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  • Pregnancy Countdown Calculator
    Free software to countdown the days and weeks until your due date. Pick your due date and view days/weeks along and to go. Along with a progress bar for each trimester. Enter your baby's name to personalize the countdown. Requires the free .NET Framework from Microsoft.
  • Web Access Logging to MS Access
    A simple way to log access to your pages to a MS Access database. Simple place one line of code on each page you would like to log. Stores date, time, page, ip, querystring, and username (if using windows authentication).
  • Website Peformance Monitoring - Freeá(GPL)
    Website and web server monitoring, performance, and uptime management tool. Run this script on a schedule to monitor your website and webserver. Check as many websites as you want and compare them to a benchmark site you specify, an HTML report is automatically created, No IIS necessary to view the reports. This version uses vbscript, and Microsoft Access, also uses free winHTTP component from Microsoft. This server management script is open-source and released under the GPL.
  • ASP Stats Generator - Freeware
    ASP Stats Generator is a powerful application to track website activity. Includes lots of features and options to customize the application to own needs and to track detailed informations about clients, referers, search engines, traffic and countries. It's available in differents languages including English. You can see a live demo on the site and ask questions on the support forum.
  • MetaTraffic
    MetaTraffic generates live traffic reports on your web site. Several reports such as who's online, page views, visitors, browsers, keywords, robots, country of origin, screen area and more. Features include graphing, secure access to the report generator with optional username and password protection, choice of MS Access, SQL Server or MySQL, and support for international date formats. New version includes an optimized database for significantly reduced space usage, ad campaign tracking, action tracking for newsletter signups, subscriptions, e-commerce sales, etc, and drill down views for detailed information reporting.
  • 2eNetWorX StatCounteX
    StatCounteX is a web site statistics collecting and reporting application written in pure ASP. It collects data from the visitors of your site and stores it into an Access database. Being a lot more powerful than a simple page counter, StatCounteX features detailed access statistics using ASP and an Access database.
  • ASP Ground :: Web Traffic Analysis
    ASP Ground is Large Database website Listing Free Web Traffic Analysis scripts, php tutorials, php-mysql tutorials, other tutorials, ebooks, webmaster tools, and more .
  • Server visitors tracking and stats
    The module offers complete monitoring of server attendance. Statistics are saved on the server and can be viewed both in real time and retroactively. Monitoring of real-time attendance, hourly and daily statistics, means statistics, numbers of unique visits, numbers of pages, history, active client addressing option. All in real-time. Raw hits, unique hits, sessions, top level domains, domains, aliases, client software an lot of more.
  • StatMentor - Free
    StatMentor is a totally free visitor statistics script written entirely in ASP. It logs number of visitors, number of pageviews per page, referers. Somewhat advanced show stats function, where you can see stats for just a single day or summarized for many days. No Access database (just simple text files) and no global.asa configuration. Just include a file and call a subroutine called StatLog.
  • ASP Sheriff - $90.67
    ASP Sheriff allows you to watch and see what they see and log a visitors's activity upon request. See a list of active sessions on your website and view what they view as they browse through your website. ASP Sheriff can even enable you to watch users from within a LAN with fast session switching. You can also log a users activity to a text file on the server and review it later.
  • Visitor Tracking - $45.00
    Web statistics software for tracking site visitors or auditing web application users. Bar charts are included for trend analysis. Records each visitor's referrer and IP address for validating advertising investments. Visitor Tracking is unique among web statistics software because it connects all of the page visits for a visitor and creates their profile. By using a permanent keyed-cookie for authentication, a visitor's history is kept intact for years after their initial visit. Can be used with your existing web site/apps or with our management software for: contacts, helpdesk, calendars, invoicing, timesheets, and more.
  • Website Stats in Flash 3d Graphs of pages and sites - 39
    Track website traffic in realtime and store data in mdb or SQL. Invisble counter without any ads and keep your data secured. Ebay tracking , google ad sense or overture clicks can be monitored in realtime.
  • Server Log Viewer - Free
    Lets you view any log file in a folder(s) you setup in a config file. Very easy to follow. UPDATED : Now lets you view more than one applications directory. Displays a more information about the file you are viewing and better code and text formatting
  • JiRo?s Statistics System - 1áBEER
    Who are visit your homepage, when did they visit and where are they coming from Tracks:Page views, Unique Visitors, Visits, Returning Visitors, Operating system, Browsers, Color depth, Screen resolution + much more...
  • CodeHungry.Com SiteAdmin - Freeware
    Small ASP driven admin script that allows webmasters to get information about users. Allows the webmaster to add or delete sites. Script includes the following features: Total Hits, Today's/Yesterday's Hits, Browser Types
  • AJHit - Freeware
    AJHit is a silent hit counter with an option to display a text counter on your page. Also has the ability to limit records displayed to a certain date. This free, easy to install, easy to use hit tracking script reads the IP of the person visiting your page and records this along with the date and time they visited in an Access Database. To view your hits simply check the admin page. Use the displayed IP addresses to find out how many hits are unique and who your most loyal viewers are. It uses SQL to avoid many issues with ADO write and update permissions often encountered with free web hosts.
  • IP2LocationÖ ActiveX/COM - Free/$79
    IP2LocationÖ is an active server component that translates IP address to country. Developers use this component for projects related to: Display native language and currency; Redirect based on country; Digital rights management; Prevent password sharing and abuse of service; Reduce credit card fraud; Web log stats and analysis; Auto-selection of country on forms; Filter access from countries you do not do business with; Geo-targeting for increased sales and click-throughs.
  • GeoIP.asp - Freeáforánon-commercialáuse
    With GeoIP you can detect where your visitors are coming from. You can use this information to deliver personalized information, reducing credit card fraud, analyzing web server logs, target banner ads, etc.
  • NetStatistics - $225
    Online web traffic analysis tool for multiple websites. The application comes with 2 versions: a light version that uses MS Access database - recommended for intranet environments or small websites, and a professional version that needs a SQL Server 7/2000 database engine and it's for tracking websites with heavy-traffic. It generates more than 30 charts and reports; beside the usuals (date/time, browsers,OS analysis), you have charts on global users distribution according to their timezone, per-country distribution, user's behavior within the pages of the site and many more. Also there is a downloadable wizard (.exe) for the users to quickly modify their pages and start using the web traffic application.
  • LogWriter - Free
    How can you know what time and who visited your site and which file was browsed By including Logwriter.asp in all your pages, you can easily log and track every hit on your site. This program automatically generate a text log file for storing data.

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