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  • Auto-EmailPro - $599
    Offer customizable web-based email to your members. The software is designed to mirror large scale online email providers. It includes - multiple folders, address book, signatures, filters, bulk email filter, POP 3 compliance, optional virus scanning, etc. You have control over the design of the pages. Supports unlimited domain names that your users can choose from.
  • Formmail OX - free
    This is a formmail script with file upload to send email via the internet to whom you specify. The script is written in Perl and has a few advantages over other form to email scripts: it is totally platform independant, the formmail has the following features:Unlimited form fields - Can handle any number of HTML fields, Multiple recipient support - Have the feedback email sent to any number of different recipients! Form completion checking - Automatically checks the submitted form to make sure all required fields are filled in. Form completion checking - Automatically checks the submitted form to make sure all required fields are filled in. File upload ability - Allow users to upload files within the form and then choose to either have them saved on the server or MIME encoded and attached to the email.GPG/PGP encryption support - supports server side encryption using either GPG or PGP.
  • @Mail WebMail Solution - Free Trial/$250
    @Mail is the complete WebMail solution for your site. Utilize mail resources via a feature rich web interface or Wireless devices. Features include: POP3/IMAP support, attractive WebMail interface, personal and group-scheduler/task utility, personal and group address-book, user preferences, multiple accounts, migration scripts, Email to SMS support, 100% customizable interface, Mod_Perl support, in-depth Web-based administration of accounts. Large Selection of multi-lingual interfaces available. Compatible with most Unix and Windows platforms. Download a free demo now.
  • I:BOX Webmail - $69.99
    I:BOX is a powerful full-featured web-based email system, built using Perl for speed and reliability. This full-featured solution allows you to setup an integrated email service similar to many of the large scale online email providers, alternatively use I:BOX as a webmail gateway for any external POP3 accounts. Fully template based and language independent.
  • World Wide Messenger - $79.95
    Email software that allows you to run your own Hotmail type website. Many features including RBL Blacklisting (i.e. Spamcop, Spamhaus), Virus Scanning, WYSIWYG Mail Editor, SPAM filtering, Mail Sounds, offer Free or Pay accounts, MySQL, Mail Sigs, Attachments and MIME compatible, Address Book, Calendar and Scheduler, Remote POP3 Access, Multiple Domain Support, HTML Templates for easy customization, and more!
  • @Mail PGP - Encrypted Webmail - $250
    @Mail-PGP provides an easy to use WebMail interface to encrypt email communication. Users can login to any standard POP3/IMAP account and send/receive encrypted emails. The software uses the industry standard OpenPGP format to encrypt messages using 1024 - 4096 bit encryption. @Mail- PGP includes the ability to sign outgoing messages, allowing the recipient to verify the authenticity of an email. @Mail-PGP includes a complete WebMail interface to manage user mail, addressbook, scheduler and more.
  • @1 HTML Email Template - $34.95
    Send emails in pre-built HTML templates from any browser. It supports unlimited custom fields, unlimited email templates and unlimited email attachments.
  • ATPmail Pro - $45
    If you haven't looked lately, take another look. ATPmail Pro has been completely redesigned. Email, calendar, tasks, files, address book, filters, white list, everything. DHTML makes it feel like a desktop app. Try the demo, no signup. Easy installation. Available for single or multi-users. 100% standard Perl, even runs on Windows with apache or IIS. ATPmail is a Web-based email program that will turn any POP email account into Webmail. Features: Easy installation, Powerful admin tools, Individual user quotas, User migration, Supports both Sendmail and SMTP, Alter appearance, Efficient, frame-based interface, Multiple email accounts, Address book, Mail folders, Search messages, Mail filters, Webdrive, Attachment support, and more.
  • Web Mailer Script - Free
    This web mailer script is designed to send out multiple e-mail messages from your browser and contains e-mail verification processing. This script is easily configurable and and features a simple web-based user interface.
