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  • TDStats - Free Hit Counter & Website Statistics - Free
    Free hit counter & statistics for your website. Features; multiple hit counter styles, multiple site tracking, traffic stats by hour, day, month and year, referrer stats by url, domain and url by domain, search engine and keyword stats from major search engines and system statistics like browser, operating system, screen resolution and more.
  • Expired Domain Name Page Rank Finder
    This system allows you to check search engine positioning for very large amounts of domain names using a very handy "fire and forget" method. Advanced techniques like multi-threading and XML-RPC make the processing unbelievable fast - a batch of 10,000 domain names will be just a walk in the park. What does "fire and forget" means Easy: it means you are not stucked in front of the screen while processing is done. Just create the order and let the system notify you by e-mail when all work is done. You can check the progress any time you want and access the partial results. Using our flexible filtering tool, you can download the domains with the results you want, in a format of your choice. You will have to be a registered user in order to use this tool. Registration is free, you will only pay for the actual work that you want to order. A demo mode is also available if you want to first test how this works.
  • Free Deep Stats Tool for your Sites is a free Internet service that provides valuable statistics to its users. The stats give you the ability to check how many visitors come to your website daily and monthly, as well as where are they coming from.This service provides a detailed analysis including traffic reports, marketing reports, and visitor profile reports. This will enable you to maximize your site design and marketing efforts to increase sales from your site.This service provides a detailed analysis including traffic reports, marketing reports, and visitor profile reports. This will enable you to maximize your site design and marketing efforts to increase sales from your site.
  • MwPagerank
    mypagerank.netwas created to enable webmasters easily know and post PageRank on their pages without any Toolbar
  • CQ Counter - free web page hit counter - Free
    CQ Counter is a free web counter and site tracking service for Web sites. By placing a small image on your web-site and we can track such detailed information as traffic by date and time, referral, OS, browser types, etc. for your visitors.
  • AddFreeStats - Free provides to Webmasters detailed statistics on their site visitors. Now you can keep track of how many people visit your site, when they come, how they found your site and much, much more... Established in 1999, has become a leader on the market. Since January 2004, more than 300,000 Web sites are tracked by our system.
  • Top100 Websites - Get Listed Free. - FREE
    Free web counter and site tracking service for Web sites. Just copy and paste a small code on your web-site and see how many unique visitors are coming to your site. Your site will then be ranked with others on the net related within that category. Those with the most unique visitors gain the highest ranking.
  • SuperStatZ - $10 per month
    New! Now version 1.20. SuperStatZ gathers freely available data and uses various queries to present this data in many useful ways. Features: visitor path/history, search words and terms, the ability to custom track particular referrers in order to wisely use advertising dollars, PPC/CPC (Pay Per Click /Cost Per Click) Tracking, unique and total visits to every page on your web, complete history on any visitor, easy referrer comparisons using any date range and much more. Know how your visitors are using each page of your site. New! We have added date functions to most pages to allow users to view only a particular time frame. Also added is an individual visitors section, showing how they got to your site, including search terms if applicable, and then the full path of the visit. Our clients are giving us raving reviews, stating our product is far superior to others which cost even three times more! An excellent Value. Note: For the lodging industry, we now have a tie in with Webervations to help track directly most reservation requests.
  • SiteSpotting - Online Website Statistics
    SiteSpotting is an online web statistics service that offers you accurate and dependable statistical analysis about your website. This tool offers you a series of statistical reports ranging from web traffic analysis reports to marketing campaign analysis reports. More specifically some aspects you can get information about are: - Visitor trend reports - Online visitor monitoring - Demographics analysis - Referrers and keywords analytics - Path analysis and visitor behaviour - Page analysis - Client/Browser specifics - Sales and marketing analysis Whether you want to monitor your website traffic, identify visitor trends or keep track of your marketing campaigns, SiteSpotting is here to offer you all the information you need about these and many more aspects of your website∆s functionality. Simply sign up to our services and let SiteSpotting do all the rest - It's time to stop guessing and time to start using SiteSpotting Ż the most trusted website statistics analyzer!
  • Advanced Promotion and Tracking System and Unlimited Autoresponders - 19.95 monthly
    Advanced tools for use with ALL your URLS: search engine submitter; search engine ranking; website analyzer; link checker; keyword analyzer; popularity checker; stats tracker; advertiser tracker; and unlimited autoresponders. Use these high quality, professional, advanced tools to get information and perform follow-up marketing that is critical to your online business success, thus maximizing your income. All for multiple URLs at one low monthly fee. We charge less for more.
  • - 9.99
    Through service, ImagineNET offers to its clients an advanced technology for real-time measurement and analysis of their Web site traffic. Each day, collects and analyses several billions of data in real-time. The technology used by service is faster and more efficient than log-file analysis. - Visitors Profile. - Visitors History - Exit and Adsense tracking link for publisher. Optimize the placement of your Ads and increase your revenue.
  • 4track - Visitor tracking and site statistics - Free & Pro versions
    Comprehensive, unique view of the traffic visiting your site. Can view individual visitor history, unique visitors by page, top referrers, most popular pages and so much more! No annoying images to display, and your control panel is private. Fully customizable user profile, giving you the ability to view the data in many different ways.
  • LiteStats - Free is a stats service which shows the Summary, User, Url, Referers, Resolutions, Browsers, and Countries of visitors all in real time. Our service can be private and remain hidden from your users, or it can be publicaly viewable and seen on all your pages, it is all up to YOU!! Our service shows both the Unique hits, and the Overall impressions. Check us out today!
  • free web statistics service - Free offer you with free real time web statistics service, reliable and easy to use, with more than 30 intuitive and easy to read reports for your website statistics, also Banner and Download Statistics reports. (Note: the Track-image is optional)
  • - Free Live Web Stats - #1 counter service - FREE / pro version available too is the leading Free Web Stats provider. Blazing fast stats up to the second. MegaStats Free account allows for up to 25,000 hits. We have developed the most innovative stats engine, with 39 user friendly reports & Interactive Flash Graphs. Check MegaStats out, you'll fall in love!
  • - $2.50 per month
    Real-time website traffic statistics include views, unique views, hosts, link monitoring, download tracking, visual traceroute, geolocation, paths, referrers, search engines, browsers, top keywords, breakdown of search terms by search engine and more. A personal IE toolbar displays the basic information from your webstats.
  • Pik Pro Tracker - Referer/Search Engine tracking - $10 Per Year
    Tracks search engines and refering domains, general hourly, weekday and monthly traffic. Also tracks users online and information about them such as how many pages they viewed or who refered them. Specific traffic about last daily or weekly for the last 1000 days and much much more. Just $10 per YEAR!! Also includes an unlimited banner rotater with its own stats. You can have unlimited trackers and unlimited pageviews your trackers track!
  • Log Analyser - 2.99 is an online web statistics solution. Through the use of Urchin 5 software we are able to provide you with the most accurate and reliable stats available on the market
  • SmartTracking - Free / various
    Easy to use, easy to understand, yet powerful Web statistics in real-time. Free for up to 5000 monthly page views.
  • Insight Stats - Free / $7.95 per month
    Forget cumbersome log file analyzers or overpriced services whose reports are impossible to read. Insight Stats is a budget- and user-friendly traffic reporting service. Simply insert 2 lines of html code and you can instantly start tracking unique visitors, keywords, visitors paths, and more... you can even track banner impressions/clickthroughs and file downloads.

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