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Title WebCharts3D
Platform Win XP/2000/NT, Linux, Solaris, Unix
Price $1,350
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Category ASP » Scripts and Components » Graphs and Charts
Hits 1348
Description Deliver general purpose and specialized 2- and 3-dimensinal charts, grids, and heat maps as applets or server-generated images (PNG, GIF, JPEG, SWF, SVG, WBMP) to the web browsers and mobile devices. Use Visual Studio .NET, Front Page, InterDev, ColdFusion Studio or included Chart Designer to create charts in the matter of minutes. Deploy your solution to .NET, ASP or JSP servers using included .NET component, Active/X control or Java Bean. The product uses XML to represent both chart's presentation and contents that makes it an ideal solution for web.


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Scripts Related to - WebCharts3D

Script Name


fXgraph is a unique animated graphing solution to enable web developers to create real time graphs on the web irrespective of the server and the platform on which the sites are hosted. If you have a server which does not support Components or your server administrator does not allow you to install graphing components, then fXgraph is the right choice for you. fXgraph does not require to have any entries in the registry or some system files. Unlike the static graphs made by Graphing Components, fXgraph makes animated graphs which very much add to the aesthetics of your site∆s theme and content.

Chart Generator

ChartGenerator allows you to create color bar charts with just one line of code. Generate a chart without all the fuss with installing plug-ins on your web server. This chart-engine uses HTML-tables only. It works with all browsers supporting tables.


GeoObjects offers an easy and affordable way to put maps in your application. GeoObjects enables applications to present numerical data more effectively. GeoObjects consists of a map OCX control and other OLE automation object controls for embedding spatial data access, display, and analysis capabilities into your Windows and Internet applications. It features a dynamic overlay layer, image support, new geometry objects, and added functionality. You can add vehicle tracking, feature level rendition, and create objects in the overlay layer based on coordinate information to your applications.

Chart 2D VML

VML Chart2D is a ActiveX component, which will allow you to display your data as 2D charts. There are such charts as different kinds of lines, bars, histograms, 2D pies, etc are available. The component is very fast - the result is saved to the VML file (file format for vector images), not to raster images, that's why server sends few data to the browsers. It even will have such a feature as assigning links to the regions of the chart.

Swiff Chart Generator

Swiff Chart ASP Component dynamically generates Macromedia Flash animations for charts and graphs from your Active Server Page scripts. Query data from your favorite database, apply your own graphic style created with Swiff Chart Editor and instantly generates your up-to-date charts and graphs in Macromedia Flash format (SWF file).


Utilizing scalable vector graphics, dgChart gives you the tools you need to provide next generation data visualization on your site.


ProjectDisplay is an ASP component that allows users to display Gantt and histogram charts of their project, task, and resource usage data from a text data file. No new programming is required. The DLL comes with an ASP file, and style sheet.

Flash Pie Chart

Flash Pie Chart is a flash movie that generates dynamic Pie Charts for your ASP applications.


FlashChart is the answer to your web enabled application's simple charting needs. It can transform a data of boring numbers into a nice looking chart. FlashChart generates two types of bar charts, a line chart, and a pie chart. It generates all the graphics in the client computer using Macromedia's Flash technology, taking the load off your servers and eliminating the use of DLL components or ActiveX contols. FlashChart includes an Active Server Pages interface (API) to produce dyanmic charts. ASP developers can turn their database data into cool charts in seconds. This API can also be easily ported into PHP, Perl or even to CGI programs.


The Compsys IntrChart component is a general purpose component to produce Charts and Graphs over the Internet. The design emphasis has been on producing a component that can be called from Active Server Pages etc. that produces a Line (including multi-series), Bar, Pie or Dot chart in a JPEG format from a simple ASP page. Also of high priority has been the desire to ensure that the final cost is affordable to the average Web developer whilst offering the required functionality.

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