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  • HostDirector
    HostDirector combines a whois script that is capable of checking the availability of any Domain Name with a shopping cart that links with PayPal and Worldpay. There are also several other payment options. The shopping cart automatically links in with a customer manager. You are able to view all your customers' details and send invoices and renewal reminders. Your customers can view their products, buy extras, request support and more.
  • PSA Password Manager for Plesk Server Administrators
    By default, Plesk Server Administrator (PSA) does not allow user passwords to be seen by the Server Administrator through the Plesk control panel. When a password is viewed through PSA it is seen as ****** and not XYZ123. This can become a problem when supporting customers who have forgotten their passwords and trouble shooting technical issues that require the Server Administrator to know what the customer's password is. PSA Password Manager solves this problem by remotely connecting through a browser session to each Plesk server that you are administrating and pulling the user names and the TRUE XYZ123 passwords for FTP, FrontPage, E-mail, Databases, and Sub-domains for the domain name in question. PSA Password Manager also includes other helpful utilities like ping, who is, and auto-search for multiple server look ups. These utilities are integrated directly into the application so all of your administration can be conducted within the same browser session.
  • AgileBill Billing and Web Hosting Automation
    Agileco's billing application for the SME is a stand-alone, web-based billing application that completely automates EBPP (electronic bill presentment and payment), subscription management, automated invoicing, recurring billing, account management, reporting, and newsletters. AgileBill supports unlimited themes, languages, and currencies. Supports over 30 payment processors for full order and invoice automation. Agileco's Web Hosting solution enables providers to configure hosting plans and integrates with the AgileBill billing application for instantaneous provisioning of hosting accounts on a wide array of web servers, as well as automated domain registrations via supported registrars. Also features optional affiliate, ticket management, content protection, and database mapping modules. Free downloadable trial version available.
  • Whois.Cart() - $35.00
    Its 26th release, Whois.Cart has become a mature and powerful domain and hosting sales management system that allows clients to select, transfer and pay for orders in real time. Integrate with CPanel or Directadmin; register domains via DirectI, CentralNIC, BulkRegister, Enom or OpenSRS and then accept payment through any of our sixteen implemented payment processors. Fraudgate screening implemented! Whois.Cart supports all TLDs. Plesk, Ensim, OnlineNIC, Dodora and Nominet modules to be released soon; RFC954 compatible, web based admin, recurring billing, automatic suspensions and renewals, coupon codes, intl language files and more! Easily skinned, PHP injectable, and special first-level DirectI $6.75 domain, $6.49 transfer accounts available for clients only! See site for details. Comparison here:
  • SiteCenter 2004 - $299
    Get the competitive edge and offer a private-label, 100% online, site builder for your clients. Developed specifically for Web Hosts and Web Developers, SiteCenter allows your clients to build and maintain their entire website directly from their web browser. Extremely easy to use. Affordable license structure, and totally rebrandable. Increase your revenue and customer retention. Try out the free online demo!
  • Hivemaker Professional
    Hivemaker is a website creation system written in PHP. Users can create websites without any HTML Knowledge in a fashion similar to GeoCities, Tripod or other online website builders. Users can select modules and VERY easily create contact forms, web counters and a variety of other content! Included is a website directory that allows all your users websites to be viewable to the general public. For administrators Hivemaker is easily upgradeable. Modules and templates can be installed as simply as uploading the new template. The content is then immediately ready to be used by your users. Full user administration functions are available as well as the ability to add banners to every user's website. HIVEMAKER(TM) PROFESSIONAL FEATURES: Extremely simple website creation, Easy module setup and configuration, Complete, user friendly website statistics, Integrated WYSIWYG HTML Editor for quick page editing, Online File manager for easy uploads, Add contact forms in mere seconds, Limit webspace and bandwidth usage, Built-in user website directory, Easily upgradeable modules and templates, Completely template driven interface, Stable PHP backend with an ultra fast MySQL database, Easy setup using the web based installer script.
  • CLbox Custom Auto Order application - $5
    Has custom package ORDER form, With sign up page and admin and client control panels. The custom order forms integrate with paypal, 2checkout, storm pay, no chex, . The client can login cpanel through their client area update their info etc. The admin can delete, activate, edit clients. Very easy to use. Demo availible on website!
  • ZPanel - Hosting Control Panel - Freeware
    The ZPanel, hosting control panel, comes with many features that are great for the users they host. Some examples include, and not limited to * Easy Install for scripts such as PHP-Nuke * Server Information - direct information tailored to your server * Helpful Scripts - such as 'users online' and 'total hits' * disk usage showen by a graph * a file manager for those who are behind firewalls that block port 21. For a full list of features, please visit our homepage.
