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Title Web Photo Gallery
Platform linux, windows, freebsd, sun
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Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Image Galleries
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Description Having a web based photo gallery will never be easier. Now with Web Photo Gallery, you only have to upload your JPEG images in any size, then let this application resizing your images, auto generating thumbnail and also auto embedding copyright notice or watermark on your own. It is also easy to install, just prepare your database and make sure your web hosting server supports PHP 4, gd library and exif (optional), execute the installation script and voila, your gallery is online. Upload the pictures online in any size and the pictures will be resized to maximum allowable size for the gallery while the original picture is still kept in the server Auto generate thumbnail both for small and medium size Auto embed copyright notice or watermark in PNG or JPG format Support multiple albums Easy to install, only need PHP 4.0 with gd, exif and mySql support Display the JPEG file info such as camera make, model, original date picture taken (for camera digital or film that has been digitized) Customizable page layout design, so it is possible to change this album header and footer layout if you have your own web page and want this album to have the same layout and color


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Scripts Related to - Web Photo Gallery

Script Name


No MySQL Database needet, Slide Show, Thumbnail View, Photo Copyright in Photos, Photos Sorting /Ordering, Password Protected Directories, Photo Quality Specification, Multilanguage Support, Colour Scemes / Template, Free under GPL License

photo gallery

Most of the scripts that I put up on this site are written for visitors and for my personal future use. My photo gallery is different: I wrote this about two years ago for myself. The database structure supports 3 different languages (I live in Montreal, and have Portuguese citizenship) English, French, and Portuguese. However, only the input forms have been programmed to support them. When the time came to write up the photo gallery itself, I opted for simplicity.

jpg dump photo gallery

Drag your photos directly from your digital camera, to your online gallery. jpg-dump-photo-gallery.php b will take the jpegs in the source folder and make thumbnails and viewable images for you. jpg-dump-photo-gallery.php without the b will allow you to view your gallery. You may even change the row size and the number of rows that appear on each page, by altering the $row_size and $page_size variables. This script may not work if your images don't end in .JPG. If that is the case just modify the 2 glob function calls. For a large number of images, the script may time out.


simple to use photo album, all you need to do is upload your photos to a directory and all the photos are resized and thumbnails are created. Features included, next previous buttons, customized image size. Feel free to customize this script in anyway.


PhpWebGallery is a image gallery with a very simple installation interface and admin pannel. The webmaster can decide to open the gallery to anyone or to allow only the registered users. The admin pannel provides a tool for auto-updating the MySQL database. Available in French, English, Swedish, Italian, Dutch, German, Russian, Norwegian, Spanish, Japanese, Danish, Brezilian Portuguese and Czech (release 1.2), French, English, German, Spanish, Hungarian, Japanese, Catala, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch (release 1.3). Possibility to create thumbnails (with GD). Multi-server: It can use several different pictures storage server for the same gallery. Automated slideshow, virtual categories, enhanced search tool, user groups, etc.

Higher Power Web Image Gallery

This is a powerful yet simple Image Gallery Script that utilizes PHP and Javascript to generate on the fly thumbnails and instant image viewing. No SQL. Easy to install and customize as needed. The script requires PHP support with the GD Library.


yappa-ng means: yet another php photo album - next generation. yappa-ng is a very powerful but easy to install (webbased!) and easy to use online PHP photo gallery for all Operating Systems and major servers which needs no DataBase. Each picture can be viewed in many different sizes and the thumbnails and all other resizeing is created automatically on the fly. yappa-ng supports password protected albums, hit counters for albums and images, album info, image captions, gallery overview, 'Top 10 images' ranking, Slideshow and Random Images from the Gallery for your HTML-homepage. yappa-ng has complete user selectable language support and many different themes. yappa-ng has a very comfortable and elaborate album-oriented photoalbum-administration web-interface. Each photo-album is a different directory and has a complete different set of options (thumbnail page layout, useage of image-hit-counters, top10, user-password,...). The setup is completely webbased. The yappa-ng online photo gallery requires PHP4 and ImageMagick (recommended) or GD and an installed webserver (apache or IIS) on Linux/UNIX, Windows, MAC, OS2,... and NO DataBase.


Photogallery is a simple, and easy to use photo gallery for your website. Feature a separate thumbnail view with configurable number of images per page, and links for next/previous image in both thumbnail and full-size view.

MyGallery 1.2

MyGallery is a simple picture gallery presentation script that uses flat files for saving necessary data (no mysql database needed) with following features: automatic thumbnail creation & thumbnail page (if GD lib is installed), optional slideshow, foto captions, admin panel where you can create new galleries by uploading single pictures or whole ZIP archives (so you don't have upload photo by photo) and of course you can edit/delete existing galleries.


Simple, secure and easy to configure personal photoalbum with Explorer-like interface. Does NOT require MySQL; Automatic image resizing and thumbnail creation; Support for video, audio and other file types; Easy to setup, use and customize; Multi-language user interface; HTML image comments; Support for session-based and Base HTTP authentication; Images and configuration files are stored in a natural way - just synchronize you Web album with local copy over FTP; Supports GD, ImageMagick, NetPBM for image manipulations; Works in PHP Safe mode;

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