  • IDG MultiGet E-mail - 29.95
    ATTENTION You and only you can get such a unique possibility! Don't strain your memory! Don't rummage in search of a notebook! Now you don't need to remember all the passwords of the mailboxes and ddresses of the servers where they are. Only click the mouse! And you can get ALL your letters from ALL your mailboxes from ANYWHERE where you have an access to the Internet And all this is online. Don't strain! Only buy our new script - the analogue of Outlook Express and The Bat. Live easy life!
  • Wemail - Free
    Wemail is a Web-based email program written in Perl. It checks POP and IMAP and sends via sendmail or SMTP. It has all the basic features: custom folders, address book, attachments, html email, filters, sorting, search, message labeling and more. It requres only
  • WebUMake Mail - $249
    WebUMake Mail allows you to provide web-based email to your users with a browser interface and a secure, administered environment. You can provide unlimited addresses for multiple domains using just a single catchall POP account. Can be integrated with WebUMake Web.
  • MailChek (Commercial Version)
    MailChek is a web based email service which lets you access your POP email account from anywhere in the world using any computer connected to the internet. It can read, reply to, forward and delete messages and compose and send new messages. Full MIME support for sending and receiving attachments. Page style template to quickly design your own HTML page for MailChek to use, including banners, multimedia, articles etc. to wrap around the script content. You can also specify fonts, backgrounds and colors for MailChek to use. Otherwise, it can be run as is. MailChek 2.00 can function as a multi-user service or, by a simple configuration setting, run in single-user or personal mode. Includes full support and free future upgrades.
  • Ultralines Webmail - $1,000
    Ultralines Webmail is a webmail solution based on qmail and vpopmail. It has the most of features you would expect from webmail softwares. Features: Multi Domains, Multi Alias, Multi Templates; Dynamic HTML eidtor for windows; Powerful spam filtering; English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese available; Direct Access to Maildir Not through POP3; Virus and Spam filtering; Easy to control multi domains with different designs; Provides domain addition & delete, user quota, announce note to all users from postmaster function from web; IMAP Synchronization; Various auto mail response function; AddressBook; vCard.
  • NikoSoft WebMail - Free
    NikoSoft WebMail is a simple set of PERL scripts that provides standard mail functions for POP3 inbox management. It works using module Mail::POP3Client, and allows you to send and receive mails over the Internet. It is "secured" using POP3 authentication, ie mail can't be send or retrieved without initial correct authentication. MIME is supported.
  • World Wide Messenger - $129.95
    World Wide Messenger allows you to run a Hotmail« type service using only one POP box. No extra modules required, not even Sendmail. Features: Access mail with mail clients, calendar, auto-hyperlinking, storage meter, Text to speech, full incoming/outgoing MIME compatibility, mail encryption, rich text editor, template driven, multiple templates, unlimited user folders, complete admin section, multiple domain support, contact list, signatures, POP Checker, WAP enabled, and more.
  • Gossamer Mail - $650
    A feature-rich web-based email system that offers your visitors accounts accessible via their browers or with the addition of a plugin, through their desktop clients as well. It includes all the features you'd expect to find in a quality email system like user customizable folders, full MIME support for sending/receiving of attachments, global and user-based email filters, address book and nickname support, supports sending/viewing of html mail, advertisements can be added to all outgoing mail easily and much more.
  • ePostal Service - Free Trial/$99
    ePostal Service is the professional solution for providing a gateway to POP3 email from a Web Browser. It provides an easy to use interface for reading, and sending email including support for MIME attachments. Includes enhanced capabilities such as Address Book, Options,Folders, ability to Import an Address Book and is also template driven to make customization very easy. ePostal Service offers a myriad of features focused on helping you deliver a more effective Web-based Email solution to end-users, while at the same time deliver high performance and reliability.
  • CuLy Mail - $99
    This script allows you to give free email addresses using a single catchall POP3 mailbox. Can also be used for clients by adding users manually.
  • NetRoamer Mail - $99
    NetRoamer Mail allows you to offer your users web based e-mail in the form of You have complete control over the layout and design of the mail interface, allowing you to maintain your website's branding throughout (all modifications to the interface are made via HTML).

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