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Title Web Site Robot
Platform Win 95/98/2000/XP/NT, Linux
Price 60
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Web Site Robot
Category Java » Applications » Web Servers
Hits 710
Description Web Site Robot is a simple tool to easily create and host Web Sites and online stores. It includes a shopping cart integrated with the Paypal secure online credit card payments. No HTML, FTP, web hosting company, merchant ID or secure certificate are required. It automatically creates thumbnails, audio samples, and other multimedia links. It includes dynamic IP tracking and instant display of visitor activity on your site. Visitors can change page templates. It is great for e-commerce, Web merchants, small businesses, online photo albums, education, and personal Web sites.


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The Jakarta Project creates and maintains open source solutions on the Java platform for distribution to the public at no charge. Jakarta products are developed by and distributed through various subprojects, which are listed under Products in the menu on the left, some other Apache Java projects which may be of interest are listed in Related, and all are summarised in the Products section and Related Projects section below.


LiteWebServer (LWS) is a small (roughly 1 MB), modular web server and Java web container. It is based on code from Apache's popular Tomcat server, tweaked and extended for easier installation and management. LWS consists of a set of modules that can be installed separately, so you only need to install and manage exactly the features you need. The base module provides basic web server features (HTTP/1.1 support) and support for the Servlet API. Add-on modules provide additional features, such as JSP support.

PAW - Pro-Active Web Filter

PAW (pro-active webfilter) is an Open-Source filtering HTTP proxy based on the Brazil Framework provided as a Open-Source Project by SUN. Because the Brazil Framework and PAW are written in Java the software is highly portable. PAW allows for easy plugin of Handlers (filter outgoing requests) and Filters (filter incoming data - the HTML response) and a GUI for end users. All the configuration files are in XML-Format and thus easy to modify (even without the GUI). It's aim is to provide an easy to use interface for end users and to be easily extendable by developers.


Simple is a comprehensive Java framework for the development of HTTP services. The framework consists of an API for the development of Java HTTP services and a service engine to process them. The API provided enables service components similar to Java Servlets to be developed. Simple HTTP services provide functionality comparable to Servlets with much better support for concurrency and component chaining, and a much cleaner interface.


SWServer is a simple Web server. It is also a proxy as well as a tunnel. SWServer features options to delay request response and/or to lower the speed of I/O in order to simulate low speed modem connection. If you develop Web pages, SWServer may be a helpful little tool for you to test your Web pages in a simulated modem environment. Although SWServer does not support all advanced Web server features, it supports interesting ones like file range (for resumable file download) and connetion keep-alive. SWServer may also be helpful if you want to understand the actual data being transferred, especially when SWServer is run as a proxy or tunnel.

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