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  • Top Referrers - Free
    Top Referrers works by you placing a piece of javascript code on the page you want to monitor. When a visitor surfs in the javascript gets the referring URL (the site that is linked to yours) and sends it to the cgi script. From there it is recorded in a small database and an image is returned, so the visitor sees nothing irregular. There is also an option that will let you record the keywords a surfer used in a search engine to get to your site. You can then run the displayrefferers.cgi at any time and view a ranked list of all the sites that bring you traffic and all the keywords used.
  • LogIT Pro
    LogIT PRO is a fast, versatile, and complete on-site traffic logger/statistics program. Main features include: %averages on month, week, day, hour; Visitor, Referral, Search Query, Search Engine Analysis; Top listings on Referral, Search Query, Search Engine, Country, IP, Host, Screen Size, Screen Resolution, Javascript Format, Font Capability; Full time tech support; Ability to upgrade to Enterprise version; Tells you when an update is available; and a lot more.
  • L10 Hit Counter - Free
    100's of real-time graphical reports can be generated by this free hit counter script. Advanced interactive Flash Reporter tracks virtually every statistic about your site from page hits & visitor navigation to referrers & search engines to browsers & OS configurations to PPC & custom marketing campaigns and much, much more. Easy to install on Unix and Win servers, no SSI or other special requirements.
  • AWStats Log Format Creation Tool
    Setup your AWStats log file format string with this easy tool. Open your log file and check all the headings below that you see in your log file header. Ideal for those using web hosts who do not know which logging options are available within their log files. Download your log file from your host and check all the headings you see to create your Log Format string for your awstats conf file.
  • A1-Statistics
    A full featured traffic monitoring tool which does not use the server access logs. Extremely easy to install using the auto-configuration feature. No script changes necessary. Provides summary and detailed statistics by file and date, showing you exactly where your traffic is coming from. Many useful features.
  • CGI and Perl Ground :: Web Traffic Analysis
    CGI and Perl Ground is Large Database website Listing Free Web Traffic Analysis scripts, CGI and Perl tutorials,other tutorials, ebooks, webmaster tools, and more .
  • Meta Tag Generator v2.0
    There is no other meta tag generator that offers such extensive meta tag analysis to ensure each of your tags aren't violation search engine rules. It offers 10 complete meta elements, full-blown help menu which teaches you about meta tags and meta tag checking against possible pitfalls in your design.
  • ABTi Hit Counter - Free
    The ABTi Hit Counter is invoked using SSI. It logs a hit, the time of the hit and the IP address of the visitor. The number of hits is displayed on the web page that calls the script. After each hit, an alert mail is sent to the site owner, making it easy for him to monitor/evaluate site traffic.
  • Look Who's Linking
    Look Who's Linking is a great script that answers the age old question, "How are people getting to my site " This script even figures out which sites are sending you the most traffic.
  • Nether-Log
    Nether-log is the first good alternative to the slow loading remote stats programs. It lets you get individual stats for each page in your site. It Features: Unlimited monitored sites, One line of code to add to track a site, Tracking of Referrers, Online documentation, Tracking of Screen Resolution, Hits a Day, and more.
  • MRTG for windows server - Freeware
    Yet today, Multu router Traffic Grapher is one of the major tool for monitoring activites of a server. Though windows has a built in "Performance Log" tracker system, a lot of guys would like to have a functionality of MRTG in *Nix platform as in Windows Platform.
  • Link Popularity - FREE
    Free and AD-FREE link popularity checker. Check your link popularity on six search engines INSTANTLY. Very quick and very accurate.
  • Ababa Online Viewer - Freeware
    Ababa Online Viewer is a small script that shows the number of visitors currently browsing your web site. Server Side Includes and Perl Module DB_File is required to run this script.
  • Free Web site Hits Counter - Free
    Easy to use copy and paste into your web page, counter displays hits in real time no cgi needed!
  • DaveLog - Free
    DaveLog is a statistical log analysis tool written in Perl. It creates comprehensive reports to summarize activity on your web site. DaveLog records and displays hits based on IP, Remote Host, User Agent, and Referring URL. This program also displays statistical data based on hits from the past day, past month, or past year.
  • WebGenieÖ Site*Sleuth - Free Trial/$49
    WebGenieÖ Site*Sleuth analyses your servers logfiles and presents the information in a useful and easy to understand format. Features include: hits to your site including individual pages visited and time of visits, browser types of your visitors, country and domain type (eg com,org,edu etc) of your visitors, actual web site where your visitors were last before travelling to your pages, "key words" typed into the internet search engines in order for people to find you, errors people have had when trying to access your various web pages, and aborted downloads from your sites web pages.
  • MailMyStats - $3.00
    MailMyStats is a simple, low cost, website traffic reporting system written for anyone who prefers to receive their website traffic report by e-mail rather than having to access their statistics by other, sometimes lengthy, means. It is simple to install, records multiple pages, logs the usual traffic information (date and time, page visited, host name/IP, browser/OS) and does not require the use of SSI or any knowledge of programming. The frequency of receiving reports is completely optional. Once installed, MailMyStats requires no additional administration.
  • Link Tracker - free
    Powerfull tool that lets you check which links on your site (internal/external or even banner ads) are being clicked and displays the last unique IP along with the time per each active link. Takes less than 2 minutes to install and setting up your links is a breeze.
  • Meta Tag Analyzer - free
    Check your title, abstract, description and keywords to ensure they're in top shape and ready to go! Make sure these tags are set up properly and contain the recommended dosage of words and phrases.
  • Meta Tag Generator (MTG) - free
    A meta tag generator that produces professional meta tags with proper syntax recommended by the engines and spiders. Produces 11 fields for maximum potential as some engines require different tags to be used. Option to email results to the user.

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