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  • GMTT Currency Converter - Free
    This script is designed for backend output. Alot of currency converters allow a visitor to your site to input an amount and choose their own currencies to convert from and to. GMTT's currency converter requires the site admin to specify the amount to be converted and the currencies to convert from and to in the script. This works well with simple output. The exchange is parsed directly from yahoo.
  • Yahoo Movie Time Ripper - Freeware
    The Movie Time Ripper is written in an object-oriented style, allowing the user to create objects containing data for specified theaters, movie show times, and additional movie data. This allows the Webmaster to select as little, or as much, data about the movie(s) or theater(s) as desired. Additionally, all data is supplied in a raw format allowing easy inclusion into any website while maintaining the styles and formats that are seen throughout the rest of the site.
  • Super Grabber - $9.95
    SuperGrabber will allow you to grab the website with text, picture or whole table with links in it. MSN News, Weather, Ebay Listing, YahooNews, Stocks and lots of more - Now all in one. Just use them or configure your custome script in seconds. Have constantly changing content on your site. Add news, weather, sports, stocks, links, Search Engine results, data, tables, pictures, TGP posts or anything else that you can think of.
  • Weather Port - Free (GPL)
    This script is a simple weather summary web fetcher which will grab any city/state combination from and place the data on your web site. Very easy setup and an easy way to attract repeat traffic to your web site. Version 1.2 released 2004-02-25
  • Mini-Fetch - $9.95
    Update any webpage's content automatically by grabbing specific, remote URL or local file content. Mini-Fetch strips out unwanted HTML and reformats it instantly before it displays on your own website. Grab targeted content from remote URL's onto your site. Images, text, links, even search engine results. The fetched content is automatically updated every time a page is loaded. Requires no database or text files. Cut-and-paste solution. Ver. 2.1 update: Includes the popular PHP "printer-friendly pages" script.
  • GrabIt - 89,99
    GrabIt® will grab any interesting and related content you need for your website from other sites and keeps your visitors from browsing elsewhere. It's a PHP Module you can include in your code and use it as many times as needed on 1 page. Has a cache file system for periodic refresh; 3 search and replace filters; and many more. Very elegant and easy to use!
  • Stock Port - Free (GPL)
    Stock Port is a simple stock quote web fetcher which will grab any ticker symbol from Yahoo! Finance and place a chart, along with trade information, on your web site. Very easy setup and an easy way to attract repeat traffic to your web site. Written in PHP. Version 1.1 released 2004-02-25.
  • Navigator - Free (GPL)
    Navigator is a framed-based content retrieval, portal, and navigation tool which allows your visitors to search, view weather reports, check stock quotes, and read the news; all from your web site. Best of all, the script includes a banner rotator so you can display advertisements to visitors utilizing Navigator. Version 1.1 released 2004-02-25
  • phpUF - GLP
    This script is oriented to chilean citizen, that wish put UF value in your web site. This value is obtain from Banco Central de Chile. UF, is a index economy money. Este script esta orientado a los ciudadanos chilenos, que desean poner el valor de la UF en su sitio Web. Este valor se obtiene desde el Banco Central.
  • Financial stock market quotes grabber & caching class - GPL
    This class allows you to grab financial stock market quotes from Yahoo finance's CSV file. This class doesn't provide a graphical interface to display the values, but returns them as an array. The big advantage is that you may include stock quotes nicely in your website (a.e in tickers), without having to use 'cheap looking' remote hosted JavaScript tickers. For high frequented sites, a cache functionality is included to prevent this script from transfering the quotes every time you access a page. It has multiple symbol support and does non-existing symbol error checking.
  • celebdaq movers and losers - GPL
    This tiny script allows you to add the celebdaq movers and losers to your webpage. Outputs clean XHTML. Released under the GPL.
  • phpMSNBC - GPL
    This small script fetches latest news from
  • Threat Matrix - Freeware
    This script displays the current threat level published from the homeland security website. You can display the image only with a link to their site, or a larger more detailed section. Nice addition to news sites...
  • Email Address Harvester - 16.00
    This script can build you a full list of email addresses. Load the script, on the first run point it to any random website address, and let the script do the rest. It will find its own way through the internet in a search engine like fashion. It searches and parses data to build a dabase of email addresses that it finds on the internet. Use this with Jason's Mass Mailer! A great way to use this script would be to combine it with the power of Jason's Mass Mailer which can operate off of the dabase of emails that Email Address Harvester produces. Advertise and attract users to your website!
  • phpWeatherReport - GPL
    phpWeatherReport script grabs weekly weather report for Sarajevo (or modified for some other city) from site. HTML/CSS can be modified to fit some other design. It is possible to modify this script so it grabs weather report once a day (see add-on), writes it to disk and serve other requests for that day from there.
  • Yahoo! NewsPod - Free (GPL)
    Yahoo! NewsPod is a handy script that grabs news from Yahoo!'s NEW RSS feeds, giving you flexibility of including any type of news Yahoo! offers, varying from World to Sports to Technology. You can read the one page documentation on how to change the number of news items, extra fields, etc. It's 100% legal now, but is governed by GNU General Public License and Yahoo! News Terms & Conditions
  • CafePress Random Product - Freeware
    This class will display a random product from your CafePress store, and it will work with a regular free CafePress account, or a paid account with different categories. You can supply a simple template to control style, and have the output link directly to the shown product or simply to your main account. You can cache the results so you don't have to connect to the CafePress website all the time. Images can also be cached locally, and can be resized before caching. Demo available on the script's homepage.
  • XMLPod - Free (GPL)
    PHP.Net XMLPod fetches pre-built news from the official PHP.Net RSS feeds, available directly from PHP.Net's website. This redone script doesn't use XML functions at all, instead uses PCRE for fast parsing. It's object oriented and hence can be integrated in to your projects. Also has options for caching and the number of headlines you want to fetch.
  • EGOT - E-Gold Online Tool Kit - 55 USD
    This online Tool Kit is a PHP-written script which uses the CURL library program to fetch data from the E-Gold.Com web-site. The Tool Kit automatically takes data from the E-gold web-site, parses it and then forms a nicely designed page on your server. The page includes all the most important information such as Scheduled Downtime, Fees, e-metal Balance Sheet, Current e-gold Exchange Rates, Publicly Viewable Current Balances, Fees Calculator & more. By using the Tool Kit no time is wasted browsing the web, you already have all the important info nicely collected for you in just one page. The Tool Kit is very useful for visitors to your web site who are directly involved with e-gold exchange services or have an e-gold related web-site. The program was created so that you do not need to update the page manually. All updates which occur on the web site are displayed automatically through your Tool Kit page. This is a big time saver. This script may also be used in marketing your services and bringing more visitors to your web. It is very simple all you do is give them the ability to place the code on their web for a button linked to your Tool Kit page (this function is already installed in our current version).
  • PHP Realtime Weather - Free (GPL)
    The developer writes "This is a PHP script I developed while trying to get realtime weather information on international cities posted to my website. XML Weather feeds seem to be available all over the place so I wrote this in a way so that it should be relatively easy to add additional servers to the script. Currently, I've included code to translate the XML feed from and also from A little tweaking may be required as XML data feeds become richer. Use of this script is aimed mainly for those who can understand the code and it is not just plug-and-play yet."

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