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  • Chatologica MetaSearch - Free Trial / $50
    With this perl script you can start a metasearch service from your own web-site. Everything is controled through a comprehensive Admin Panel. Supports mod_perl, FastCGI, gzip http compression. It does not require perl's LWP module. You can add more search engines to your metacrawler by making add-on modules. An intuitive module building utility is available within this software. Main features: results clustering, output results as xml feed, http proxies support, charset control for each category, multiple metasearch queries with one request and a special bonus offer for paying customers.
  • Chatologica Web-Site Popularity - $99
    Generate search engines related marketing reports for web-sites. It finds site's indexed pages, pages linked to a domain, finds out what is the position(rank) of a web-site url in the search engine results listings for a search query. Also you can compare several web domains by ranking for a given search query or compare them by the reported counts of linked to that domains pages. This script supports mod_perl, FastCGI, gzip http compression, http proxies.
  • MCG Results Grabber - Freeware
    Displays random links from that are generated by a list of keywords. Search form directly queries and posts the results on your site. Easy to seamlessly integrate into your current design. Requires LWP. SSI recommended.
  • 1-Click - Freeware
    New version features improved search control interface, and it's easier to install. Script lets your visitors search through 8 search engines with just one mouse click. Users see real, not parsed, search results. Creates log file, so you can analyze what your visitors are looking for. Doesn't require any additional Perl modules and may be installed even by an inexperienced webmaster. The search is performed through AllTheSites, Alta Vista,, eBay, Google, Overture, and Yahoo.
  • FreePPC - Freeware
    Supports HTML headers/footers for easy customization, pulls search results from's database feed and from pays 50% on all completed searches to their paid listings when you sign up for their affiliate program. Utilizes CSS styles to hide the affiliate URL so users think that they're your own listings.
  • All-in-One Search - Free
    A simple script that allows you to search the Web by choosing one of the 15 major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Altavista, Open Directory and Iwon. It's easy to install (basically, no configuration is needed).
  • LinkTest - Freeware
    Most major search engines take into consideration how many sites have links to your site in order to give it a rating. The more sites that have links to you, the higher your rank and position in the search engines. You can use our free link popularity checker, LinkTest V1.0 to do a semi-automatic check of your link popularity in the major engines. We have left some of the work up to you, so that means that you will have to use your browser's back button to do a new search using the other engines.
  • XaKuMa! Web Search - FREE
    XaKuMa! Web Search is a meta search powered by XaKuMa! Search Engine. XaKuMa! contents index of our own crawler and feed from other major search engines.
  • Advanced MetaSearch Engine - varies
    Advanced MetaSearch Engine is a fast, expandable, real-time web search engine. It is fully customizable to match your requirements and site design. Full range of optional portal extensions/addons: PPC XML feed modules, Zoning etc. Optional content search packs: images / photos, auctions, mp3 / music, jobs, forums - newsgroups, shopping, web guide/ directory etc.
  • KeyHarvest - $25
    As the name implies this script grabs any number of keywords, relative to the keyword you supply, straight out of AltaVista. This helps greatly add to your existing keyword files.
  • Hi-Power Search Engine - Commercial
    Smart, high performance, super fast metasearch engine. Great solution for busy and commercial portals, sites. Full range of extensions, addons including: advanced search, preference setting, dynamic search status, save search folders/mailer, addurl, link bidding and more. Diverse target content categories.
  • SpeedFIND! Search Engine - Freeware
    A fast meta search engine script. Powered by Google, MSN, Teoma, WiseNut, Altavista,,, and other.
  • Extreme Amazon Search Engine - 39.95
    You can search through books, computers, and more! Your visitor stays on your site right up until they pay at The engine is template driven and very easy to use.
  • Searchwire - Free, $9.95
    Searchwire allows you to search 44 Search Engines from one page. Having the Top 44 search engine's at your finger tips really comes in handy, and makes a perfect addition to any site. Search the web for News, Stock Quotes, Companies, Software, drivers, and more.
  • Done-Right: MetaSearch - $99 - $199
    Gather results from the top search engines on the web and display them all on one search engine. Features include a variety of subject oriented searches, family filter, related searches, URL and banner targeter, statistics, highlighted keywords, sorting options and more. Along with many user-friendly admin functions, this script is very easy to setup and customize.
  • NetSearcher - Freeware
    This is a free script written in Perl which allows you to search the Google and customize the search results via html templates.
  • Done-Right: MetaSearch Pro - $199.00
    A metasearch engine script with many features such as targeted search and banner results, search statistics, related searches, family filter, highlighted keywords, sorting options, search within results, framed redirection, popular searches, cached searches and a total of 14 engines. Along with many user-friendly admin functions, this script is very easy to setup and customize.
  • Job Search - $99.00
    Job Search is a Perl script that will seek out any type of job a person needs from 5 of the top job sites on the net. Easy to install, use and update the Job Search is a useful tool for any job or business related site. This script is fast and results can be sorted by many criteria.
  • Done-Right: MP3 Search - $99.00
    Search the top MP3 sites on the net with this metasearch script. Features include a URL and banner targeter, statistics, family filter, highlighted keywords, sorting options and much more. Along with user-friendly admin functions, this script is very easy to setup and customize.
  • Done-Right: Book Search - $99.00
    This is a metasearch script for searching the top book sites on the net. Features include a URL and banner targeter, statistics, family filter, highlighted keywords, sorting options and much more. You can also make money with this script by entering in your own affiliate ids. An image of each book cover is included in the results.

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