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  • Creating and Using XML Web Services
    In this lab, you will learn to how to create an XML Web Service and access it using either Visual C# or Visual Basic .NET
  • Web services programming tips and tricks - Free
    This final tip in the roundtrip series discusses how to use the mapping meta-data file to work around roundtripping issues.
  • Tip: Always use an XML declaration - Free
    The XML declaration is optional in XML files, and defaults determine most of the information in the file. However, problems are common when these defaults do not match reality -- for example, the document could use an encoding other than one of the defaults. It's always safer to make the XML declaration. This tip covers what should be included in the XML declaration on all files.
  • Tip: Compress XML files for efficient transmission - Free
    Binary XML has generated a lot of talk, and one of the motivators is the need for a less verbose transfer format, especially for use with Web services. One solution that is already at hand is data compression. This tip shows you how to use compression to prepare XML for transmission over Web services.
  • Tip: Passing files to a Web service - Free
    In this tip, learn about the different solutions available for passing binary data (typically files) to a Web service. The evolution of Web service protocols has gone from supporting very simple requests with simple parameters to fully supporting modern, object-oriented languages. XML-RPC, arguably one of the earliest forms of Web services, only supported simple types -- strings, integers, booleans, and the like. SOAP took this one step further with its encoding rules for objects. The last step -- improving on the binary -- came with SOAP with attachments. SOAP with attachments was originally introduced as an extension to SOAP 1.1, and it is supported by the major SOAP kits. Although SOAP 1.2, the official W3C release, does not support attachments yet, work is under way to include them in the (ideally) near future.
  • Using PHP and MySQL to build XML Web Services
    A simple introduction to using PHP and MySQL to create XML Web Services. In this tutorial you will be shown how to create dynamic RSS news feeds from a backend MySQL database, PHP source code included.
  • UDDI Overview
    This presentation offers an overview about UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration), a specification for distributed Web-based information registries of Web services.
  • Peer-to-peer communications using XML
    XML is a critical ingredient in peer-to-peer information sharing schemes, including grid computing, instant messaging, and Web services. This article explores the cutting-edge efforts intended to create a unified P2P fabric based on adaptations of existing XML technology.
  • Deploying Web services with WSDL
    In the Deploying Web services with WSDL series, htis article will explore all major technical aspects of creating, deploying, and publishing Web services -- from Web Services Markup Language (WSDL), to Simple Object access Protocol (SOAP), and Universal Description Discovery and Integration (UDDI) registries. Part 1 focuses on WSDL authoring: You will learn how to manually create a WSDL interface, and then compare your effort with the output of a WSDL authoring tool.

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