  • phpCOIN - Free (but licensed)
    phpCOIN is a php/mysql based package originally designed for hosting resellers to manage clients, orders, invoices, etc., but no longer limited to webshosts. Used by over 6,500 web=hosts, designers, lawyers, accountants and others worldwide, phpCOIN supports
  • HostAdmin - Commercial
    HostAdmin is a PHP/MySQL powered account registration, ordering, billing, and provisioning automation tool for web hosts and domain resellers. HostAdmin integrates with Plesk PSA, Ensim, and CPanel/WHM for automatic domain provisioning. HostAdmin automates domain registrations via OpenSRS, Enom, and Total registrations, as well as several others. Supports payments by check, PayPal, 2Checkout,, Verisign, IBill, ECX, Planet Payment, RTWare, ECHO, and many others. Extensive members area and shopping cart for ordering domains and hosting. Whois search, newsletters, affiliates, powerful admin area, income reporting, much more.
  • TinyTool For Webhosts - GPL
    TinyTool For Webhosts is a php module that automates the creation of new webhosting accounts. TinyTool integrates PayPal IPN, MySQL, and CPanel WHM to securely create new hosting accounts. Modules included take care of your customer from the Order-form to the Welcome letter and saves the IPN data in a MySQL table. GNU/GPL license. Well documented. Online support wiki.
  • 42goISP
    The following services can be managed via the 42goISP-Manager: Reseller Administration Apache Web Server Administration Sendmail/Postfix FTP POP3 Auto-Responder MySQL Client Databases Webalizer Statistics Disk-Quota Mail-Quota IP Addresses SSL SSI Shell access Mailscanner (Antivirus) Spam Filter (SpamAssassin) 42goISP supports all major Linux distributions including RedHat 9, Fedora Core 1, Mandrake 10.0, SuSE 9.0 and Debian 3.0. It now also supports FreeBSD 5.0 and 5.1.
  • Remote cPanel Login
    A simple form based login script for cPanel 9.0 and upwards that works as a recent IE patch disabled the old form based scripts. Allows login tocPanel and webmail on regular and secure paths (ports 2082, 2083, 2095, 2096) and logins to webmail can be made with or without typing the full
  • Bankoi WebHost Panel for Linux - Freeware
    Bankoi Linux Control Panel is a multi-server management and control system for Linux based web hosts. The system is designed for any size web hosting companies, datacenters and ISPs, which require a solid platform that automates all of the day-to-day tasks that would otherwise require highly skilled man power, and large work forces.
  • Ooooo App, AllNetWorkingTools ping, traceroute,etc PHP code Free - Freeware, GPL
    This two free file are easy to use, web based php scripts, which allows you to quickly setup a web page for yourself or others that can GET DNS Records , whois, whois IP, ping, tracerroute, or do everything at once. These are great web site networking tools. Totaly Free. No MySQL needed. Not much else needed.
  • Image Hosting System
    The Image Hosting System is an image hosting solution that can be easily installed on your web site. Adding it to your site gives your visitors the ability to upload images to your server for hosting. You can provide it as a free or paid service to your visitors/customers. An easy-to-use control panel lets you manage your system. Through the panel, you can view image stats like bandwidth usage and image hits. You can also remove images that violate your terms of service (like nudity). Add IP addresses to the block list to stop inidividuals who regularly upload images that violate your terms. Unique features for image uploaders include automatic thumbnail creation and the ability to have links emailed to them. The system includes everything you need to get up and running, including a complete HTML web site. It is easily configured to allow different image types and a maximum image size. A bandwidth limit that you specify prevents abuse. Upgrades to the system are free.
  • File Uploader - Free, GPL
    File Uploader is a simple, easy to install, and a breeze to run PHP script. Users browse their harddrive for any file types you specify, and once they have selected it, they simply upload it onto your server. You get to specify the file sizes and types. Script can be password locked or open to all users. Everyone can view and download all uploaded materials.
  • Ooo Free Calendar : A simple calendar for your website. - Freeware
    This is a very simple, but yet nicely formatted free calendar that will highlight the day of the week and display the month, its easy to copy and paste into your web site code. Works well for any web site that users are frequently thinking about events within the month. This is a very simple codeO(N), and requires no mysql or flat file implementation.
  • cPanel Proxy - Public domain
    Do you or your clients have problems with a firewall Some strict firewalls prevent users from accessing the cPanel services webmail, cPanel and WHM. After the simple installation, you can access the services thru any firewall, that allows you to use WWW.
  • ModernBill- Web Hosting Edition - $179.95-$499.95 or $24.95/mo.
    Designed specifically for Webhosts using standard control panels from Plesk, Ensim, Cpanel and others, Modernbill completely automates account provisioning and domain registration. Modernbill supports over 20 gateways for automated recurring billing. Other features include: Ala carte billing, Upgrade/Downgrade, Trouble Tickets, Reports, Exports, FAQ Manager, Coupons, Affiliates, News, and AutoSuspend. Packages can be one-time or recurring. Includes module to charge for subscription websites. Great for billing for webdesign and other services as well. Many new features coming soon.

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