite
Category ASP » Scripts and Components » File Manipulation » File Management
Hits 809
Description An open source code, fast and robust web-based file manager written in ASP with an user-friendly web interface. Features: Upload, Download, Create/Rename/Delete File/Folder, Detailed File Listing, Text Editor, Picture Viewer and Password Login.


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Scripts Related to - WebExplorer Lite

Script Name


A directory listing script for ASP. Lists files and directories in either a 'Tree', 'Detailed', or 'Tiled' view. Displays file and directory properties. Can specify directories to *not* display or access. Can specify what file-types to *only* display. Displays custom file-type icons.


AspBrowser is an asp application used to manage distants files through HTTP without using FTP access.

Remote File Explorer

This powerful tool allows you to remotely manage files on a web server via Internet Explorer. Based on the 'Windows Explorer' look and feel, this program has a very simple interface that almost anyone can use. Access and permissions can be granted on a user or group basis, and can be tightly integrated with Windows Authentication. With expandability in mind, this program was designed to accept plugins that can greatly enhance the programs capabilities. It can even be used to monitor and manage the web server itself.

Image Browser & Uploader

An Image Browser/Management utility with a built in file uploader. This application is useful for any kind of website that needs to be updated constantly with new photos. With this app you can upload/browse and delete your photos without the need for an ftp client.


A source-viewing script for ASP files. Displays contents of ASP scripts in blue. Displays ASP comments in green. Displays ASP keywords such as 'if', 'then', 'else', etc.. in red. Can turn directory-traversal on or off. Link to switch line-numbers on or off. Font and colour of output controlled by CSS.


EBA:FTP Sync component is an ActiveX Component that provides a simple interface for synchronizing files and folders between a client and a server running an FTP Service. FTP Sync is ideal for use in any application that requires file synchronization, as it does not require any user input. This makes a great solution for both client-side applications, as well as embedding in server-side components and scripts.


ActiveFile is an Active Server component that provides a robust set of methods for manipulating files and directories. ActiveFile's support for both file uploading and downloading lets developers of ASP applications have an integrated solution to the problem of exchanging data files with Web clients. Also features a download filter, and access to last-modification time and date of files. Also includes support for manipulating ZIP, StuffIt, and TAR files, download restarts, download failure detection, etc. This update adds an inheritance property that lets you propogate permissions to files in a directory and an MD5 property to ensure file integrity.

WebExplorer Pro

WebExplorer Pro is an advanced file manager written in ASP which allows you to manage your remote files as easily as you do locally. You can create, delete, copy, move files/folders, upload/download files, edit text files, view image files all remotely with the ease of WebExplorer Pro's user interface which looks and feels exactly like "Windows Explorer". WebExplorer Pro is a very useful tool for Webmasters when building up their sites, correcting typos (remotely) and all time management of their sites.

WebExplorer Server

A web-based file management system for sharing files with user permissions, quota limits. It can be used for remote file storage(eg FreeDrive)/hosting services, Companies/Educational institutions that need to share documents among people. Easy user interface and online administration.

Listing All Files in A Folder

You may use this small asp script to display all files in a folder. First we are creating a copy of File System Object. The following example illustrates how to display the files in same folder.

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