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  • Webtop
    You may ask yourself, what is webtop A webtop, as we say, is a webpage that is specifically designed for your desktop, thus the reason why it is called a webtop. It takes advantage of the Active Desktop feature located on all Windows 98 and above based computers. It includes features such as: ? Real-time clock ? Calendar showing current date/month/year ? Google search/address bar ? Media Player ? Contact list ? Total uptime (saved in cookie) ? Notes (saved in cookie) ? Folders ? Send email from desktop ? Websites ? Programs ? Projects (mainly used for web designers) ? Event list and alerter ? Changeable wallpaper, skin, and background color
  • Tigra Menu Online Builder
    Web application allowing to build the site with great javascript menu navigation system interactively with minimum effort in three steps just answering questions. After few minutes you'll be downloading your site in zip archive
  • Popup Blocker - free
    Free popup blockers plus free ad blocking tests. Think your blocker is doing a good job Take the test and find out now.
  • Aranker - $97
    Web site promotion software based on php. Only 15 days and you are guaranteed to have top 10 rankings on search engines + it comes with build-in money making machine.
  • Silktide SiteScore
    SiteScore is a free tool which rates how well designed, popular and accessible your website is. The entire testing process is handled by advanced computer software, which means a test is free and only takes a few seconds. It also means that the test can't analyse how attractive, or how well written the text is - however it can make some clever guesses. SiteScore rates all websites on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest). Scores are broken down into 4 categories; Marketing, Design, Accessibility and Experience.
  • ebay keyword tracking - Free
    Keyword tracking tool for eBay. List of keyword search counts each day for popular keywords. Also lists keyword averages by categories. This site also includes a simple ebay auction creation form with counters. 100% free service. Now tracking over 3000 keywords.
  • Domain Tools Software - FREE !
    OMID SOFT Domain Tools is a FREE Windows based software for finding, registering or transfering domain names and manage them at ease.
  • SplitRunTest - Split testing PHP software - $47
    Our advanced PHP split testing script works by delivering a cookie to your visitors browser. They are then unknowingly and automatically redirected to one of the sales pages you are testing. It tracks if they make a purchase. The visitors are automatically "split" or distributed EVENLY to each of your testing pages. If they return, they see the same page! This way YOU can measure how each of your sales pages is performing based on the changes you made!
  • SMSDistributorPlus - $0 software. First register. SMS charge
    This program acts as a client for sending the SMS through various SMS servers. Thus no need to type long messages on the small keypad on mobile. Now just send SMS using this application. No mobile needed. Although you need to first register at the site
  • myTopSites - Free
    myTopSites is a powerful TopSite service to promote your website. It includes many features such as counting pageviews, hits in, hits out, hits per day, multiple categories, multiple languages, a search engine, member login, edit function, image upload, lost password retrieval, and so on ...
  • DemonPixels: Web Designing The Future
    Web designs that can be designed to meet your innovative imagination, with a promise of 100% satisfaction, any style your looking for will be designed with the dedication it deserves....there are no limit to what can be done. Web graphics to give you that extra special bit of punch to whatever it will be attatched to, want to get attention to a certain part of the page consider it done! Corporate identity for your everyday business needs, you'll make your mark in style and leave your clients very impressed. Advertising like never'll be seen, you'll be remembered and more importantly you'll be getting the contacts you wished for.
  • Free WebMaster Resources. - Free
    Elitezone Webmaster resources provides you with free templates, that you can use free of charge on your site. Our webmaster directory contains links and information around Hosting, Domains, Webdesign, Scripts and much more.. Your welcome to add ur link in the directory.
  • - Download Free Fonts - Freeware
    At you can search for fonts by letter, keyword, or catagory. With over 10 catagories, you can easily find the font you are looking for!
  • The Basics of Search Engine Optimization SEO - FREE
    One means of making sure your site receives maximum visibility is search engine optimization (S.E.O.). You must think in terms of search engine optimization from the earliest stages of planning and design if you want to receive heavy traffic from the major search engines. In order to optimize your site, you need to understand how search engines work, how web surfers search, and what elements of your site contribute to successful search placement.
  • Trace Zapper WinCleaner N' Optimizer - 00.00
    TraceZapper WinCleaner N' Optimizer has 9 easy-to-use modules that were especially designed for that but also includes an absolutely unique feature - the One-Click-Optimization! This is partly a natural process and partly the result of the way Windows? is designed.
  • Template Resorce - $49.95
    The Ultimate Web Design Package 2 CD'S Full Of Premium Web Templates And Software. Absolutely Everything You Need To Create Stunning Websites Just Like The Professionals.
  • And You Thought Popularity Only Mattered in High School - FREE
    Remember the most popular kids in High School Everyone wanted to be around them, date them or be friends with them. Being seen with the "in crowd" made you look good. Popularity has its advantages. Turn the clock forward a few years and throw in the Internet, and even though you might be long past your school days, being popular still has its perks.
  • My Free Web Tools - freeware
    My free web tools offers an HTML reference and learning manual, free backgrounds, search engine information, web term glossary, and many other useful tools.
  • How to Jump on the Blogging Bandwagon benifits and cautions - FREE
    Blogs, Blogs; they're everywhere. Unless you've been living under a rock, I'm sure you've read about the uses for a Blog. With the increasing use of filters by email recipients and ISP's, many newsletter publishers are turning to Blogs as a replacement or in some cases as an add-on to ezine publishing and SEO strategy.
  • SimpLister - Auction Listing Program
    SimpLister is an eBay certified, simple, inexpensive, and time-saving way to make and LIST Fantastic looking eBay ads! We are a listing and image hosting service for U.S. eBay auctions and stores. Save by using up to EIGHT images per ad with no image hosting charges. Load your images and create your ads without ever leaving your browser and then submit them to eBay from right on our site! Update: Version 1.3 of SimpLister now supports multi-image uploading, free image hosting and eBay stores.

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