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  • Warcraft III forum spider - $30
    This script collects information for the latest postings in Blizzard's forums about Warcraft III. The information is stored in MySQL Database and the users can search it by a given criteria. When the needed thread is found the user can click on it to see its contents.
  • Grab and Save - Free (GPL)
    Based on "PHP Headlines Grabber" by Neil Moomey, this script grabs content from another website and saves it in a MySQL database table, thus reducing page loading time in subsequently displaying this content. The default setting is to check to see if the content is more than one hour old. If the content is more than one hour old, it will be leeched anew from the target website, displayed on your webpage, and saved in MySQL. If the content is less than one hour old, it'll just be selected from your MySQL table and displayed on your web page. This script is presented purely for educational purposes, as the leeching of content from other websites may be illegal -- please always ask for permission before copying material from other websites.
  • Lookup - Freeware
    A short PHP function getword (word) that looks up the word supplied and displays the result.
  • amazon_functions for PHP
    Use's XML-API "Amazon Web Services 1.0" to create small product-teasers as well as a complete online-store & start earn provisions on every sold product. It has never been easier to retrieve detailed product-information like Author, Price, Manufacturer, Salesrank, Reviews and much more. The functions include an XML-parser; search-functions for author, director, artist etc.; functions to create pages with detailed product information, search forms, etc. Easy to set up and ready for use in minutes.
  • MoreNews - Free (GPL)
    MoreNews is a php class and scripts for reading and displaying 300+ newsfeeds from, arguably one of the best newsfeed sources on the web. Built in caching by MoreNews makes the displaying of news very fast. Version 1.0 includes an improved custom news search.
  • PHP PowerFetch - $89
    Grab and display the newest, targeted content from remote sites on your site. Images, text, links, even search engine results. The fetched content is automatically updated every time a page is loaded. Easily change your site desige. Partial or whole pages of information reformatted to your design. Requires no database or text files.
  • Brain Fox XML Paid Placement - Freeware
    Script to grab and display the results from the Brain Fox paid per click search engine on your web site. By using this you earn 20% on each click.
  • seekandFind - Freeware
    Simple script that uses a mysql db to handle operation of the script. It seeks, finds, and downloads any stock image photography it can find to the download location of your choice.
  • wmticker
    Grab and display the latest results of the world cup 2002 in Korea/Japan from Yahoo site.
  • News Search - $49.95
    A very fast and flexible way to get news headlines for your site. With this script, simply paste a line of javascript into your HTML page and you are ready to go. Don't like the layout Parse the built in XML feed. You can also build a "news search" engine. Output from this script is cached and automatically refreshed every hour from the web so that you have fast access from busy sites. With its unique plugin architecture, you can add new news sources from CNN, ABC, Salon and many others. Custom build news sources are also available.
  • Newsbox - Free (MIT License)
    Newsbox is a script which takes the latest news from all over the world and publishes them according to the user's preferences.
  • PHP Weather - Free (GPL)
    PHP Weather is a script that can be used to show your visitors the current weather. It parses a METAR, and gives you easy access to all the elements of the report (temperature, wind speed and direction etc.) The data is even converted to both empirical and metric units.
  • classWeather - Free (GPL)
    classWeather is a class to grab the weather info from the MSNBC site, and then put the info in a single text file. The grabber can be set as cron job. There is also the function to show the grabbed file in formatted html tags, ready to go.
  • Rate Calculator for Priority Mail - Freeware
    This little script fetches the rates for priority mail based on source and destination zip code and weight. You can use the output in your shopping cart software or in any other way you like.
  • WebGrab - Free (GPL)
    WebGrab is a PHP tool that acts as CGI-proxy. It simulates a web browser and grabs the data from the external program. Then, the data can be sent to <a href="">phpCMS</a> for parsing. The external program can be a php-script, java-servlet, a perl-script or possibly another program. After grabbing the data from the external program, WebGrab can exchange individual words or whole blocks. WebGrab can be run standalone or in conjunction with phpCMS.
  • phpGrabComics - Free (GPL)
    phpGrabComics is a little program very useful to get comic strips grabbed in your site. It grabs today's strip from dilbert site. Features: display it in a web page, save in a temp file, save with FTP, save listing of your files (comic album purpouses or whatever else), use different configuration files, and Web-url interface - All user functions can be called trought a web interface. You can build your own extensions to the class to use it with other comic strips sites.
  • Developers Resources News Feed Script - Free (GPL)
    This is an easy to use news grabing script for, a Community based Web developers news repository and directory.
  • Web Black Hole - Free
    Given an url in text file, this script get the source code of the page and store it into a mySQL DB.
  • Dr-Fun grabber - Free (GPL)
    Dr-Fun grabber is a PHP script to grab and cache Dave Farley's daily Dr-Fun cartoon. A live action can be seen at: <a href="" target="_new"></a>.
  • 4CM_Grabber - Free
    4CM_Grabber is a set of PHP Script that will allow you to 'grab' information, data, stats, etc. from other sites, and place them within your own site. The most popular use of this script is for News, Stocks, Weather, etc.

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