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  • 4CM_Grabber (AF News Today) - Free
    This is a customized version of 4CM_Grabber script. It will grab the latest news from 'AF News Today'.
  • 4CM_Grabber (DefenseLink) - Free
    This is a modified version of 4CM_Grabber script that will grab the latest news from 'DefenseLink'.
  • Heise News Grabber - Freeware
    This is a PHP script for fetching the news-headlines from the biggest german computer-news-portal. The output can be formated with style-sheets. Deutsche Beschreibung: Mit diesem PHP-Skript k÷nnen Sie die topaktuellen IT-News von in ihre Homepage einbinden. Damit bieten Sie ihren Besuchern hochwertiges Content ohne irgendwelche Kosten!
  • PHP class - Free (GPL)
    class.hotscripts.php is a PHP class that retrieves a project's rating, number of votes and total hits. You can display the results in your own format or by using a built in function that will display the results in the theme. Use this to show off your project's stats.
  • HPE - Free
    HPE is a set of PHP scripts that collects updates from a collection of sites around the web and displays them in news boxes which can be organized on a number of pages. It uses MySQL to store data, and includes PHP3 functions that support formats raging from XML/RSS to raw HTML parsing. It also lets users select news sources and display them on a number of pages.
  • phpSetiStats - Free (GPL)
    phpSetiStats is a PHP class that allows you to grab your Seti@Home Stats from the project page and display them on your Web page. Written in French.
  • phpComic - Free (GPL)
    phpComic is a PHP enabled, web enabled, comic strip parser. There a quite a few comics that are currently supported: User Friendly, Penny Arcade, Helpdex, Dilbert, and Sinfest to just name a few.
  • SlashWatch - Free (LGPL)
    This is an open source PHP script to snag headlines from News sites and store them in a MySQL database. Then allows you have users signup for an email list of the new headlines, this way you won't miss any headlines from Slashdot or other news sites over the weekend.
  • Punto Informatico news - Freeware
    With this little PHP script, you can grab news from, and display it right on your site.
  • Showing Latest/Up-to-date Weather on your site - Free (GPL)
    This script allows you to read weather from any URL(e.g Yahoo ) for inclusion on your site. You can make changes in it to read news, stock quote etc. You can do this by changing values of "fread" & "substr" and definately "fopen" value. To keep the changes updated, it refreshes page after every 10 second.
  • Snoopy - Free
    Snoopy is a PHP class that simulates a web browser. It automates the task of retrieving web page content and posting forms, for example. Some of Snoopy's features include: easily fetch the contents of a web page, easily fetch the text from a web page (strip html tags), easily fetch the the links from a web page, supports proxy hosts, supports basic user/pass authentication, supports setting user_agent, referer, cookies and header content, supports browser redirects, and controlled depth of redirects, expands fetched links to fully qualified URLs (default), and easily submit form data and retrieve the results.
  • PHP Stocks - Free
    Based on the Finance::Quote perl module, PHP Stocks is a php project that allows you to get the quote for a stock ticker from Yahoo! Finance. The future versions expect to include customizable views and portfolios.
  • MP3 fetching - Free
    MP3 fetching is a PHP script that allows you to fetch and put's hot today and Musicgrab's top10 on your site.
  • Another version of latest mailing list archive - Free
    This is another version of php-general archive grabber. This version uses
  • 7th latest php mailing list - Free
    This is a PHP script that lets you display the latest 7 php mailing list entries from on your site. If you use it, I'll really appreciate if you can send me a postcard. Email me for my snail address.
  • PStocks - Free (GPL)
    PStocks is a customizable stock quote lookup/retrieval web application. It grabs its data from the Yahoo! Finance website. PStocks requires the dplib library which can be found on the download page.
  • Rawhide Stats Display - Free
    Rawhide is a PHP script which grabs your personal stats from's web server in a raw format and displays them in your own template. It does not perform queries directly against's databases, rather it gets the info from their own raw scripts. In this manner, your stats come down really fast even when the stats server is busy and then your web server can do the work of making them pretty, showing info you personally prefer to see, etc.
  • weather - Free(GPL)
    Weather is a php tool to display the meteo of about 3000 city in the world. It obtains the current weather information from data file at
  • Dtheatre News Grabber (PHP3 Version) - Free
    This is a PHP3 version of the Dtheatre News Grabber.that allows you to fetch the newest Digital Theater news headlines. It uses the fsockopen function.
  • PHeadlines - Free
    PHeadlines is a combination of two PHP3 scripts for displaying article headlines from news websites. It caches the article names and urls in a MySQL database. So in order to run this script on your server it must have PHP3 installed, and you must have access to a MySQL database. Currently supported news sites include: Slashdot, Freshmeat, Linux Today, Linux Game Tome, Segfault, KDE News, Gnome News, Gimp News, Mozilla, MozillaZine.

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