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  • daylogger - Free
    This script logs your Web page hits and e-mails you (or any email address you specify) every day. It can also send a short message to your text pager.
  • Reciprocator - Free
    Reciprocator is a neat script that will allow you to keep track of where people come from to your site - even if you don't have access to standard log files. This script can be called either with SSI or as a picture. All links are shown decreasingly, based on their hits, along with a notification if a hit was generated today.
  • aWebVisit - Free
    This is a Perl script that analyses WWW logfiles for such visitor information as: most commonly used ENTRY points into the website, most commonly used EXIT points from the website, most commonly used TRANSIT points from the website, most commonly used HIT & RUN points from the website, most frequently followed internal LINKS, average DURATION of each visit, average number of PAGES viewed PER VISIT, average TIME SPENT on each page, path of the LONGEST VISIT, etc.
  • Website Reporter - $75
    Website Reporter is a professional website statistics package designed for all sites that need statsistics, but don't want to wait for updates and have to put up with preset reports. Perfect for virtual domains and sites with limited space. WR is different from all other packages because it gives you up-to-the-minute statistics that you control instead of stats that are only updated weekly or monthly to a preset format.
  • WebLog - Free
    WebLog is a comprehensive access log analysis tool. It allows you to keep track of activity on your site by month, week, day and hour, to monitor total hits, bytes transferred and page views, and to keep track of your most popular pages. It can also print out secondary reports to track "user sessions," showing the paths taken through your site by your visitors and giving you a rough idea of how long they spent looking at your pages, and to provide you with information on referring sites, the search engine keywords which brought your visitors and the agents and platforms they used while visiting.
  • HyperStat - Free
    HyperStat is a software tool that generates report about Web server access statistic in simple and convenient form. On the input side, HyperStat uses standard log file produced by Web server, such as Apache or TinyWeb. On the output side, HyperStat produces HTML pages or (in console mode) set of lines.
  • Tracing Your Visitor's Footsteps - Free
    An important factor in developing a successful site is knowing the path your visitors travelled through your site. What page did they start at and what page did they end up on. Those are 2 pieces of information that are key to developing your site. And was the path they followed the path you laid out for them. This script will provide these answers for you. This would be equivalent to a department store being able to know what door their customers entered and what areas their customers shopped in first, second, third, etc., and then the area they ended up in before departing.
  • Book 'em Dan-O - Free
    Book 'em Dan-O is an access logging script which was written by Spider. He explains, "Let's face it, most of the statistics you get from server logs are full of irrelevant garbage. Book 'em, Dan-O is a readily configurable, easy way to log the time of the visit, the visitor, where they came from (when used as a SSI), and what browser they were using. All great data to better refine your site! Dan-o is configurable as a Server Side Include or as a "re-direct," and includes ability to exclude yourself from being logged.
  • log-reader.cgi - Free
    The log-reader.cgi program is designed to operate as a Perl/CGI program. It reads the Apache access_log file in standard ECLF format, interprets the records in this file, and returns (a) the most popular URL's on your web site and (b) the top TCP/IP addresses of clients who visited your web site. With this information, you can determine which URL's on your site are popular, and who they appeal to. You can also tell if somebody has been spidering your web site by looking for uncommonly high numbers of hits from one web site address.
  • LogSniffer - $75
    LogSniffer is a perl-script used to analyse Web Server Logs. It has as many features as many commercial programs currently available. Some of its features are: Internal Support for Common Logfile Format, Referrer Log, User Agent Log, Extended Logfile Format, Apache Cookie Log, Via the custom logtype you can teach LogSniffer how to analyse almost any logtype that exists, and HTML Stats output including total summary, daily stats, file stats, referrer stats, user stats, auth stats, and more,
  • Referer - Free
    This script goes through the referer_log file on your server and counts how many times your page is referred to by each URL. It then produces a table to be viewed from the web with a link to each URL that refers to you, how many times the link on that page has been followed to reach your page (since the referer_log was emptied) and the percentage of people coming from that particular page.
  • Reference Logger - Free
    Reference Logger is written to simply open up a standard reference log and print out only the lines that show hits from outside your site. It also prints them as links, so you can just click to view the sites linking to you. This is particualry helpful when the link is provided from a search engine, as you can go right to that page and see what keywords were used, and what listing you received.
  • Perlfect Daily Stats - Free
    Perlfect Daily Stats is a web server log analysis tool that generates daily activity reports for your site. It produces breakdowns of document hits/views, referring URLs, referring domains, site entry points/gateways, referring protocols and search keywords. Reports are formatted in HTML. Report data is sorted and is accompanied with the respective percentages and graphical bar charts.
  • CC Log - Free
    CC Log is a very simple logging script which logs the hits to a single web page. This script is typically useful for logging the hits to the main index page. It collect information like date and time of the hit, browser agent used by the visitor, host IP addresses, and HTTP referrer whenever available. The script logs everything on to an HTML log file which the user can easily view under any browser. This script requires SSI.
  • Follow - Free/$59
    Instead of giving hit counts (like most Web log analysis tools), Follow tracks 'User Sessions'. A User Session is one complete path that a user takes through your site; Follow will reconstruct it from the logfiles. Then, you have your choice of how to view the data. You can view sessions directly, on a Page-by-Page basis to reveal how a particular page is used, or in a Summary to highlight outstanding pages. By using the Page-by-Page and Summary views, you can determine how long users spend on a page, how they reach it, where they go from it and other statistics. This information can help you design a more usable Web site.
  • Hitman - $99
    Hitman is a www based log analyzer that creates and updates easy to read statistical reports about who, what, when and how people are using your site. The reports that Hitman creates are: Time graphs to show you when the busy times of the day are for your site, Daily Access Statistics, organized by top domains, top users, and top web pages, Live statistics to show you who is connected RIGHT NOW, Link Statistics to tell you how people are finding your web page (UNIX only), User information reports to tell you what Operating system and Browser software your users are using (UNIX only), A full list of the days accesses, listed by time and user, so you can see how users are traversing your website, plus much more.
  • IP Logger - $49/Membership
    This program logs IP numbers and exact times of visitors to any page you place the small ssi tag on and displays the IP on the page itself. Great security feature for order forms to deter credit card fraud.
  • LinkTrakker - $250
    Radiation's incoming link analyzer, called LinkTrakker, reveals how users are finding your website, including banner bars they're clicking on, search engine phrases they're finding you under, and other links they're following to your site from across the web. Once one person has followed any such link to your site, you'll see it reflected in your LinkTrakker report, allowing you to gauge the effectiveness of your online promotional campaigns.
  • Hitmatic - Free
    Hitmatic is a Website Hit Counter & Statistics system. By using HTML tags on your web pages, the system maintains detailed counts of hits to each page, day and month for a year. It also supports tracking groups of pages. When a browser loads one of these pages it expects to receive a graphic from the URL in the tag. Instead, the URL runs Hitmatic which counts and categorizes the hit, does some maintenance stuff and finally creates the graphic (an X-Bitmap) and outputs it to the browser.
  • StatsPlus - Free
    StatsPlus is a statistics program that analyzes the traffic to your Web site. It provides you with your visitors information such as IP address, referer data, links to the referers, time and date, browser info and more.

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