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  • AWT Spylog - Freeware
    AWT Spylog is a program that will keep track of all hits of your Web pages. It can be used on any number of pages simultaneously. It will run on NT or Unix and requires minimal setup. Logs data to simple text database. AWT Spylog shows you all your Web statistics including visits, unique visitors, pages, hits, refferal links, refferal hosts, browsers, colors depth and more.
  • ricolog - Freeware
    ricolog is able to log page hits and referers for a unlimited number of pages. Counter displays in three different formats (hits to page, total site hits, or hidden). It also includes an on-the-fly administration that has options for boolean search filtering, updating logs, checking records, and search engine query parsing.
  • All-Stat HitTicker - Free/$5
    HitTicker is an easy to install, detailed server-side stats, real-time client-side software. Features: multi-page support, daily & monthly hits, unique hits, browser & system stats, all very ergonomically displayed. No SSI or graphics libraries are needed. Unique client-side app that runs on your desktop displays your site's total hits in real-time.
  • Perl WebStats - Free (GPL)
    Perl WebStats is a comprehensive statistical package for analyzing web site log files. With a OO-based modules for custom report creation and template driven reports, both individuals and ISPs can brand the reports and perform indepth anaylsis of their traffic. Great for both single sites and server-wide deployments. Commercial support/development also available.
  • Count It - Free/$14
    Count It records your visitor's screen width and height, color depth, page they came from, country, JavaScript versions and more. Stats displayed in admin section. Advanced search engine to track path of user. No SSI is required. Counts multiple pages.
  • PowerStats - Free
    PowerStats allows you to keep track of referrers, hits, date, time, OS, browser, screen size, day of week hits, and more. The free version of this stat package displays a small banner and only logs 3 pages. No SSI required.
  • CS10 Security - Free/$10
    cs10 is a small perl script that allows you to watch over all visitors to your web site and stores all kinds of useful information about them. It can also send email, fax and icq message. You can modify related servers in this script. This script allows you to keep track of activities on your web site or only a special page. It supports logging of HTML pages via SSI or as a image.
  • DirectLogger - Freeware
    DirectLogger is a hit-logging script written in Perl. With DirectLogger, you can track various aspects of the hits that your web site generates including date and time, referrer, IP address, host name, user agent, and which page was accessed.
  • Mail Visitor Info - Freeware
    MVI is a free non-SSI CGI script that will email you whenever a person visits a particular page in your web site. Useful information such as visitors IP, DNS, time, referer, browser, X_FORWARDED_FOR, etc are sent along with each email. A small transparent gif image with a height and width of 1 pixel is used to monitor given pages.
  • MegaStats - Membership
    MegaStats is an all in one site logging program that does not require access to the server logs. MegaStats creates its own logs which include access stats, referrals, total visits to site and per page and much more. To track a page you just place a simple ssi tag on that page which is invisible to surfers. It allows you to track as many pages as you want, and display uniques, hosts, ips and agents.
  • simple website statistics - $5
    simple website statistics is a Perl script that gives you complete website statistics using just one script. The script does not load up any annoying pictures or banners on the webpage and is extremely fast. Best of all you can use the same code throughout your website, the script will automatically figure out what pages received how many hits.
  • EKLog - Freeware
    EKLog keeps track of the number of visitors for a page, and also other information such as visit time, visitor host, and visitor browser agent. IP addresses (or a whole sub-net) can be excluded in the access log. The counter can be hidden in the page. If it is not hidden, it can be shown in Arabic digits (default), Chinese characters, or Roman numerals. The font style/colour/size can be altered. A web-based statistics page is available. This page is by default only visible to the admin, but can be enabled for the general public. It can display summary, detail, or both.
  • Traffic Log - Free/$10
    Traffic Log is a web statistics script that enables you to track hits and unique visitors, hits by page, and captures the entry page for each visitor. Traffic Log is not intended to duplicate the use of server logs, or other tracking scripts that use SSI. Rather, it is intended where use of these methods are simply not possible, but meaningful statistics are desired. Each hit is captured through a standard HTML IMG tag, which does not require SSI.
  • LedLogger - Freeware
    LedLogger is a very simple Perl script that will generate traffic reports based on several environment variables. This script does not use server logs, but creates it's own logs instead.
  • SunnyScript's MagicStatistics - Commercial
    MagicStatistics is a reliable website traffic analysis software. It creates comprehensive reports about the user activities on your website. Features include archiving log files and reports, custom real-time reports, versatile display options, automatic scheduling via crontab and more. Generated reports are in a attractive layout; in addition, they can be also sent by e-mail automatically.
  • Advanced Tracker - Free (GPL)
    The Advanced Tracker is a powerful tool for gathering information about the visitors to your site. Using Server-Side Includes to embed JavaScript code into an HTML page, the script gathers a broad range of information about each visitor to your site, stores it for later use. The zip file also comes with the log analyser included, and installation instructions.
  • Bakin'Cookies - $75
    This program sets a cookie when a visitor enters your site. The value of the cookie is the referrer (where the visitor came from). This cookie can then be retrieved for various reasons, typically if the visitor makes a purchase/joins your site, you can retrieve the cookie upon purchase. This helps you to determine which referrers are actually sending you "quality" traffic. Great marketing tool!!
  • eWLA - Free
    e Web Log Analyzer (eWLA) is a web server log file analysis program which produces detailed usage statistics. It outputs the stats in graphical and tabular form. In this first version eWLA supports only combined Apache log format.
  • Access Stats - Free
    This script allows you to keep track of activities on your web site. It extracts some statistics from a log file produces following reports: hits by day, hits by week-day, hits by hour, top browsers, top operating systems, top countries and top hostnames. Ideal for users which don't have access to the web server log file.
  • Custom CGI: Link Checker - Free
    This Perl script allows you to check where your clicks are coming from. This logs all the people who visit a page, and where they came from. Includes a graphic interface.

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