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Title WebChat
Platform ASP.NET v1.1
Price 60
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - WebChat
Category ASP.NET » Software
Hits 877
Description A HTML chat room application, powered entirely by ASP.NET and a relational database. Unlike many text based conferencing systems, WebChat does not require chat users to download ActiveX's, Windows Forms, or Java applets. Instead, the chat client is a standard W3C compliant web browser (e.g., Microsoft Internet Explorer). WebChat supports multiple languages. The GUI is localised and extensible; and messages can be entered using any unicode character set including non western alphabets. With WebChat, you can create real-time customer support centers, virtual meeting places, and more.


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A web calendar powered by ASP.NET. This database driven calendar system is ideal for managing events, meetings, deadlines, tasks, schedules, and more, for teams and individuals. GroupCalendar can be used as a standalone application or be integrated into a larger system. The GUI is localised and extensible; and information can be entered in any language supported by unicode. GroupCalendar works with SQL Server and Access, and supports SqlClient, OLE DB and ODBC.

Active Data Online GeneralLedger

GeneralLedger is a Web-based accounting information system. It provides a means to record, store and query accounting journal entries, post journal entries to ledger accounts and generate a trial balance, a balance sheet and a preliminary profit and loss statement. GeneralLedger offers an open architecture, based on Microsoft ASP.NET and SQL Server 2000. The system is sold with full source code (ASP.NET compiled code in C# and database stored procedures in T-SQL) so that parts may be adapted or extended.


An advanced, ASP.NET message board application, designed specifically for Microsoft SQL Server 2000. Noteworthy features are a WYSIWYG editor, a fully localised GUI, support for non western languages, linear and threaded views of messages, voting polls, popularity ratings, avatars, customisable smiley's, file attachments, moderators, message screening, private forums, anonymous messages, archiving, and more. The system is designed to scale and includes a proprietary data paging algorithm.


A hypertextual .NET search engine, comprising the search engine, a data management console, a crawler, an indexer and a refresher. By using its own data store and regular expression keyword matching, SearchEngine can provide relevant, accurate search results of web pages quickly and at moderate cost. SearchEngine is ideal for those wanting to create a website search engine or a specialised Internet search engine.


An ASP.NET user control that creates wizard-style forms. From an XML definition file containing data and workflow requirements, WizardForm will automatically generate a HTML form, accept user input and save the data in XML documents on the web server. Aside from providing an intuitive, consistent data input GUI, WizardForm enables functional and aesthetic elements of an ASP.NET presentation layer to be separated.


A mailing list server. ListServer is a .NET Windows Service; it runs within the Service Control Manager (SCM) of a Microsoft Windows PC or server. The system listens to one or more POP3 email accounts for incoming messages to lists and sends messages to subscribers via SMTP. ListServer can manage multiple mailing lists and includes support for moderated lists. The system is user friendly and driven entirely by standard emails and XML. ListServer is ideal for announcing, discussing and sharing ideas within a group.


A managed assembly that can send and retrieve emails programmatically using SMTP and POP3. Unlike System.Web.Mail, this component does not require CDONTS, a COM based technology, to be present and registered. ElectronicMail's implementation of Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is based on RFC 821, and its implementation of Post Office Protocol Version 3 (POP3) is based on RFC 1939. It also supports Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions Version 1 (MIME) in accordance with RFC 1521.


Protect .NET Components, Classes, Controls and Applications. XHEO|Licensing incorporates the latest in software protection for any .NET Windows or ASP.NET component or application. Add trials, product activation and on demand purchasing. Protected by 1024-bit RSA keys, license files are secured and stay secure. Also uses smaller 48-160 bit keys for generating serial numbers that cannot be generated without the private key.


ORM.NET is an object relational mapping and code generation tool that creates a robust and flexible set of classes which model a normalized relational database. The generated class files are compiled as a fully functional .NET assembly (.DLL) that acts as a complete data access layer and extends the functionality of ADO.NET. The generated run-time component exposes all tables as classes and columns as properties. Using the built-in DataManager object, users can easily retrieve data from multiple tables based on complex criteria without using stored procedures or embedded SQL code. In addition, data updates, inserts, and deletes can be saved to the database with one call. Using ORM.NET saves .NET developers significant time and effort.


This program will read a MS Access database and write Classes VB.NET, C#, or JScript classes for each individual table you select or all tables within your database. It is a complete Business Logic Layer application. DALMaker and it's generator is a convenience toolset. The generator can produce typed collections for you to use in building your Business Logical Layer using the new Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 solutions. The data agent objects are basically simple connection managers that simplify Connecting, Querying, Updating, Inserting and Deleting data. All of your unique DALMaker objects are DataTable structs for simplifying database connection routines. The generated classes, can be used as is for interacting with your database. Just set their connection properties and tell them to go. The program was written and targeted at the .NET Framework version 1.1. If you have the latest operating system from Microsoft then your computer may already have the neccessary files. If not, then you will probably need to download these files for free from the Microsoft website. Free files from Microsoft by following the URL listed below:

Google Search


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